1900 Chronology

1900 Chronology

 Position: Third
Won 10, Lost 6, For 550, Against 564.
Captain: Tom Watson
Vice Captain: Chris Bahen
Leading Goal Kicker: George Backhouse (15)
Revenue: 235pounds 15s. 5d. Credit Balance: 82pounds 1s. 2d.
Membership: 196

Clubs: Essendon Town enters the VFA this season.
Juniors: Richmond has four first rate junior teams this season with West Richmond joining Richmond City in the Victorian Junior FA, and the Metropolitan Junior FA, with Beverley and St. Ignatius, being given first rate status by the VFL.

Fri. 30
George Peckham-Beachcroft and Edward Sexton are elected joint secretaries of Richmond and replace Robert Guthrie. Soon Beachcroft would assume full responsibility for the role.

Wed. 4
The Richmond Football Club wanted to foster a junior club upon the RCG but the Richmond Cricket Club had already let ground to the Lacrosse Association on all vacant dates.

Wed. 11
The club receives a letter from Jack Taylor, the old head trainer, claiming it owes him L2 10s. from 1897.
Hector Milne’s resignation from the committee is accepted.

Tue. 24
West Richmond announces its intention to play as Richmond’s junior team.
Richmond introduces a new scheme to insure its own injured players.
Hector Milne is refused a clearance, but he will be granted one by the club provided he plays out 1900 season with Richmond.

__ John Egan is honoured with life membership of the VFA.

Sat. 5
The umpire for the North Melbourne v. Richmond match at North is assaulted and escorted from the field.
Richmond wins its first game at North since July 1895.

Sat. 12
Richmond defeats the new club Essendon Town by four points at the RCG. A continuous roar from the excited crowd puzzled spectators at the League game at the MCG.

Tue. 15
The committee of Richmond Football Club are aware that a gatekeeper is stealing tickets and that they are being sold outside the ground.
The club decides to approach the cricket club to request more police protection on match days.

Tue. 22
It is decided to replace the new trainers because they are unpopular with the players.

Sat. 2
Richmond’s first ever win at Port Melbourne. Port Melbourne supporters attacked Richmond players, particularly Archie McNair, as they tried to leave the ground and a police escort to the train was necessary.

Sat. 9
Richmond plays Kyneton in Kyneton. It is the club’s first non-premiership upcountry game since it travelled to Frankston in June 1893.
While in Kyneton, Mark Pope and Tom Watson rush into a burning building because they thought someone was trapped inside.

Sat. 23
About 1,500 Richmond supporters travel to watch its match at Footscray.

Mon. 9
After a drunken display at Essendon, Richmond supporter Geo. De Laney is formally asked to “absent himself from the Pavilion” in future.

Sat. 14
Richmond gives player Mark Pope, who is a part of the naval contingent to go to China, a send-off.

Sat. 4
In Richmond’s 300th premiership game, Prahran 9-3 (57) defeats Richmond 6-7 (43) at Toorak Park.

Sat. 11
Richmond employs a mounted trooper to keep the ground clear during intervals.

Sat. 8
A Richmond veterans’ match to be played on this date is postponed.

Sat. 15
Charlie Backhouse represents a combined VFA team against Footscray.