1892 Chronology

1892 Chronology

Position: Eighth
Won 8, Drew 1, Lost 10, Goals For 87, Goals Agst 104.
Captain: Arthur “Bolivar” Powell
Vice Captain: Jimmy Shore
Leading Goal Kicker: George Sparrow (19)
Revenue: L233 11s. 9d. Debit Balance: L29 6s. 1d.
Membership: 306

With East Richmond not competing this season Richmond is without a first rate junior football club.

Tue. 16 Two of Richmond’s vice presidents, George Charman and Jos. Garside, instruct the secretary Jimmy Eastman to strike off the amount owing them by the club. They do this because Richmond’s funds were taxed by last season by accidents to its players.

Thr. 24
Despite Richmond finishing last in 1891 William Trenwith, a club patron, speaks at Richmond’s annual meeting and congratulates the footballers on obtaining a “superior standing to most of the suburban clubs in that they were purely amateurs, and not amateur professionals.”
John Hanlon Knipe offers a trophy for this year’s leading goal kicker. Trenwith responds with a prize for the “most unselfish” player while the President George Bennett in “the spirit of the thing” offers a prize for “most unworthy”.

Sat. 7
Jimmy Shore retires from the ground in the last quarter due to a knee injury.

Fri. 13
The VFA receives a letter from Denis “Dinny” McKay appealing against the permit committee’s decision not to allow him to transfer to Richmond. The VFA decides to inform him that the decision is final.

Sat. 14
Arthur “Bolivar” Powell returns to, and captains, Richmond in the second game of the season. South Melbourne had delayed his clearance.
A record RCG crowd of 9,000 attend the Richmond’s game against Carlton.
Richmond makes eight changes from the team that played last week.

Fri. 20
The Herald reports that Richmond’s protest against Carlton for playing an ineligible player was dismissed.

Sat. 21
One of Harry Dicken’s kicks for goal is reputed to have travelled eighty yards.

Sat. 28
Denis “Dinny” McKay makes his debut for Richmond after a protracted clearance wrangle with South Melbourne and the permit committee.

Sat. 4
Richmond 4 - 14 defeats Collingwood 3 - 3 at the RCG in the first meeting between the neighbouring clubs.
The win is Richmond’s first since June 27, 1891. Since then Richmond had lost thirteen and drawn three games.

Wednesday 8
A benefit match for the relatives of 12 Mornington Footballers who died in a maritime accident after a match on May 21 is held at MCG.
Teams were presented as North of the Yarra vs South of the Yarra. The South team consisting of Richmond players. Arthur G Powell (Richmond) captains the South, while Charlie Backhouse, Dinny McKay, and James Patrick O'Halloran play. The wear South Melbourne colours.

Sat. 25
Arthur “Bolivar” Powell (one goal) and “Dinny” McKay (three goals) represent Victoria against South Australia on the MCG.

Fri 1
The Herald reports that Jack Stewart had decided to retire from the game.

Saturday 2
Richmond vs Melbourne
Advertisement for the match

Is this a football match - Wanders vs Richmond on RCG. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article199331959

Sat. 23
Richmond’s 12 - 11 to 2 - 2 win over Williamstown at the RCG is the first time Richmond had defeated another VFA club by ten goals. Richmond’s score is also a new cub record for a senior premiership game.
Jimmy Shore returns for Richmond.

Tue. 26
The Sporting Standard reports that Arthur “Bolivar” Powell’s motto of “If you play you must train” had been invoked in recent weeks with more than one “notable” being stood down.

Charity: A fancy dress football game between teams representing North Richmond and South Richmond is mooted for July.

Sat. 6
Richmond plays at Williamstown but the players’ attire is so motley, and the colours of the clubs are so similar that the teams were hard to distinguish.
Williamstown players throw “missiles” at the ball when Richmond players kick for goal. The umpire upheld Richmond’s appeals.
Small boys throw mud at the Richmond players and the umpire.

Sat. 13
Richmond defeats a representative team from the Lilydale District (23 players) 5 - 5 to 4 - 2 at Yarra Glen. Among the Lilydale District’s players and supporters are Aboriginals from the Coranderrk reservation.
Jack Stewart returns to play with Richmond.
Richmond are scoreless in the last quarter.
Goalkickers: Dickens (2), Sparrow (1), Speary (1), Elder (1). Powell captains for Richmond.

Sat. 20
George Sparrow and Joseph Crowley refuse to play unless Fred Egglestone is reinstated to the team. After Sparrow and Crowley are themselves omitted they apologise to Jimmy Eastman. Both will be reselected the following week.
Jack Stewart plays his first premiership game since announcing his retirement in early July.

Saturday 27
Advertisement for Richmond vs Sth Melbourne. Pre match, there is a game between Ballarat Workshops and Victorian Railways.

Sat. 3 Richmond lose to Carlton by one goal. Carlton’s Jack Keane kicks the winning goal after the final bell.

Sat. 10
Fitzroy’s tally of 16 goals is a record score against Richmond. Jim Grace kicks nine of Fitzroy’s goals. Unfounded rumours soon emerge that Richmond players had “an interest in Grace’s success”.

Sat. 17
George Sparrow kicks all five of Richmond’s goals in its win over Collingwood at Victoria Park. In doing so he equals Billy Brown’s club record for the most goals kicked in a game.