1917 Chronology


1917 Chronology

Position: Sixth (Last)
Won 3, Drew 1, Lost 11, For 761, Against 954.
Captain: Percy Maybury
Vice Captain: Clarrie Hall
Coach: Percy Maybury
Leading Goal Kicker: Charles Fehring (14)
Revenue: 682 pounds Credit Balance: 39 pounds 2s. 6d.
Membership: 525

Sat. 20
The Richmond Guardian denies the rumours, spread last week, that Hughie James had been killed in France.

Tue. 20
The Richmond committee decides to donate L100 to the Richmond branch of the Red Cross.

Tue. 3
At Richmond’s annual meeting William Maybury replaces William Lohse as secretary.
Sid Reeves is honoured with a training prize. He has not missed a single session in five years.
A recruiting sergeant appeals for volunteers after the meeting. He gets no new recruits.
The earliest Richmond Football Club publication that refers to the team as “Tigers” is published. The moniker is used in the club’s 32nd. Annual Report (season 1916). Tributes to the late Bill Nolan, as well as a welcome to Frank Twomey take place. The club also acknowledge Hugh James, Arthur Danks, Checker Hughes, Alec Eason, Jack Arbrew who are/were at war overseas.

Sat. 21
Richmond Guardian publishes a letter from Hughie Williams, currently stationed at Lark Hill Camp in Salisbury.
In it he references Richmond trainer Bert Jennings. '‘At present it is frightfully cold here - the snow is inches deep. Some of our younger chaps feel it pretty severe. There are many Richmond chaps here, including two old friends, Rube Atkinson and Bert Jennings’'

As well he references Hughie James; ‘'All Richmondites, I know, are aware that Hughie James is now wearing a star on his shoulder. He is just as popular here as he was in Richmond. All the lads here wished him luck when they heard of his promotion. Wouldn’t it be appropriate if he went back home a captain?’'

Richmond play their first practice match of the season, against Williamstown Juniors (premiers of the V.J.F.A) on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Richmond 14.11 def Williamstown Juniors 3.12

Best of the new young players for Richmond were: Gleeson (half back), Donald Don (wing) and Andy Erickson (follower).

Of the older brigade, Hall, Alessio, Richardson, Cronk and Taylor were listed as the best.

Keggin and Moffat, ‘with the object of working off their surplus fat, did alot of ruck work, and they need it. The pair tip the beam at 31 stone.’
After the game, secretary Maybury congratulated Williamstown Juniors for their friendly spirit. The juniors responded with three cheers for the team and one for Secretary Maybury.

Sat. 28
Richmond vs Combined Richmond Junior District Association on RCG. 

The team representing RJDA are selected from Burnley, Beverley Juniors, Lennox, Lennox Juniors and South Richmond clubs. Veterans Billy Schmidt and Norm Turnbull of StKilda played for the Juniors, along with James (former StKilda player) and McKenzie and 36 year old Jim Conquest of Melbourne FC.
Old Richmond player Herbert Hill also ‘assisted’ the Juniors.
Richmond follower Roy Taylor captained the RJDA.

Richmond 15.11 def Juniors 6.12

'Bettles and Thorp were not successful on the forward lines, their ludicrous efforts to get goals causing much amusement’. 
the Richmond Guardian wrote.
Best players for RJDA were Heath, Kinna and Gleeson.

Thr. 3
Arthur Harrison, who played one game with Richmond in 1911 and was the nephew of champion Richmond goal kicker Billy Brown, is killed in action at Bullecourt.

Sat. 5
Richmond vs Combined Victorian Juniors.

Arthur Bettles played for the Junior side.
Barney Herbert’s place kicking for goal ‘arrested the attention of the crowd and was the source of much amusement’
Richmond 13.15 def Juniors 3.13

Thur 10.
Percy Maybury is elected captain of the 1917 season Clarrie Hall elected vice captain.

Fri. 11
The League decides that, as with last season, it will ask the ground managements to donate 10% of gross proceeds of all football matches to patriotic funds.

