1894 Chronology

1894 Chronology

Position: Eleventh
Won 4, Drew 1, Lost 13, Goals For 77, Goals Agst 125.
Captain: George Sparrow
Vice Captain: James Parker
Leading Goal Kicker: Fred Alsop (21)
Debit Balance: L90 8s. 9d.

Thursday 8
A special meeting is held with the committee and members at the Station Hotel as to "the best means of raising funds to wipe off a debit balance owing by the club" before the commencement of the season.
The meeting was chaired by William Maybury in absence of George Bennett (who was ill). The major of Richmond - Councillor Jago - attended.
The club revealed total receipts amounted to L165 14s 4d, and the expenditure was L151 15s 4d. The total indebtedness was L123 1s 6d.
The secretary gave details of the club's scheme to rid the debt and it is carried by the members with "acclamation".

Saturday 24
The club advertises for a tender to print 300 members' tickets, as well as advertises for two trainers for the coming season.

Fri. 6
Match fixtures are centralised under a committee. All clubs will play the same number of games and all will meet each other at least once during the season.
__ Vaucluse changes its name to Richmond City, and opts to play as a first rate junior club on the redeveloped Richmond City Reserve.

Sat. 21
An undermanned Richmond (16 players) lose to Fitzroy Junior (23 players) in the club’s first appearance on the City Reserve.

Sat. 5
Richmond defeats Williamstown in its first VFA game of the season. It is the first time in its ten year history that Richmond began the premiership season with a win.
Fred Alsop’s five goals equals George Sparrow’s and Billy Brown’s club record for the most goals kicked in a premiership game.

Sat. 19
“Markwell” for The Australasian described Jimmy Parker as, “... all day on the ball working like a tiger”. Although a passing reference and not a personal - let alone a team - moniker, this phrase is possibly the earliest written reference to any Richmond player as a tiger.
The Richmond Guardian reports that Arthur Lewis had resigned from the secretaryship of Richmond City and has been replaced by George Peckham-Beachcroft.

Mon. 21
Richmond’s head trainer Jimmy Strawbridge breaks his leg while coaching some of the players.

Sat. 26
At the last minute seven or eight substitutes had to be found for members of the “usual” Richmond team.
Melbourne defeats Richmond by one goal. Richmond will protest the result claiming that one goal awarded to Melbourne sailed over the post. The protest will be unanimously dismissed.

Sat. 16
Richmond leads Essendon 5 - 2 to 3 - 4 at half time. In the second half Richmond kicks only one goal and ultimately loses to the Dons by five goals.

Tue. 19
Essendon’s captain Alec. Dick writes a letter denying that he stated he will not play at Richmond again on account of rough play, further, he commends Richmond’s first half.

Fri. 22
The Herald reports that some Richmond “reserves” are/were indignant at being continually overlooked and had/will refuse/d to play.

Sat. 21
George Sparrow represents Victoria against South Australia on the MCG.
_ The VFA appoints Jimmy Eastman (Richmond), J. Sloss (South Melbourne), and Gardiner (__) as a committee to formulate a district scheme.

Sat. 28
Richmond’s game at Geelong is its first match since July 7.
Richmond travel to Geelong on the steamer Courier. A German band was engaged to entertain the party. A number of players were seasick.

Mon. 30
William Cornigo receives a ticket of merit from the Royal Humane Society.

Sat. 4
Richmond 3 - 6 defeats Carlton 2 - 5 to register the club’s first win on the MCG.
(Carlton's 2.5.17 is still the lowest score by any team vs Richmond at the MCG; if we count the behinds in the score. It was equalled 124 years later with Brisbane’s 2.5.17 in Rd 4 2018)
Richmond’s trainer, Jimmy Strawbridge, promised the team a smoke night if they defeated Carlton. It was held on August 11.

Fri. 10
The Herald reports that stale eggs were “discharged” into a group of Richmond players at training.

Sat. 11
A rough game is played between Richmond and Collingwood. Collingwood’s Monaghan throws Richmond’s J. “Pus” Catte into a RCG fence, and Jimmy Parker and Stokes (Collingwood) exchange punches.

Sat. 22
Charles Backhouse represents a combined VFA team against Essendon, the VFA’s premiers.

Wed. 26
The Richmond Cricket Club subtracts unpaid gas and water costs from the Richmond Football Club’s dividend for its final game. The football club would refuse the 30s. check.

Tue. 16
“The ladies of the Club” give a social evening to the players in the Town Hall. It raises L20 0s. 6d. for the club.

Wed. 17
After Jimmy Eastman writes to the Richmond Cricket Club explaining the “embarrassed financial position” of the football club, the cricket club agrees to send a check for full amount owed from the last match.

Sat. 27
The Richmond Racecourse hosts an Australian Football match between teams representing England and Ireland. Jimmy Parker and Alf Digby are members of the English team. Ireland wins 8 - 13 to 2 - 1.