1935 Reserves

1935 Seconds scores

Played: 18
Won: 10
Lost: 8
Drew: 0
Position: Sixth

Baxter (1), D Brown (1), Candy (15), Chergwin (7), Cotter (16), Crapper (11), Davey (13), Dickson (15), Edmonds (1), J? Foster (2), Garvie (13), Grant (5), Gray (2), Guinane (1), Hall (7), Harbison (5), Hearn (9), Heifner (6), Hodges (18), Honey (9), Job (6), Jordan (13), Landorf (4), Mackrell (1), Maple (1), O'Brien (17), Tom O'Halloran (13), J O'Halloran (18), Patton (18), Proctor (10), Raftis (1), Ripper (10), Saunders (1), Scriven (12), Sheehan (1), Smeaton (15), J Smith (1), Symons (12), Temple (4), Torpey (4), Tyson (1), Uwins (1), Waterson (1), Wells (5), White (10), Wilson (11)

Goalkickers here. https://www.tigerlandarchive.org/tiki-index.php?page=Reserves+Goalkicking

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
PM1 Seniors Olympic Park
PM2 Seniors Olympic Park
PM3 Richmond District
PM4 Auburn
1 27 Apr 17.20 Footscray 10.8 Dickson 5, Grant 4, Symons 3, Smeaton 1, Patton 1, Harbison 1, White 1, Crapper 1, Cotter, Chergwin, Crapper, R Dixon, Grant, Gray, Guinane, Hall, Hodges, Harbison, T O'Halloran, J O'Halloran, O'Brien, Patton, Ripper, Saunders, Scriven, Smeaton, Symons, Temple, Wilson, White. Best: Guinane, Cotter, Patton, Dickson, O'Halloran, Symons, Smeaton, Grant. Players to be at ground at 2pm sharp., wear black knickers. "Team not picked owing to clearances". T O'Halloran gets slight concussion in last qu, does not recall rest of match
2 6 May 16.13 Nth 9.16 Nth Melb Dickson 5, Jordan 3, White 3, Grant 2, Patton 2, Symons 1, Symons, Hodges, Cotter, Saunders, Crapper, O'Brien, Garvie, Chergwin, Scriven, White, Harbison, Smeaton, Grant, Dickson, Jordan, T O'Halloran, J O'Halloran, Patton, Temple (19th). (Emerg: Hall, Mackrell, Gray, Zschech, Wells) Best: Jordan, Crapper, Patton, Dickson, O'Brien, Symons
3 11 May L3 15.14 Carlton 16.11 Punt Road Edmonds 9, Crapper 2, Grant 1, Smeaton 1, J O'Halloran 1, White 1 Mackrell, Hodges, Cotter, Wells, Crapper, O'Brien, Scriven, Smeaton, Garvie, Gray, Harbison, Temple, Grant, Edmonds, White, T O'Halloran, J O'Halloran, Patton. (19th Hall), (Emerg: A Bennison, S Bennison, Job. Best: Scriven, J O'Halloran, Patton, Edmonds, Cotter, Smeaton.
4 18 May L 13.16. Melbourne 15.14 MCG Crapper 3, T O'Halloran 3, Hearne 3, Patton 2, Harbison 1, Davey 1 Hall, Harbison, Symons, Wells, Hodges, O'Brien, Scriven , Garvie, Candy, Davey, Crapper, Hearne, Grant, Smeaton, White, T O'Halloran, J O'Halloran, Patton, (19th Temple). (Emerg Job, Mackrell, Gray) Best: Garvie, Smeaton, Hearne, Davey, Candy, Patton, Hall
5 25 May W8 15.14Fitzroy 14.12 Davey 4, T O'Halloran 3, Jordan 3, Hearn 2, Grant 2, Scriven 1, Ripper 1 Hall, Hodges, Cotter, Ripper, Symons, O'Brien, Scriven, Garvie, Candy, Davey, Procter, Hearn, Grant, Smeaton, Jordan, T O'Halloran, J O'Halloran, Patton, (19th White), (Emerg Temple, Job, R Bennison, D Brown). Temple replaced T O'Halloran with few minutes to play Best: Scriven, Cotter, Ripper, Garvie, Smeaton, Patton, Jordan
