1924 Chronology

1924 Chronology

Position: Second
Won 12, Lost 7, For 1291, Against 1237.
Captain: Dan Minogue Vice Captain: Mel Morris
Coach: Dan Minogue
Most Popular Player: Vic Thorp
Leading Goal Kicker: Mel Morris (44)
Revenue: 4,501 pounds 5s. 6d. Debit Balance: 139 pounds 8s. 7d.
Membership: 3,654
Seconds: Fourth

Tue. 22
Many prominent Richmond citizens meet and it is anticipated that a Reform Party will form to contest the Richmond Football Club election.

Thr. 31
A Reform Party is formed at a “monster meeting” in the Richmond Town Hall. A ticket had not as yet been organised but Jack Archer and Percy Page are to stand for president and secretary respectively.

Thr. 14
The incumbent executive hold a rally at the Soldiers’ Memorial Hall.

Wed. 20
Richmond’s annual meeting is a success for the reformers. Jack Archer defeats Alf Wood and Ernest King for the presidency, and Percy Page defeats William Maybury in the poll for secretary. Abe Aarons though remains the treasurer, after defeating Jos Langdon. With the exception of Aarons and Hughie James all positions are filled by Reform candidates. After the election Page calls for three cheers for William Maybury, who offers his support for the new executive.

Tue. 4
At a committee meeting Dan Minogue explains his reasons for applying for the Geelong coaching position and asks for a clearance to coach Ballarat.
It is decided that one team will be uniformed in one colour for intra-club practice games this year.

Tue. 11
Dan Minogue’s application for a clearance to Ballarat is refused by Richmond’s committee. The club decides to retain Dan’s services as coach.

Tue. 18
A 1,500 strong crowd watches Richmond players begin training.
Charlie Callender begins active service at the club as a property steward.

Fri. 21
Former Richmond secretaries William Maybury and Andrew Manzie are elected life members of the League. Richmond had nominated Hughie James for life membership of the League but he is not elected.
The League legislates that home teams are to wear “dark” knickers and away teams white knickers.

Sat. 12
Billy Muir, an Aboriginal from Cummera mission (near Echuca), plays in a Richmond intra-club match.

Mon. 21
Vic Thorp, Frank Harley and Norman McIntosh represent a VFL team against Geelong at Geelong. Proceeds will fund Geelong’s new grandstand.

Thr. 24
Players ratify the proposal to be paid at a flat rate of 2pounds 10s. per match and 10s. per training session, with a sliding scale of bonuses. The bonuses of 50%, 33% and 17% are tied to performance.
Geelong promises to clear Wally “Jumbo” Sharland and Keith Johns to Richmond next year. Both continue to train at Tigerland and “Jumbo” will vice captain Geelong.

Sat. 26
An inaccurate Cubs team kicks 4-27 (51) against Leopold at South Melbourne.

Thr. 8
Ernie Taylor is disqualified for two games for elbowing Ken Nicholson of Geelong. Nicholson does not shield Ernie and states he was struck deliberately.

Sat. 10
Billy Muir plays with the Cubs. He is possibly the first Aboriginal to play in an official Richmond Football Club team, albeit the second team.

Sat. 24
Jack Gale debuts for Richmond. His grandsons, Brendon (1990 -2001) and Michael (1994-98) would play for the club.
Brendon was Richmond CEO from 2009.

Wed. 28
Dan Minogue talks with his men on their weaknesses and suggests a remedy.

Sat. 31
Richmond defeats St. Kilda and has their first win this season.

Sat. 7
David Lynch kicks eight goals for Richmond’s seconds and equals his Cubs record.

Sat. 14
The Richmond Guardian reports that Richmond’s League delegates have been invited to be entertained at Hawthorn and Footscray on bye Saturday, July 12.

Sat. 21
Jimmy Smith plays his 100th VFL game for Richmond.
Richmond defeats Carlton by ten points. Carlton will protest a George Rudolph goal but the League will not alter the score. It is the Tigers’ fourth straight win.

Wed. 25
Albert Boromeo is refused a permit to play for Richmond although he is no longer required by Carlton. Richmond’s Jim “Snow” Maxfield is suspended during the pleasure of the League for not revealing he had played with Northcote (VFA) in 1921. Richmond was unaware of Jim’s situation until late last week and immediately rushed through a clearance with Northcote’s assistance.

Thr. 26
Donald Don is disqualified for the remainder of the season for charging Carlton’s Newton Chandler, and Reuben “Chum” Reid is disqualified for three games for charging Horrie Clover.

Mon. 30
The Richmond City Council sympathises with the Tigers regarding the League’s treatment of its players and it is prepared to place the town hall at their disposal if they want to hold an “indignation meeting.”

Fri. ___
Burnley State School player Edgar Morrison kicks 18 goals of his team’s score of 20-4 (124).

Mon. __
The Richmond Cricket Club donates 100 guineas to the football club to be spent on a trip or, “... in any way the officials of the R.F.C. desired.”

Fri. 11
The Tigers leave for Wonthaggi on the bye weekend. On Saturday secretary Percy Page plays for Richmond in the last quarter against the Wonthaggi District Association. Richmond win comfortably. Two trainers also play.

Thur 17
John Bahen, who played with Richmond VFA in 1893 (beside his brother Chris Bahen), dies aged 56.

