1898 Chronology


1898 Chronology

Position: Fourth
Won 8, Lost 9, For 727, Against 639.
Captain: Billy Clarke
Leading Goal Kicker: Alfred Elder (20)
Revenue: 99pounds 11s. 5d. Debit Balance: 18pounds 10s. 6d.
Membership: 108

Beverley joins the Metropolitan Junior Football Association.

In preparation for the football season the Richmond Cricket Club begins building the “high mound” around the ground and places seats with backs within and outside the reserve on the north side. The changes are intended to obstruct the view of unpaying spectators and rout the frequent skirmishes outside the ground on Scotchman’s Hill.

Sat. 16
Richmond practice outside the RCG in the parkland.

Sat. 7
Richmond City defeats Richmond in a practice game. Some at Beverley will claim their club to be the best in Richmond as it had recently defeated City.

Sat. 14
Boys are admitted to the RCG for one penny instead of the usual threepence.

Tue. 24
On the Queens Birthday holiday Richmond kicks a club record 13-18 (96) against a senior club (Brunswick) at the RCG. As other VFA games played on this day were cancelled this game would be stripped of premiership status and replayed.
Alf Elder’s six goals against Brunswick equals George Sparrow’s record for the most goals kicked in a non-premiership game.
_ Robert Guthrie replaces Jack Stewart as Richmond’s secretary after Jack had resigned due to business pressure.

Sat 28
Quinn, a new man for Richmond (debut?), kicks 4 of Richmond's 5 goals against Footscray. (3 of them were snapshots)

Sat. 11
With the win over North Melbourne many commentators believe Richmond has “reached the turning point.”

Sat. 18
Richmond defeats the reigning premier Port Melbourne on the RCG.

Sat. 16
Richmond had recruited so heavily from Beverley this season that “Punter” for The Richmond Australian suggests that Richmond change its name, and alter its colours to Beverley red and blue. The Bevs will claim that Richmond recruited seven players from them this year.

Sat. 30
Before the largest attendance at the RCG this season Richmond defeats Port Melbourne by two points.

Sat. 6
Richmond defeats Brunswick by 81 points at Brunswick, 13-17 (95) to 2-2 (14). It is Richmond’s highest ever score and winning margin.
Richmond’s first quarter score of 8-5 (53) is a club record for a quarter. It will not be bettered until 1920.
With no League games in Melbourne, North Melbourne invites VFL delegates to their “improved” ground for its game against Footscray.

Sat. 13
Richmond supporters threaten the umpire following the Footscray game at the RCG.

Fri. 19
University applies to join the VFL. It will be unsuccessful.

After each team had played each other three times the top four clubs play two extra games, thus enabling them to further add to the points they had already gained.

Sat. 3
Due to the rough play of Port Melbourne eleven Richmond players, including the captain Billy Clarke, refuse to re-enter the field after half time. The game is abandoned at three-quarter time.
Four Watson brothers, Tom, Dave, Joe and Will, play this day. Tom, Dave and Joe comprise three of the seven Richmond players to appear after half time. Will had injured his knee earlier in the game.