Sat. 12
Coll 11.11.77 def Rich 4.4.28
Richmond players vote to determine the best on ground trophy winner after the Collingwood game. The trophy was donated by Jim Kenny, proprietor of the Napier Hotel, and it is a practice that is continued throughout the season.
Barney Herbert wins the prize.
Edward Keggin, back after serving 2 years in the Navy, was unable to play for Richmond, as, the Richmond Guardian reported, ‘he was suffering a touch of the malarial fever that hits up so many of the men who have served for any length of time in the tropics’

Ray Taylor was also unavailable to play, suffering from a poisoned finger. 
Bettles plays the match with a broken rib
This was 
Percy Maybury’s first game as captain.

Sat. 19
South Melbourne is congratulated on its return to the field by Richmond secretary William Maybury after the game at the Punt-road ground. South gives Richmond three cheers and Richmond responds in kind.
Ted Keggin returns to Richmond after two years at war.
The Richmond Guardian’s football columnist “Strike-a-Light” first refers to Richmond as the “yellow-birds.” The same article refers to Richmond playing in “Tiger” skins.
The Australasian reports that the State War Council is upset at the smallness of the contributions made by football clubs to patriotic funds. It had therefore decided that any club announcing its intentions to donate to patriotic funds must agree to submit its balance sheets to the State War Council.
The Richmond Guardian writes the attendance was larger than any of last year’s ‘all-in-the-four season’, suggesting nearly 8,000 were in attendance.

It also says that Sid Reeves left his glasses in the locker but was still able to see the ball during the game.

Sat. 26
Richmond kicks 14-6 (90) to defeat Geelong 6-16-(52).
A man fell from the scoring platform and was carried into Richmond’s dressing room unconscious.
The Richmond Guardian wrote that the oldest inhabitants of Richmond ‘could not recall a game in which the Yellow and Black were more deadly in front of goal than on this occasion. Not even in the days of Billy Brown of 20 years ago, or Jack Hutchinson of twenty minutes ago’.

Three of Keggin’s four goals are all kicked in the last quarter. 
The player's vote for best player of the game went to Clarrie Hall. He received a new hat from Alf Wood.

The Richmond Guardian suggests paying patrons should be presented with a coupon, on which they fill out the name of the best player of that game,and then send it into the Secretary of the club, with a ‘big prize’ for the best player.

Captain Maybury injuries his shoulder and had to retire for a time, in the 3rd quarter.


Mon. 4
Fitz 6-13-(49) def Rich 5-8-(38)
Donald Don plays his first game for Richmond. Two days earlier he was roving for Richmond United against Surrey.
The flags at Fitzroy are flown at half mast and the Fitzroy players wear crapes out of respect for former Richmond and Fitzroy player Arthur Harrison who had died in the war.
Clarrie Hall captains Richmond.
The Richmond Guardian call Jimmy Shand the ‘Church Street match factory champion’
Thorp was voted best player of the game by a player’s referendum along with spectators submissions. He received a prize from Price, Griffiths and Co.

Fri. 8
Former Richmond player Leslie Lee is killed in action at Messines, Belgium.
The Richmond Guardian would report him as wounded and missing in their 11 August newspaper.
In the article he refers to him as ‘one of the finest young athletes in this district. He was the star performer of the crack Richmond Central Junior Football Club and also the cricket club. Selected to play with the Richmond Football Club he gave some promising displays.’ 
Lee had earlier been rejected from join the army after a medical examination revealed a slight physical deformity in his toes. He underwent an operation and reapplied for the army. He was successful, bid farewell to his work colleagues at Lewis and Whitty’s and went into camp.

The wife of former Richmond footballer Tom Watson, receives a letter from Cape Town, later published in Richmond Guardian: ‘You may be surprised at hearing from a stranger. So I must explain that I am on the ladies’ committee for the entertainment of visiting troops and I met your husband and several of his friends for a little chat after we had served supper to about 3,000 Anzacs last night. I offered to send you a few lines as I know one likes to hear from others that one’s dear ones are well. ‘

Sat. 9
Carlton 14-13- (97) def Richmond 7-11- (53).

Clarrie Hall injured his ankle. 

