1930 Chronology

1930 Chronology

Position: Fourth
Won 11, Lost 8, For 1541, Against 1257.
Captain: Allan Geddes Vice Captain: Jack Baggott
Coach: Frank “Checker” Hughes
Brownlow Medallist: Stan Judkins
Leading Goal Kicker: Jack Titus (50)
Revenue: L4348 7s. 8d. Credit Balance: L184 12s. 10d.
Membership: 3,246
Seconds: Second

Fri 10
'Checker' Hughes is reappointed Richmond coach.

Mon. 10
Richmond decides to form an Unemployment Committee to canvass employers and seek work for new and/or jobless players.
Tour: Efforts are being made to secure grounds in Brisbane and Sydney for two Richmond v. Carlton games in August.

The VFL, with the required support from other state bodies, decides that injured players may replaced by a substitute, a nineteenth man.

__ 7
Coulter Law is introduced. The League decides that no player can receive more than a flat rate of three pounds, and two pounds in bonuses per match, among other payment stipulations.

___ 8
The Richmond Cricket Club decides to seek an interview with the Minister of Lands to obtain a site adjoining the grandstand.

The ground’s capacity is increased. The curator’s cottage is tendered for demolition on March 15. A mound will replace it by May.

Work is found for the unemployed placing thousands of loads of filling and ashes in position and erecting and painting booths and kiosks right around the ground.

Wed. 2
Haydn Bunton applies for and is refused a permit to play for Fitzroy. Bunton had promised to play with Richmond for years but Richmond were unwilling to pay an upfront fee like Fitzroy. It was thought that such special treatment risked dissention amongst the Tiger players. The case caused the introduction of Coulter Law.

Tue. 8
The committee decides to inaugurate a provident fund in response to the new player payment rules. Players will only be allowed to access the fund upon leaving the club or retiring from the game.

Tue. 22
Richmond refuses to clear Cyril “Dooley” Lilburne, who captained the Tigers last year, to the Association club Brighton. He will play for Brighton without a clearance and will be disqualified from VFL football for three years.

Sat. 3
Richmond opens the season against Collingwood at Punt-road but loose by 14 points.
Ralph Empey is the first Richmond player selected and used as the nineteenth man. He replaced the injured Hope “Hop” Collins at three-quarter time.
The club provides the nineteenth man with a khaki overcoat to keep him warm as he waits for an opportunity to play.

Sat. 17
Richmond lose to Essendon by two points. After three games the Tigers are still winless.

Thr. 29
Jack Titus is cleared of a charge, made by three umpires, of elbowing Footscray’s Austin Williams.

Sat. 14
Richmond 10-10 (70) defeats Geelong by one point 9-15 (69) at Geelong.

___ 1
Percy Page, the secretary, reports to the committee on the local player Jack Dyer.

Sat. 19
Richmond wins their ninth game in succession equalling the club’s record in League football, set during the 1921 and 1922 seasons.

Sat. 26
South Melbourne ends Richmond’s winning streak with a six point win at South. Joe Murdoch, with seconds remaining, received a free kick deep in defence but kicked the ball straight to a South player who booted the winning goal.

Sun. 27
Richmond players, officials and training staff leave on their trip to the northern states.

Maurie Hunter and Jack Titus represent Victoria in the football carnival held in Adelaide from July 31 to August 9. Lou Roberts manages the Victorian team.

Thr. 31
Jack Titus kicks eight goals from half forward for Victoria against Tasmania.
Cubs’ secretary Jim McDougall is injured in a car crash that kills his driver.

Sat. 2
Richmond draws with Carlton 12-14 (86) apiece in Brisbane before 12,000 spectators. Cynics will suggest that the game was “made to order” but witnesses affirm and injuries attest to the endeavour of the players. The curtain raiser is a Brisbane Rugby League game.

Tue. 5
Jack Titus kicks eight goals for Victoria against New South Wales. It is the second time that he had kicked eight goals in the carnival .

Sat. 9
Richmond 9-11 (65) defeats Carlton 6-14 (50) before 16,651 spectators at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Sat. 16
The first day of the first Empire Games. Richmond trainer H. Farher is in Hamilton, Canada, assisting the Australian Amateur Athletic team.

Thr. 21
The Richmond Cricket Club grants David Capewell, the RCG’s curator since the summer of 1895-96, twelve months leave with a weekly allowance of two pounds owing to his ill health.

Tue 26
The Richmond Football Club is concerned by a “clash of dates” with Victorian Cricket Association and requests that the agreement with the Ground Managers Association be strictly adhered to.

Sat. 30
Tiger Bill Benton kicks seven goals against North Melbourne at Punt-road.
Tiger captain Allan Geddes is presented with a shield to commemorate Richmond’s win against Carlton in Sydney at a dance after the North game

Sat. 6
Richmond defeats Melbourne on the MCG for the first time since June 9, 1924.

Sat. 13
Basil McCormack plays his 100th game with Richmond.

Richmond Hill (St. Ignatius) player Jack Dyer wins the Metropolitan Junior League’s best and fairest award. The umpires awarded him ten votes.

Tues 16
Richmond player E. Sel Baker ties for the Gardiner Medal with Kelly from Geelong.

Thr. 25
Richmond’s training session is inconvenienced because the centre wicket of the ground is roped off.
About 4,000 people watch Richmond train, although many are returning from a junior football match.

Fri. 26
The League decides to award the Brownlow Medal, the League’s fairest and best player award, to Richmond’s Stan Judkins. Judkins received the same number of votes as Footscray’s Alan Hopkins and Collingwood’s Harry Collier but he had played in fewer games.

Sat. 27
Collingwood defeats Richmond by three points in a sensational semi final. Richmond were 28 points down during the final term but the Tigers rallied to be three points behind at the twenty minute mark. Richmond had a chance to win when Maurie Hunter tore into an open goal only to miss. Richmond still had a faint hope after the bell when Ralph Empey was allowed a set shot from 70 yards out. The distance was beyond him unfortunately.

Thr. 2
Percy Bentley is disqualified for eight games for striking Collingwood’s Syd Coventry in the semi final.

Sat. 4
Geelong’s seconds 14-12 (96) defeats the Cubs 11-8 (74) in the League Second Eighteen’s Final to claim the premiership. Geelong completes the season undefeated.

Wed. 10
Richmond holds its annual meeting in December rather than the usual February in order to, “... arouse enthusiasm in members and get the committees to work in time.” The turn out of members is small
The League’s secretary L. H. McBrien states that if the Grounds’ Management Association continues to support the Victorian Cricket Association’s encroachment into the football season the League may force some clubs, including Richmond, to transfer to other grounds.