1911 Chronology

1911 Chronology

Position: Eighth
Won 7, Lost 11, For 931, Against 1021.
Captains: Billy Schmidt, Len Incigneri
Vice Captain: George Gibson
Coach: Len Incigneri
Caretaker Coach: Charles Taylor
Leading Goal Kicker: Mick Maguire (29)
Revenue: 1391pounds 7s. 7d. Credit Balance: 94pounds 16s. 4d.
Membership: 2,000 (approx.)

_ Bill Burns’s life disqualification is terminated. He had missed a total of 26 matches through suspension.
_ A scheme limit payments to players is discussed by the League. One Richmond delegate, Jack Archer who supports open professionalism, opposed the scheme in its entirety. He thus ignored the club directive to support the scheme in principle but argue for a higher payment. Archer will be labelled a traitor by other committeemen.

Mon. 20
A player only meeting is held in the pavilion to consider the attitude of Richmond’s committee on player payments and the advisability of having a players’ representative on the committee. Jack Archer and Andrew Manzie address the meeting. The players decide to support open professionalism.

Tue. 21
Having met with the players’ delegation the committee resolve to affirm the desirability of open professionalism.

Sat. 25
The players meet in the pavilion and pledge their support for Andrew Manzie.

Election: A Reform Party under Jack Archer campaigns for positions on the Richmond Football Club committee. Posters and pamphlets are distributed throughout Richmond. Both reform and incumbent parties canvas the city for votes.

Fri. 10
Richmond players and trainers show their support for the current regime by being driven through Richmond on a lorry decorated with the club’s flag and colours, and are led by Scotch pipers.

Sat. 11
At Richmond’s annual meeting Andrew Manzie defeats Jack Archer for the position of secretary. The other Reform candidates are also defeated.

Tue. 14
The committee meet for the first time this year. They decide not to appoint a coach for 1911 but trust head trainer Charlie Taylor to oversee training.

Mon. 17
On Easter Monday Richmond visits Ballarat and defeats Golden Point 17-20 (122) to 5-11 (41). It is Richmond’s first game in Ballarat since July 30, 1892.

Burns: The committee refuses to receive a petition signed by 600 Richmond members insisting that Bill Burns, who had not attended training be played. Burns was the only player to support the Reform Party and this led to personal differences with some clubmen like Billy Schmidt and Andrew Manzie.

Sat. 29
Bill Burns is not included in Richmond’s team for their opening game against Collingwood at Victoria Park.
Collingwood player Dan Minogue breaks his collar bone in his first ever League match. Minogue went to ground following a bump from Richmond’s captain Billy Schmidt just minutes before the final bell.

Ground: RCG pass-out checks are no longer issued at half time.

Wed. 3
The League refuses to permit Bill Burns’s clearance to St. Kilda. Richmond had granted Burns a clearance but The Sport alleged that the “good character” portion was missing.
According to The Sport Richmond’s players meet in the evening to “chat over things.” Refreshments were provided.

Sat. 6
Richmond are late to take the field after half-time. The club will deny rumours that a quarrel between players led to the delay and will state that they were being photographed. The Sport will suggest that a large number of officials addressed the players on their game.

Tue. 9
Len Incigneri is appointed Richmond’s playing coach.

Fri. 12
The Sport reports a rumour that some Richmond footballers are upset that a certain player was not selected on Saturday. This had resulted in a split in the camp and the captain Billy Schmidt had threatened to resign.

Sat. 20
Billy Schmidt volunteers to resign as captain prior to the game against Geelong but as no other player was willing to accept the position Billy is re-elected.
About 700 supporters travel with the team to Geelong.

Sat. 27
Len Incigneri leads the Tigers as captain and coach.


Sat. 10
St. Kilda committeemen “invaded” the press box at St. Kilda during the Richmond game. They, “... maintained a tireless commentary on the play and players.”

Thr. 15
Richmond’s committee treat the players to “... a splendid tea, served in the best style by Mrs. Capewell” at the conclusion of training Following this they play cards and dominoes, and Andrew Manzie offers a few words of encouragement.

Thr. 22
RIchmond's first Thursday match ever.
Matt Incigneri kicks a goal with his first kick in League football.

Bill Burns obtains a permit to play for Beverley.

Sat. 8
Richmond plays its 500th senior premiership game (Association and League). It defeats University at the MCG, 6-10 (46) to 3-8 (26).

Thr. 13
An Aboriginal from Coranderrk trains with Richmond.

Tue. 18
Richmond holds a theatre party.

Sat. 22
George Gibson captains Richmond in Len Incigneri’s absence.
James Evendon, a popular and vociferous Richmond barracker is arrested for using the word “rotter” at a game. He will be acquitted.
The old Vaucluse Football Club holds a reunion.

Carnival: Barney Herbert and Len Incigneri represent Victoria at the Adelaide carnival during the first two weeks of August.

Wed. 9
Percy Maybury and Billy Schmidt represent the VFL against the Bendigo Association. Andrew Manzie manages the team.

Sat. 12
South Bendigo defeats Richmond on the RCG.
Andrew Manzie is presented with a silver entrée dish at half time of the South Bendigo game. It was on behalf of the VFL team that played the Bendigo Association recently.

Sat. 19
Mick Maguire kicks his 26th goal for the year against Melbourne and in doing so breaks the club’s record for the most goals kicked in a League season. He will finish with 29.
Richmond lose to Melbourne unexpectedly. It is alleged that with the club out of contention for the finals a number of players had not attended training during the week.

Sat. 26
Richmond 17-21 (123) defeats St. Kilda 5-6 (36) at Richmond. It is Richmond’s highest score and the 87 point margin is its greatest win since joining the League.
Andrew Manzie congratulates the St. Kilda players on their play and their “loyalty to the (St. Kilda) committee” at the conclusion of the game.

Mon. 4
The ladies of the club tender a social at the Town Hall.

Sat. 16
Numbers are introduced for the Essendon v. Carlton semi final.

Mon. 18
Former Richmond player James Parker is killed in a work related accident. He was a 39 year old coppersmith. Coroner enquiry

Sat. 30
The Beverley and Richmond District football clubs hold a joint smoke night at the Masonic Hall.

_ Len Incigneri is announced as the winner of Spencer’s most popular captain competition.

Sat. 1
About 70 Richmond supporters, including Jack Archer, George Peckham-Beachcroft and James McDermott, meet at the Vine Hotel and resolve to form another reform party to contest the 1912 club election.

Thr. 6
A Theatre Night is held in aid of the family of a former player James Parker who died at work in September. The organising committee under Hector Milne consisted of many past and present Richmond players and officials.