Vice President Alf Wood donates a prize to the best player in all matches played on the Punt Road ground this season.
The Richmond Guardian reports that 1916 Richmond Footballer Private Ted Derrick has been wounded in action. It states that he had tried to enlist in the war instead of playing in the 1916 season but was prevented doing so because of his hammer toe. After his 6th attempt he was allowed to enlist; ‘I have seen you take some pretty stiff knocks without flinching at football. I will pass you’ said the doctor.

Sat. 16
Richmond draws its game with Collingwood at the Punt-road ground.
Barney Herbert kicks 3 of Richmond's 7 goals. The players vote him best player on the ground ('carried unanimously by the crowd' RG).
Supporter F. R. Murray presents Richmond’s players with blue belts prior to the game. It seems that yellow and black belts are unobtainable.
With a minute to go Keggin place-kicks a goal to tie the game. The bell goes with the ball out of bounds, a foot away from Collingwood's behind post.
“Scrutator” of The Richmond Guardian refers to Richmond as the “Yellowbirds.” He will use the moniker again but he usually calls them the “Yellow and Blacks.”
Jim Shand does not play because he is unable to get away from work.

1914 Richmond Footballer Jack Arbrew requests a ‘Richmond Guardian’ be mailed to him in Salonika Greece, where he is stationed during the war.
Christopher Syle , aged 19 (the eldest son of former VFA Richmond player Christopher Rees Syle) is stationed in the artillery camp at Maribyrnong expecting to leave for the front.

circa 16th
Richmond donates two guineas to the benefit of the family of former player William “Harry” Eldridge.

Mon. 18
The State War Council resolves not to sanction any fundraising by means of football matches, unless clubs submit their expenses to the War Council and agree to a suitable scale of expenditure with the War Funds Committee.

Fri. 22
“Kickero” of Melbourne’s Herald refers to the Punt-road ground as the “saucer track.” References to it as the “saucer” have appeared in the Richmond press since 1908.

Sat 23
Richmond vs South Melbourne
Richmond Guardian wrote 'Space is too valuable these times to waste in describing a game in which neither side played anything like good footballer'
The best player award of a new hat is donated by Cr. H Palling.
Richmond Guardian notes 'if a vote of the crowd for best player had been taken it would have gone to Bettles'.
However on vote of the players that award went to Billy Rudd.

Sat 30
Richmond vs Geelong, at Corio Oval
Richmond scoreless in the first quarter.

Sat. 7
Richmond plays with five changes to the team after the selection committee had decided that, “We cannot win with the team that has been sent out.”
Richmond defeat Fitzroy in what The Age called 'one of the best victories in the club's career'

Sat. 14
The Richmond Guardian’s “Scrutator” states that Richmond’s Tigers moniker is a “... title of pre-war days.”
Carlton defeat Richmond by 5 points on a windy day at Punt Road. Ernest Carter , who played with Richmond in 1910, and currently with Carlton receives word during the match that his brother had been killed in action in WW1.

Sat. 21
Dick Lee’s third goal for Collingwood against Richmond is his 500th career goal. The play is stopped momentarily and the Tiger players cheer his effort.

Sat. 28
Teams representing the 25th Reinforcements and The Sportsmen’s Thousand play at 12.45pm prior to Richmond’s game against South Melbourne at the Punt-road ground.

Sat. 4
No games are played because this day, the 3rd anniversary of the war, is devoted to recruiting rallies.

Wed. 8
Five hundred boys assemble and argue outside The Richmond Guardian’s office after Yarra Park defeated St. Ignatius by three points to win the Richmond Schoolboys’ Premiership. St. Ignatius’s pupils argue that Yarra Park’s captain, Stuart Cole was over age (14 years).

Sat 11
The Punt Road oval is a quagmire for the Richmond vs Geelong game, with rain falling during the match. Geelong's lead at each break is 3pts, 5pts, 12pts, 8pts.

Sat. 8 William Maybury’s review of the 1917 season is published in The Richmond Guardian.

Mon. 17
The Richmond Cricket Club holds its annual meeting. The balance sheet states that the “Old Pavilion” had been sold for 35 pounds 10s. 0d.

Friday 26
The RFC present a cheque to State War Council for 125 pounds