Sat. 19
Richmond’s seconds barely scraped a team together after five selected members were unavailable with the flu. The Cubs still defeat Fitzroy’s seconds by nine points.

Sat. 26
The central umpire suffered a knee injury at the Richmond v. Essendon game at Punt-road. A boundary umpire, former Fitzroy player W. Naismith, was called upon to replace him and Barney Herbert is pressed into service as a boundary umpire.
Dan Minogue suffers an injured neck, from a knock. He is unable to coach Richmond during the coming week of training, and so Clarrie Hall fills that position.


Vic Thorp and Norman McIntosh represent Victoria in the carnival held at Hobart from the 6th to the 16th.

Sat. 9
Doug Hayes, George Rudolf and James Spain represent Victoria against South Australia at the MCG. Robert McCaskill and Mel Morris represent Victoria against New South Wales in Sydney. Ted Bourke, Max Hislop and Keith Osmond play with a VFL team against Ballarat at Ballarat.

Sat. 16
Doug Hayes, George Rudolf and James Spain represent Victoria against South Australia at Adelaide. Mel Morris vice captains Victoria against New South Wales at the MCG. Joe Harrison, Frank Harley, Jimmy Smith and Ernie Taylor play with a VFL team against Bendigo at Bendigo.

Tue. 26
Richmond’s committee resolves to oppose the Australian Football Council’s recent decision to amend the out of bounds rule awarding a free against the player who touches the ball last before it crosses the line.
It is decided to form a Richmond Football Club Cricket Club this summer.
_ Richmond’s delegate, at a meeting of the League, pushes the Richmond’s claim to host a semi-final this year. The submission is narrowly beaten by Essendon’s bid.

Sat. 30
Following Richmond’s victory over Collingwood thousands of Tiger supporters wait for result of the Carlton v. Geelong match to be posted. When the scoreboard showed that Carlton had won a large cheer sounded, fists were pumped and hats flew. Richmond had secured a finals berth.

Wed. 3
Collingwood protests the result of the Richmond game alleging that Angus MacIsacc and Robert McCaskill, who as current playing members of Richmond as well a country club, were ineligible to play. The protest against the Tigers is dismissed. Richmond will argue for a revision of the “country rule.”

Sat. 6
David Lynch kicks eight goals for Richmond’s seconds for the third time and equals his Cubs record.
Finals: The League changes its finals system. The top four teams play each other and the club with the best record has the right to challenge the minor premiers to a Grand Final.

Sat. 20
The semi final loss to Fitzroy at Princess Park is Clarrie Hall’s 150th and last VFL game for Richmond. He is the last of Richmond’s VFA era players to represent the club.

Wed 24
The Richmond Football Club Ball is held at the local town hall.
Table Talk's in-depth article list what each woman was wearing.

Fri. 26
Doug Hayes places fourth with four votes in the first Charles Brownlow Memorial Medal count for the fairest and best player in the League.

Sat. 27
Richmond defeats Essendon by 20 points at South Melbourne. The Tigers do not achieve the 39 point margin that would overhaul Essendon’s percentage to top the finals’ table, and so, force Essendon, the minor premiers, to play Richmond in a Grand Final match.
Although Essendon are declared the premiers they were not happy and team mates exchanged punches in the rooms. In contrast the Tigers’ rooms were upbeat.
The Richmond Guardian states that the lessees of the Amateur Sports Ground (later known as Olympic Park) intend making a “very liberal offer” to Richmond if they will play there.

Sat. 4
Essendon lose to Association premier Footscray in a game styled the Championship of Victoria. Essendon players again exchange punches after the game.

Wed. 15
Vic Thorp with 1,179 votes receives Richmond’s Most Popular Player Trophy. A voting coupon cost threepence and were sold at the Essendon final and at local tobacconists. All profits went to the “old players” fund.

Thr. 16
Richmond’s committee hear a delegation from Carnivals Limited in regard to transferring to the Amateur Sports Ground.

Mon. 27
A conference is held between representatives of the Richmond Cricket Club and the Richmond Football Club.

Tues 28
Jack Archer, Percy Page, Lou Roberts and Richmond committee meet late into the night to discuss the club transferring its headquarters to the Amateur Sports Ground. No definite decision is reached.

Tue. 4
The Richmond Football Club decides to turn down the offer by Carnivals Limited, after the cricket club had adopted the recommendations agreed upon in the conference with the football club. The Tigers will continue their tenancy at Punt-road and the cricket club will donate 200 guineas to the football club immediately, 200 guineas for 1925, and 300 guineas for the seasons 1926 and thereafter provided gate receipts total at least 600 pounds.

Tue. 11
Richmond receives a delegation from the Hawthorn Council asking the Tigers to support Hawthorn’s entry into the VFL.

Mon. 15
Coburg, a club affiliated with the League’s seconds competition, is admitted to VFA. The VFL will argue that with this admission the player permit agreement between the bodies is broken, thus allowing the admission Association clubs into the League.

Thr. 18
South Melbourne’s Bill Condon is acquitted of striking Ernie Taylor during the semi-final on September 12. “Fishy” Taylor, who was rendered senseless by the collision, received a fractured skull, two broken cheek bones, and was bedridden for weeks.