1921 Chronology

1921 Chronology

Position: PREMIERS
Won 15, Lost 4, For 1350, Against 1120.
Captain: Dan Minogue Vice Captain: Max Hislop
Coach: Dan Minogue
Best Player: Hughie James
Leading Goal Kicker: George Bayliss (53)
Revenue: L3543 9s. 10d. Credit Balance: L60 16s. 0d.
Membership: 7,144
Juniors: Fifth

Work begins on improving and enlarging the RCG. The orientation of the goal posts, formerly north south, is to be changed with the north goal pushed eastwards and the south goal westwards. This will add 15 feet to the ground’s length and make best use of the playing space.

Mon. 28
The president of the Victorian Football League, Sir Baldwin Spencer, presents the premiership pennant to Alf Wood at Richmond’s annual meeting. Ted Cotter, a Richmond vice president spoke of the grievances the club bore against League last season. Spencer is outraged.

Tue. 15
The committee decides to have a new club flag made with a tiger emblazoned on its face.

Fri. 18
Richmond’s delegates to the League disclaim on behalf of the club any concurrence with Ted Cotter’s remarks at Richmond’s annual meeting.

Tue. 12
A delegation from Richmond Juniors meets with a subcommittee of the seniors to discuss improving the Cubs and ask Richmond to appoint a coach for them. Frank “Checker” Hughes will be appointed by April 23.
Norm Turnbull receives a permit to play with Richmond.

Mid April
Billy Schmidt plays for the Richmond Juniors against Richmond in a practice match.
(Footy Record, Rd 1 1921)

Fri. 6
The Richmond Guardian publishes the first edition of the Richmond Football News.

Saturday 7
Richmond’s 1920 premiership pennant unfurled by the president’s wife, Mrs. Wood before a crowd of 32,000 at Punt-road. The club’s new flag is also hoisted.
The fence near the players’ entrance gives way under the weight of spectators.
William Maybury’s article “Football Then and Now” is published in The Richmond Guardian. It is possibly the first chronological account, based on personal reminisces, of Richmond football from the 1870s to the present.
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Fri. 13
The VFL approves the Junior League’s admission of Coburg.
_ Billy Schmidt receives a permit to play with Richmond.
Western Australian John Campbell, who starred in Richmond’s practice matches has his appeal for a clearance to play for Richmond denied by the Western Australian League.

Sat. 4
The Richmond Guardian states that the trophy donated by Oscar Mitchell will be awarded to the best player in the Richmond team this season.

Sat. 11
Billy Schmidt plays his first game for Richmond since September 2, 1911.

Sat. 18
Barney Herbert becomes the first Richmond player to play 100 consecutive League games.
After Richmond had scored a behind the Essendon full back Bert Day noticed that the ball’s bladder had “busted” and kicks it to the umpire. George Bayliss intercepts the pass and kicks a controversial goal.

Thr. 31
Norm Turnbull pleads guilty to striking Herbert Woodcock of St. Kilda and is disqualified for four matches.

Sat. 2
Richmond plays against the Goulburn Valley Association at Numurka in aid of the Mooroopna Hospital. It generated a record gate for the district of nearly 200 pounds.

Sat. 9
A crowd of 42,000, a record for a non-finals match involving Richmond, watches Carlton defeat Richmond by 51 points at Princess Park.
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Sat 16
Round 11
Richmond vs Sth Melbourne
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Sat. 23
Billy Schmidt plays his last senior game for Richmond. He is the last of Richmond’s first VFL side (May 2, 1908) to play for the club.

Fri. 29
The Age hints at dissention within Richmond’s ranks but states that, “Inquiry has failed to reveal anything serious.” Lou Roberts, “Robbo” of The Richmond Guardian, sees its mere mention as misleading and insists that only happiness exists within the club.

Sat. 23
Hughie James plays his 150th VFL game for Richmond.

Sat. 30
The State Governor, the Earl of Stradbroke arrived at the RCG “unheralded and unsung” and watches Richmond play Geelong. He states that he decided to investigate after seeing large crowds at the ground as he passed by in the train.
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Carnival: Perth hosts the 1921 carnival during the second week of August. Vic Thorp, Jimmy Smith and Max Hislop are Richmond’s representatives in the Victorian squad.

Sat. 6
Stan Morris represents a VFL team against South Australia in Adelaide, and Bob Weatherill and Clarrie Hall do like wise against New South Wales in Melbourne. Clarrie is elected vice captain for the game.
George Bayliss, Frank Harley and Norman McIntosh play in a VFL team against Bendigo.