6 June 1 W 18.14 Essendon 7.8 Punt Road Garvie, Hodges, Cotter, Ripper, O'Brien, Smeaton, Scriven, Chirgwin, Candy, Davey, Symons, Hearn, Procter, Dickson, Jordan, T O'Halloran, J O 'Halloran, Patton (Emerg: Hall, White, Job, J Foster) Players to be on ground at 2 o'clock sharp 1st qu scores: R 8.4, Ess 2.2. Half time: R 10.6, Ess 4.4) Best: Jordan, Hearn, Ripper, Smeaton, Scriven, Davey, Patton.
7 June 8 W26 9.8.62 Sth Melb 13.10.88 Dickson 3, Patton 2, Jordan 2, Symons 1, T O'Halloran 1. Hall, Hodges, Cotter, Ripper, O'Brien, Smeaton, Scriven, Garvie, Candy, Davey, Symons, Hearn, Proctor, Dickson, Jordan, J O'Halloran, T O'Halloran, Patton, (19th White) (Emerg Job, Foster, Brown). Sth led by 10 pts at half time, 18 at three qu time. R got within 1 goal Best: Garvie, Scriven, Ripper, Jordan, Smeaton, Davey
8 June 15 W17 11.11 Geelong 8.11. Dickson 3, Symons 2, Proctor, 1, Davey 1, Chirgwin 1, Patton 1, T O'Halloran 1, Jordan 1 Garvie, Hodges, Cotter, Ripper, O'Brien, Smeaton, Scriven, Chergwin, Candy, Davey, Symons, Hearn, Proctor, Dickson, Jordan, T O'Halloran, J O'Halloran, Patton, (Emerg: Job, Grant, Wilson, Brown, Foster) 1st Q R2.4, G 1.3 / 2nd Q R3.4, G 2.8 / 3rd Q R11.10, G3.9. Best: Scriven, Davey, Smeaton, Symons, Chirgwin, Hodges, Ripper, Cotter
9 June 22 W 16.10 Hawthorn 5.4 Foster, Harbison, Cotter, Smeaton, Hodges, O'Brien, Honey, Garvie, Candy, Davey, Baxter, Wilson, Proctor, Dickson, Jordan, T O'Halloran, J O'Halloran, Patton, (Emerg Torpey, White, Hall)
10 June 28 L9 7.10.52 Collingwood 9.7.61 Collingwood Hall, Hodges, Cotter, Job, Dmeaton, O'Brien, Candy, Brown, Honey, Davey, Uwins, Wilson, White, Dickson, Jordan, J O'Halloran, T O'Halloran, Patton (Emerg: Torpy, Maple, Youl, Cunningham) Qtr time 21 each. Half time Coll 6.5 to R 5.5, 3rd Qu C 9.7 to R 5.6
11 July 6 13.8StK 8.16 Punt Road White 3, Dickson 3, Wilson 2, T O'Halloran 2, Symons 2, Jordan 1 Torpy, Hodges, Cotter, Ripper, Crapper, O'Brien, Candy, Chirgwin, Honey, Davey, Smeaton, Wilson, Symons, Dickson, Jordan, T O'Halloran, J O'Halloran, Patton, 19th: Job (Emerg: Hall, Brown, White, Youl, Heggie) Best: Honey, Smeaton, Torpy, Wilson, Chirgwin, Symons, Dickson. Halftime R 8.3, StK 3.8
12 July 13 L 8.9 Footscray 12.9 Footscray Symons 2, T O'Halloran 1, Jordon 1, Dickson 1, Wilson 1, Landorf 1, Patton 1 From: Wilson, Davey, Honey, Landorf, Maple, Chirgwin, Hall, Jordan, White, Garvie, Crapper, Dickson, Symons, O'Brien, Cotter,Hodges, Torpy, Ripper, Candy, J O'Halloran, T O'Halloran, Patton Best: Hodges, Chergwin, Garvie, Symons, Dickson, Cotter Ripper. (T O'Halloran was replaced, injured ankle)
