1893 Chronology

1893 Chronology

Position: Twelfth (2nd last)
Won 2, Drew 4, Lost 14, Goals For 83, Goals Agst 131.
Captain: Charles Backhouse
Vice Captains: Percy Goode, Denis McKay
Leading Goal Kicker: George Sparrow (23)
Revenue: L159 7s. 4d. Debit Balance: L93 2s. 4d.

With the 1890s depression consolidating in eastern Australia, Richmond’s economy is stressed, unemployment increases, and Richmond’s population decreases by about 20% in the early 1890s. Football attendances throughout Melbourne drop and many leading footballers leave to find work in the country and other colonies.

Exodus: An exodus of Richmond’s leading players include Jimmy O’Halloran (to the Melbourne Football Club), William Stewart (to Queensland), and Arthur “Bolivar” Powell (to Tasmania).

In 1893 Richmond records a 32% (L74 4s. 5d.) drop in revenue from the previous year and posts a club record debt, more than triple last season’s figure.

Sat. 18
The Richmond City Rowing Club’s senior eight, that includes three former Richmond footballers, Chris Syle, Patrick O’Loughlin and George Howarth, win J. I. Buchan’s Cup at the Melbourne Regatta.

Thr. 6
At Richmond’s annual meeting one of the club’s surgeons, Dr. Joseph Peter Lalor, promises the club ten guineas should it finish fifth.

Tue. 18
“Rover” for The Sporting Standard names seven regular Richmond players who desire to leave the club. They are Jimmy O’Halloran, “Dinny” McKay, George Sparrow, Fred Egglestone, Joseph Crowley, Tom Deane and “Bolivar” Powell.

Sat. 6
Although Jimmy O’Halloran and “Dinny” McKay want to leave Richmond both were picked for the club’s first game against Fitzroy. They do not play and as it was expected that if not one the other will lead the team, Jack Stewart captained the team in their absence.

Mon. 8
A benefit is held for Jimmy Shore. Jimmy had lost his job as a plasterer after injuring his leg last year.

Sat. 13
Charles Backhouse is elected captain and Percy Goode his vice captain for the season.
Jimmy Digby keeps Albert Thurgood, Essendon’s champion goal kicker, goalless. It is the first time that Thurgood is held goalless in his VFA career.

Sat. 20
“Dinny” McKay plays his first game of the season for Richmond.

Thr. 26
Jimmy O’Halloran is granted a permit to play for Melbourne.

Fri. 2
According to The Herald the “Richmond boys” say that tomorrow’s game against Melbourne is, “A match between two Richmonds.” It is an accusation that Melbourne recruits heavily from Richmond.

Sat. 3
Jimmy O’Halloran, a Melbourne player and former Richmondite, is jeered at the MCG by the 2,000 strong and largely Richmond crowd.
Advertisement for the match

Sat. 10
“Dinny” McKay represents Victoria against South Australia in Adelaide, while Charlie Backhouse, Jimmy Parker and George Sparrow represent Victoria against Southern Tasmania in Hobart.

Sat. 17
Richmond kicks a club record 14 goals against a representative team from the Frankston district (23 players) in Frankston.
Owing to a training injury suffered by Charlie Backhouse, “Dinny” McKay stands in as Richmond’s captain.
George Sparrow’s six goals sets a new club record for the most goals kicked in a non-premiership game.

Sat. 24 “Dinny” McKay replaces Percy Goode as the club’s vice captain.

Sat. 8 Richmond plays its first game at the RCG since May 24.

Sat. 12
Richmond travels on the steamer Excelsior to Geelong for the game.
_ Councillor Charles Davies presents the Richmond City Council with information that Councillor George Charman, a vice president of the RFC, had obtained relief work for “Dinny” McKay although the footballer lived in South Melbourne and was not eligible for it.

Wed. 16
At a special investigative committee meeting Councillor George Charman is “practically exonerated” of having used his influence dishonestly in obtaining relief work for “Dinny” McKay.

Wed. 30
Richmond and Collingwood are rostered to play a fancy dress football match for charity under electric lights on the Richmond Racecourse.

Sat. 9
Matt Honey, who was selected to play with Richmond actually plays with Melbourne against St. Kilda. The Saints will successfully protest the result of the game alleging Honey played with Richmond in 1892. Honey will be disqualified for life.

Sat. 30
Albert Thurgood (Essendon) kicks a VFA record 12 goals against Richmond on the RCG. This brought his season’s tally to 63 goals (record).

The Richmond City Reserve (formerly the Market Reserve) hosts its first sporting contest since being redeveloped. It is a cricket match between the Richmond and Richmond City cricket clubs.