1897 Chronology

1897 Chronology

 Position: Sixth (last)
Won 2, Drew 1, Lost 17, For 685, Against 1091.
Captains: Dick Kelly, Billy Clarke
Vice Captain: Thomas Ryan
Leading Goal Kicker: Alfred Elder (28)
Revenue: L104 16s. 2d. Debit Balance: L50 15s. 11d.
Membership: 81

With the establishment of the League, the remaining five clubs, Footscray, North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Richmond and Williamstown decide to continue. To their number they add Brunswick.

Clearances: Association and League clubs agree not to poach players from each other (although the League exempts Brunswick).

New Rules:
Goals to be awarded six points and behinds one point. Teams reduced from twenty to eighteen per side. Marks to have a ten yard minimum.

Richmond's guernseys for this season are made by Gregg and Davidson, drapery - 170-1074 Bridge Road.

Mon. 29
At Richmond’s annual meeting president George Bennett states that Richmond will play its games at the Richmond City Reserve this season.

Sat. 3
In joint letter to the local papers, secretaries Jack Stewart of the football club and Dave Chessell of the cricket club deny that the Richmond Football Club is going to leave the Richmond Cricket Ground for the City Reserve.

Fri. 9
Trainers are to be employed on reduced terms this season.

Sat. 24
Richmond’s practice match against Richmond City is cancelled because the City Reserve is occupied by a cricket match. Richmond will play no practice games this year.

Saturday 1
The Melbourne Cricket Club’s secretary Ben Wardill offers Richmond use of the MCG for the afternoon because the RCG occupied by cricket.
Richmond 5-8 (38) defeats the newly admitted club Brunswick 2-3 (15).

Monday 24
A Grand Bicycle Sports is held in aid of the Richmond Football Club, at the Richmond City Reserve (rear of the Town Hall).
At least 6 races are held.

Sat. 22 Richmond and Williamstown are the first clubs to play a drawn game under the new scoring system. The match was played at the City Reserve and the scores were Richmond 7-10 (52) to Williamstown 8-4 (52)
The Sportsman refers to Richmond as the “Punt-roadsters”.

_ George Peckham-Beachcroft resigns as the secretary of Richmond City.
_ Richmond City merges with (absorbs?) Waltham. George Peckham-Baeachcroft resumes as the secretary of Richmond City following the merger.

Sat. 12
Captain Dick Kelly plays his last game for Richmond because he is soon to be married.

Sat. 17
Footscray holds Richmond to a mere five behinds at the Western Reserve.

Sat. 31
Jimmy Parker and Charles Backhouse represent the VFA against the Ballarat FA at Ballarat.

Sat. 14
Richmond win their second game for the year. Both wins were against the debutant Brunswick club.

Wed. 18
Denis “Dinny” McKay, a former Richmond player and current South Melbourne champion, dies following bowel surgery. The football community is shocked.

Sat. 21
Following the Richmond v. Port Melbourne match the umpire would site O’Halloran (Rich.), Shannon (Port) and Rowan (Port) for fighting. O’Halloran will be cautioned, Rowan forced to stand out for the last two games, and Shannon forced to stand out for the last two games and all of May 1898.