13 July 20 W 13.18.96 7.8.50 Dickson 5, Symons 2, Davey 2, Jordan 2, Wilson 1, Candy 1 Torpy, Hodges, Cotter, Ripper, Crapper, O'Brien, Honey, Chirgwin, Garvie, Davey, Heifner, Wilson, Proctor, Dickson, Jordan, J O'Halloran, Symons, Patton (Emerg: Landorf, Candy, Hall, White) Best: Garvie, Symons, Chirgwin, Honey, Davey, Hodges, Ripper, O'Brien.
14 Aug 10 L23 10.5.65 Melbourne 11.22.88 Punt Road Dickson 6, J Smith 3, Heifner1 Torpy, Hodges, J Hodges, Foster, O'Brien, Wells, Landorf, Honey, Rastis, Candy, White, Heifner, Wilson, Tyson, Dickson, Jordan, or J Smith, J O'Halloran, Job, Patton, (Emergency : H Bennion, F Bennion, Brown, Cunningham) Best: Patton, O'Brien, Honey, Dickson, J O'Halloran, Wells, Hodges, Raftis
15 Aug 17 7.12 Carlton 12.15 Carlton Davey 2, Smeaton 1, Dickson 1, Hearn 1, Crapper 1, Wilson 1 Heifner, Hodges, Dickson, T O'Halloran, J O'Halloran, Proctor, Cotter, Candy, Hearn, Ripper, Smeaton, Scriven, Patton, Landorf, Job, Crapper, Honey, Garvie, O'Brien, Wells, Davey, Wilson, White. (Players to be at Carlton ground at 2 oclock) T. O'Halloran did not play as he was injured. Best: Garvie, Smeaton, Ripper, Davey, Scriven , Wells.
16 Aug 23 10.13 Fitzroy 11.11 T O'Halloran 3, Patton 2, Jordan 2, Proctor 1, Scriven, Davey Sheehan, Hodges, Cotter, Crapper, Wells, O'Brien, Scriven, Smeaton, Candy, Davey, T O'Halloran, Hearn, Heifner, Dickson, Jordan, J O'Halloran, Symons, Patton, Honey, Wilson, Proctor, Landorf. Richmond led by 8 points with 2 minutes to go. Best: Hodges, Cotter, Heifner, Wells, Candy, Davey, Jordan
17 Aug 31 9.9 Essendon 5.14 Essendon Dickson 5, Davey 2, Hearn 1, J O'Halloran 1 Heifner, Hodhes, Copper, Ripper, Crapper, Hearn, Scriven, Garvie, Honey, Candy, Davey, Wilson, Proctor, Dickson, Jordan, J O'Halloran, Smeaton, Patton 19th: Job. Best: Garvie, Hodges, Scriven, Dickson, Candy, Patton, Cotter.
18 Sept 7 W29 12.20 Sth 9.9 Dickson 4, Crapper 2,Jordan 2, Job 2, Davey 1, Symons 1 Heifner, Hodges, Cotter, Waterson, Smeaton, O'Brien, Candy, Garvie, Scriven, Wilson, Symons, Hearn, Crapper, Dickson, Jordan, J O'Halloran, Proctor, Patton. 19th: Job. Best: Cotter, Symons, Job, Wilson, Hodges,

Les Patton, J Symons, George Smeaton, Harbison, F Crapper, Wells, Tom O'Halloran (c), Jack Hodges (vc), J Anders, J Conchie, Sid Dockendorff, Jack Stenhouse, Rich Saunders, Colin Strang, Keith Wilson, Bill Garvie, J Cotter, R Scriven, N Dickson, J O'Halloran, Pat Davey, N Honey , Dickson, Jordan, T O'Halloran, Symons, Crapper, Edmonds, W Hearn (Sth Ballarat), Grant, White, Keith Proctor, Baxter, Smith, Harbison, Job, Ripper, Chirgwin, Youl, Landorf, M Candy (from Ararat), Heifner, Charles Tyson
D W Gray http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article204278706, W Hall http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article204278706, J O'Halloran Mordiallic to Richmond http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article204278706,