1913 Chronology

1913 Chronology

1912, 1914

Position: Seventh
Won 6, Lost 12, For 1034, Against 1090.
Captain: Hughie James
Vice Captain: Edward Farrell
Coach: Ernest Jenkins
Leading Goal Kicker: Percy Martyn (32)
Revenue: 1648 pounds 6s. 2d. Credit Balance: 62 pounds 7s. 4d.
Membership: 2,173

Richmond's fixture began playing Geelong at Geelong (L18), then the reigning premiers Essendon (L11), then South at South (L1). They lost all 3 but by narrow margins. By season end they would lose 6 games by 2 goals or less.

Training is on Tuesdays at 4pm and Thursday.

Richmond's Membership ticket is slightly improved with a "pretty border and is in gold letters on a black background"

Richmond's boots for the season are manufactured by Martin Francis Dowling of 284 Swan Street, after a tender was put out to business in Richmond. He was born in Kerang in 1881, and died in 1976 in Fitzroy. In 1943 he tried for a position as Richmond councillor

Bridge Road Jeweller J. N. Molyneaux promises to finance a 2/2 gold medal to "the most improved junior to the season"

Thr. 20
Richmond decides to “go with the times” and has a telephone installed (first proposed in March 1908) at secretary George Beachcroft’s home. Richmond’s first phone number is: Windsor 2569.

Thr. 13
At Richmond’s annual meeting held at the Skating Rink, Bridge Road in front of 3,000 members, Jack Archer is elected treasurer unopposed (he had to resign from the committee in order to nominate for Treasurer). James MacDermott had resigned the treasurership after 1912 to focus on his work.
Frank Tudor is elected President unopposed after Tom O'Brien nominated for Vice President position (he was successful). Beachcroft was returned as Secretary unopposed.
In total the club has a President, 6 Vice Presidents, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, and a Committee of 10 (made up of 7 non-players, and 3 players). The Vice Presidents from this year on are selected by the members, after a constitution change taking the decision out of the hands of the committee.
10 candidates nominated for the 6 position of Vice President. They are G.W.Dando (middle initial seems to be wrong, should be A), Cr. W W Gleadell, T O'Brien, E J Cotter, A Tietgens, H B Taylor, Dave Henry, G R Admans, W Malone, M H Larkin .

13 candidates nominate for the position of Committee, after Jack Archer, George Dando, and Alec Edmond retire.
They are T Broughton, R T Kelly, W A Maybury, A Aarons, G Bleasby, P Naughton, P Tandy (defeated last year for position on committee) , C Whitaker (defeated last year for position on committee) , V Fayle (defeated last year for position as Asst. Secretary), W Sheppard, D W Beck, W Lohse, T Wright.

4 current players nominate for the 3 playing positions on committee: E Farrell, P Maybury, W Burns, C Hall.
Mr G. H Rothwell was in charge of the electoral registrar, along with his own set of assistants. "The committee will not enter into the matter any way. With or without reason some football ballots in the past have been regarded with suspicion," the Richmond Guardian said

The balance sheet showing 15 pound 5/8 credit balance was carried 'unanimously' except for one lone hand raised 'jocularly'.
Barney Herbert appears at the meeting with his face and head in bandages

Voting for the polls was between 7pm and 9pm, with majority of votes cast in the last hour. Two Richmond players entered the building after the 9pm cut off and were disallowed to vote (if you were in the hall by 9pm and hadn't registered you were eligible to vote). An official had mislaid his ticket and he too was disallowed to vote.

The poll results of Vice President were (elected): E. J. Cotter 672, W. Malone 648, Cr. G. R. Admans (Mayor) 639, T. O'Brien 611, A. Tietgens 375, M. Larkin 359. H. B Taylor misses out by 12 votes.

Committee (elected): W. A. Maybury 670, R T. Kelly 634, W. Lohse 473, T. Broughton 438, T, Wright 421, W. Sheppard 388, A Aarons 386 (elected).
(Not elected) : P. Naughton 337, G. Bleasby 315, D. Beck 181, C. Whitaker 173, V. Fayle 130, P, Tandy 127.