Sat. 13
Jimmy Smith’s letter from the Perth carnival is published in The Richmond Guardian.
Stan Morris represents Victoria against South Australia on the MCG, while Frank “Checker” Huhes and Donald Don represent the VFL against Ballarat.

Sat. 20
George Bayliss kicks seven goals for the Tigers.
Prior to Richmond’s match against Collingwood, Collingwood’s president and manager of the recent Victorian carnival team, Ern Copeland presents yellow and black garters to the three Tigers who travelled with him to Perth.
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Sat. 27
Richmond kicks nine goals straight against Melbourne before kicking their first behind well into the third quarter.

Sat. 10
Richmond secures its 100th victory in League football with a win over St. Kilda, 14-11 (95) to 7-5 (47).

Mon. 12
At the Richmond Cricket Club’s annual meeting the office of skittle club secretary is voted out. The office of tennis club secretary is retained because the club is active.

Sat. 24
Richmond’s score of 16-19 (115) against Geelong is the highest score registered in a League, and Association for that matter, semi final.
Robert Weatherill reported for striking W Keane (Geelong).
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Boothby, a Burnley club, wins its sixth successive premiership in the Sutherland Association.

Sat. 8
The Hailstone Final. At half time of the Richmond v. Carlton Final a hailstorm hits the MCG and coats the entire ground in an inches deep layer of hail and water. The game was continued in the morass while a thunder storm raged. In the third quarter a behind post was knocked out of the ground. Dan Minogue placed every Richmond big man on the ball in the last quarter and the Tigers won the tight encounter by eight points, 10-7 (67) to 7-17 (59).

Donald Don and Jack Greenhill are engaged in a behind the play fight in the first quarter (refer to Oct 28 and Nov 3 entries). After the match the crowd rushes the oval and a spectator strikes Don in the mouth inflicting a laceration that required stitches. The spectator was then felled by a Richmond player. The Richmond players were escorted from the ground by police.

Sat. 15
Richmond wins their 4th Premiership
Richmond Premiers! In the Grand Final Richmond 5-6 (36) defeats Carlton 4-8 (32) at the MCG before 43,122 spectators. Max Hislop possibly saved the premiership for Richmond when in the dying moments he spoiled Carlton forward Alec Duncan.
There were no changes to Richmond’s team throughout the finals series.
Umpire McMurray collapses in the room after the game, exhausted. It is some time before he has enough strength to return to his home.

Richmond celebrate that night at a dinner in StKilda. Eleven motor cars were engaged and a big tiger skin with the head set defiantly decorated the first vehicle.
After the dinner they motorcade through the streets of the city and ended up the Richmond Town Hall where a Richmond flag with a tiger on it was flown.
They then moved to the pavilion of the Richmond Football Club.
Barney Herbert announces to the team he will now retire.

Mon 17
At the Richmond court, two men Stanley Watkinson and Sidney Dunn are charged with assaulting a constable on Swan street on Saturday night. Both accusers say they did not remember the events of Saturday night, as they had indulged in liquor as 'they were overjoyed at Richmond getting premiers'. Each were fined 7 pounds, and 4 weeks imprisonment

Sat. 22
A letter from Barney Herbert notifying the public of his retirement from League football after 192 games with Richmond is published in The Richmond Guardian.

Wed. 26
The Richmond Furnishing Company presents a Bengal tiger skin, valued at 50 guineas, to the Richmond Football Club during the interval at the Tivoli Theatre.
Richmond won the skin by defeating Carlton in the Grand Final. It was displayed in the shop window prior to the game along with 1920 premiership memorabilia, photographs of players and a poem commemorating the Hailstone Final, The Tiger Hunt.

The Richmond Cricket Club host the Richmond Football Club at a dinner at Phair's Hotel followed by an evening at the Tivoli Theatre.
At the dinner, the players were presented with cricket medallions and season tickets for lady friends. Mr C Rothwell presented each player with a box of cigars.

Fri 28
It is decided to hold an inquiry into a behind the play incident involving Donald Don and Carlton’s Jack Greenhill during the Grand Final. The umpires made no report during the match. However at the League meeting the incident was referred too and an enquiry was instituted.

Thur 3
Donald Don is disqualified for the first eight matches of the 1922 season for knocking-out Greenhill in the Grand Final. These will be the first games he will miss since June, 1918, after 64 consecutive appearances with the Tigers.

Wed. 28
The League, under pressure from the Grounds’ Management Association, decides to increase membership subscriptions from 5s. 6d. to 7s. 6d.. The VFL also decides to stop the issuing of ladies’ season tickets. Richmond (695 lady members), Carlton and Collingwood were the only clubs that issued them in 1921.