Players' committee: C. Hall, P. Maybury, E. Farrell: (unopposed).

William Maybury would publish a letter in the Richmond Guardian two days later thanking all for placing him"at the head of the poll for Committee"

Tom Wright publishes his thanks to the members on the same day

Tuesday 18
The committee hold their first meeting of the year, at the Swan Hotel.
The match committee is made of Jack Archer, William Lohse, Beachcroft, and captain and vice captain.
The finance committee is made of of Sheppard, Lohse, Maybury, Beachcroft, Archer
Delegates to the VFL are Dick Kelly and George Beachcroft.
George McIntosh is appointed Assistant Secretary.
It is decided that the captain and vice captain will be appointed on April 24 in the club rooms as part of the season opening function.
Joe Stokesbury is appointed Head Trainer, Joe Watson and H Jennings assistants.
The club tender out their boot supplies (it must be locally manufactured) to any bootmakers in the city. About 30 to 35 pairs will be required for this season.

Wednesday 19
A practice match is held on the Richmond Cricket Ground at 3pm. The team are captained by Farrell and Ohlson

Thursday 20
Richmond advertise for a coach, and two assistant trainers for the 1913 season.
Meanwhile, Geelong player Jim McShane, living in Richmond, is in charge of pre-season training until a coach is found.
Applications for coach are received from "Jim" Smith of Brighton and StKilda , Ern Jenkins of Fitzroy fame, "Jim" McShane of Geelong, "Micky" Londerigan from North Melbourne (who played with Essendon in 1907-1909)

Sat. 29
South Park defeats the Richmond Footballers’ Cricket Club by 88 runs in the final of the Victorian Junior Cricket Association 3rd rate competition.

Thursday 3
Ern Jenkins takes training as part of the club's attempt to seek out a coach.
The former Fitzroy champion, and Scotch College coach and "the way he handled the players pleased the committee immensely. He allowed no loafers and included plenty of variety in the work. He was firm in his command and saw to it that his instructions were obeyed".
The committee appoint Jenkins as coach for the season, though it's unsure if that decision was made on this date or shortly after.

Saturday 5
Richmond play Richmond Districts (winner of Melbourne Districts Football Association last two years) on the Amateur Sports Ground (formerly Friendly Societies Ground) at 3pm. Admission is free.

Tuesday 8
Syd Kellaway, Beverley player training with Richmond, collides with two players and hits his head on the cricket pitch. He is knocked unconscious and carried into the pavilion, where he is sent to the Melbourne Hospital. He later recuperates at his Alma-Road home in StKilda.

Wednesday 9
The Richmond District Junior Football Association is founded by eight clubs (Richmond City, Lennox, Melrose, Burnley, Balmain, Richmond Central, Somerset, St Bartholomew) at a meeting in the Richmond Football Club’s training room. It was formed after several junior clubs in the district were in danger of disbanding, owing to the fact that their applications for admissions to outside associations were refused because they did not possess enclosed grounds. Those present who spoke were Arthur Lewis (prev Vaucluse hon. secretary), Mr Creed, Mr M. H. Larkin.
The Richmond Football Club intends to provide the first prize.
Peckham-Beachcroft is appointed President of the Association, Mr Creed - Hon. Secretary, Jack Archer, M H Larkin, and Arthur Lewis vice presidents.
It was decided that there would be no age limit and entrance fee to be 10/6. Only three permits for outside players were allowed. All matched to be played in Richmond, and there will be 2 Semi Finals , and then a Grand Final.
The Grand Final will be played on August 30, at 1pm on Richmond Cricket Ground prior to the seniors match against University.

Saturday 12
Beverley FC play Richmond in a practice match on the Richmond Cricket Ground.

Friday 18
George Beachcroft tenders his resignation as secretary after an item he wanted to charge to the club was objected to. The committee accepts his resignation and appoints William Lohse, a new committeeman and Beverley’s former secretary, as Beachcroft’s replacement.

Beachcroft's resignation was a major talking point in Richmond papers. "Beachcroft, throws a bomb! And the bomb goes off. Was the explosion expected? The bomb may have shaked the structure a bit, but the foundations are firm and will endure"

Tue. 22
It is published that Charlie Ricketts will not be playing for South Melbourne this year. A Richmond official who heard the news became particularly anxious for Charlie to sign with the Tigers and so he speeds about the Melbourne in his motor car looking for him.

Wednesday 23
A meeting is held at the Swan Hotel at 8pm to recognise the services of Barney Herbert to the city of Richmond and the football club, as for the past months he has been incapacitated from duty. It intends to raise funds for him, but as police regulations disallow gratuity to a constable, the presentation may occur to his wife.

Fri. 25
George Beachcroft cancels the meeting he called for tonight at the Town Hall because, “... it will split the club.”

Sat. 26
GEELONG 3-6 3-8 6-12 7-13 (55)
RICHMOND 1-0 1-4 1-4 5-7 (37)
Goals: Burns (2), A. Heath, Maybury, Reeves
Corio Cricket Ground

Training: The committee decides that any player who does not attend at the pavilion on training nights without a reasonable excuse will have his allowance “docked”.

Sat. 3
RICHMOND 2-1 5-3 10-6 11-12 (78)
ESSENDON 4-4 8-6 10-10 13-11 (89)
Goals: Martyn (4), Hall (2), Keggin (2), Maybury (2), Ricketts
Richmond Cricket Ground attendance: 10,000 - 12,000
Richmond led Essendon by seven points with five minutes remaining in the match but the Dons kicked three unanswered goals to steal an unlikely victory.
Charlie Ricketts plays his first game for Richmond since the 1905 VFA Grand Final. It is 2,758 days since his last for the club.
Vic Thorp misses his first game since he joined the Tigers in 1910 after 55 consecutive appearances.

Sat. 10
SOUTH MELB. 3-0 4-4 6-4 8-9 (57)
RICHMOND 3-1 6-1 8-2 9-2 (56)
Goals: Maybury (4), Martyn (2), H. James, Keggin, N. Richardson
South Melbourne Cricket Ground attendance: 8,000
Richmond suffer a one point defeat to South Melbourne at the South Melbourne Cricket Ground. Richmond is yet to win a game (Association or League) at this venue.
Jack Archer had promised each player a hat if they had won but he was so pleased with them that he records the size of each player’s head immediately after the game.
The Richmond Guardian’s “Sundry Squibs” column refers to the RCG as the “Punt-road reserve”.

Sat. 17
RICHMOND 2-2 5-6 7-11 9-14 (68)
ST. KILDA 2-7 3-7 7-10 7-12 (54)
Goals: Martyn (3), Hall (2), W. Mahoney (2), Hutton, Ricketts
Richmond Cricket Ground

Sat. 24
COLLINGWOOD 1-5 5-6 6-11 9-16 (70)
RICHMOND 1-2 4-5 6-10 6-12 (48)
Goals: H. James (2), Keggin (2), Hall, D. Moffatt
Victoria Park

Sat. 31
FITZROY 1-1 3-2 5-6 6-7 (43)
RICHMOND 1-1 2-1 3-1 5-6 (36)
Goals: Hall (2), W. Mahoney, Maybury, Walker
Fitzroy Cricket Ground

Sat. 7
RICHMOND 1-5 4-7 7-10 8-13 (61)
CARLTON 2-1 4-5 7-7 10-7 (67)
Goals: Keggin (3), Hall (2), W. Mahoney (2), N. Richardson
Richmond Cricket Ground
Former player Bill Lan Franchi (Lang) pays a visit to the Richmond dressing room. Lan Franchi is a professional boxer and intends to train with the club.
Jack Main, a former Richmond player now residing in Sydney, plays for the New South Wales Australian Football team against Queensland.

Mon. 9
RICHMOND 1-0 2-6 5-8 7-10 (52)
MELBOURNE 4-5 5-7 5-9 5-10 (40)
Goals: Keggin (3), Martyn (2), Burns, Hall
Richmond Cricket Ground
Richmond defeats Melbourne by two goals. Ex-Richmond and current Melbourne secretary Andrew Manzie visits Richmond’s dressing room after the match to congratulate the players.

Sat. 14
UNIVERSITY 0-2 1-5 2-8 5-10 (40)
RICHMOND 4-4 5-9 9-9 12-11 (83)
Goals: Martyn (6), Hall (2), Keggin (2), Maybury, Ohlson
Melbourne Cricket Ground attendance: 9,892
Percy Martyn’s six goals against University equals Charlie Pannam’s and Tom Heaney’s record for the most goals kicked by a Richmond player in a League game.
The Richmond Cricket Club, after years of applications, gains permission to increase the size of their ground to the north-west.
A design for a proposed grandstand at the RCG had been prepared by Thomas Watts & Son.

Sat. 21
RICHMOND 5-2 6-4 8-8 12-9 (81)
GEELONG 4-3 5-8 7-11 8-15 (63)
Goals: Keggin (2), W. Mahoney (2), Martyn (2), Phillips (2), Hall, Maybury, Morgan, Ricketts
Richmond Cricket Ground
Richmond plays its 100th League game and the RCG hosts its 50th. Richmond marked the occasion by defeating Geelong.

Fri. 27
The Sport reports that Ted Farrell had resigned as Richmond’s vice captain in order to help him recover from a neck injury.

Mon. 23
The RCG fence is “thrown over the extra ground” granted by the Parks and Gardens Trust.

Sat. 28
Richmond defeats Essendon and in doing so wins four consecutive League games for the first time.

Sat. 5
Richmond’s game against South Melbourne attracts a record RCG gate of L307 and a crowd estimated at 20,000.
A race for one legged men is held at the half-time interval. “Crutchy” Keating wins easily.
James Fitzpatrick plays his first game for Richmond. In 1909, when James was at Melbourne, Bill Burns was disqualified for kicking him.

Wed. 9
Vic Thorp and Hughie James play for a VFL combination against the Bendigo representative team.

Thr. 10
A special meeting of members of the Richmond Cricket Club gives its committee authority to raise money to erect a grandstand.

Sat. 12
Frank McCashney represents Victoria against South Australia in Adelaide. Les Oliver was also selected but could not tour due to work commitments. Joe Stokesberry is selected as one of the Victorian trainers.
Percy Maybury and Bill Mahoney play for a VFL combination against the Ballarat Association.

Wed. 16
The profits from club’s theatre night exceed twenty pounds.

Wed. 30
A public meeting is held at the Richmond Town Hall where officials of the Richmond Cricket Club, Richmond Football Club and Richmond City Councillors encourage people to take up debentures in the grandstand scheme.

Fri. 1
Ted Farrell, who began the season as Richmond’s vice captain, receives a permit to play for Coburg in the Melbourne Districts Association.

Sat. 9
Percy Martyn kicks five goals against Carlton. He thus becomes the first Richmond player to kick 30 goals in a season of League football. He will finish with 32.
Norm Turnbull captains the Richmond District Junior FA representative team to victory over the Lilydale District Association team.

Sat. 16
Hughie James represents Victoria against South Australia at the MCG.

Sat. 23
Richmond’s game against Melbourne, scheduled for the MCG, is switched to the RCG owing to a VFA semi-final being played on the Melbourne ground.

Thr. 4
A player takes his usual train to Richmond in order to receive his final match payment. He had evidently forgotten that he had been paid on Saturday.

Sat. 6
Burnley defeats Balmain in the Richmond District Junior FA Grand Final at the RCG. Frank “Checker” Hughes stars for Burnley.

Wed. 10
Barney Herbert, who was medically unfit to play for Richmond this year, plays for the Police team.

Fri. 12
The Richmond Football Club’s proposed League footballers boxing competition is abandoned as the club received not a single nomination.

Richmond holds a ball in the Town Hall.

13 Jack Dyer is born in Oakleigh.

Tue. 9
The VFL decides to introduce District Football from 1914. Richmond’s district comprises the cities Richmond and Hawthorn, a population of 70,000 to recruit from exclusively.

Wed. 10
The Hawthorn City Council is informed that its application to enter a senior team in the VFA had been successful. Hawthorn is within Richmond’s new recruiting district.