1941 Chronology

1941 Chronology

Position: Fourth
Won 14, Lost 5, For 1795, Against 1604.
Captain: Jack Dyer Vice Captain: Jack Titus
Coach: Jack Dyer
Best and Fairest: Jack Titus
Leading Goal Kicker: Jack Titus (87)
Revenue: Credit Balance:
Membership: 3,055
Seconds: Fourth __
Recruits U19:__ Premiers


Tues 21
Richmond AGM. Awards presented to Jack Dyer (his fourth consecutive Best and Fairest). Dyer and Ray Martin automatically received life membership of the club for 10 years service.

Sun. 26
Richmond footballers are prominent at a swimming carnival held at the Richmond Baths to raise funds for the Australian Comforts Fund and the Red Cross.

Wed 29
Maurie Fleming contacts Harry Hopman to approve his suggestion that Richmond assist in a League Football Tennis Tournament.

Tue. 4
Arthur Richmond Lewis, the first secretary of the Cubs and the senior players’ property steward, dies.

Wed. 12
Richmond holds a special meeting, immediately prior to the annual meeting, to ratify changes to the club’s constitution. From now on the captain and vice captain are to be appointed by the committee rather than elected by the players, and player representatives on the committee must be on the official training list.

Tue. 18
Richmond’s committee appoints Percy Bentley non-playing coach subject to 'financial agreement'.
Richmond's recruiting district is extended to include Kew and North West Ward of Camberwell.
Maurie Fleming advises that the club rooms leak during rain periods.
100 invitations are sent out to train with Richmond included in the list as Arthur Kemp, Keith Brooks and Frank Bourke.
Committee motion for the 'tigers head to be on Member's Ticket'

Tues 4
Pay structure announced. Head Trainer 3 pounds p/w, the others 1/5. Players 3 pounds per week. Reserves 1/10. Players on the list 1/0/8 per week. Captain 1 pound per week extra. Coach 3/10 per week. Masseur 35 pounds per year. Players competing 15 years service receive 5/5 for the period between 10 and 15 years.
Ian Hull to undergo a nose operation. Maurie Fleming attempts to source a bed for him at Prince Henry Hospital

Thurs 6
Percy Bentley refuses Harry Dyke and Maurie Fleming's request to coach Richmond for 1941 season. He is not prepared to accep the position for under 5 pounds per week, as a matter of principle.
Les Langdon, committeeman, motions for the club to accept Bentley's request. No one seconded the motion. The committee are determined to appoint a coach tonight. Les Langdon nominated Jack Titus. Maurie Sheehan and J. Weston nominate Jack Dyer. Dyer is elected 'subject to satisfactory arrangements'.

Tue. 11
Percy Bentley refuses to coach the Tigers in their first training session for the season. Bentley wants more money than Richmond is willing to pay him. The committee therefore induces Jack Dyer to coach the side.

Thr. 13
Carlton appoints Percy Bentley non-playing coach.

Tue. 18
The press is present at the committee meeting. The Committee ask Bentley to 'clear the air' of false rumours by asking him 8 questions. He refuses to answer them, saying he was asking for a clearanace, not to be cross-examined.
Richmond decides to support Percy Bentley’s clearance to Carlton. Committeeman Les. Langdon leaves the committee room with Bentley stating that the committee was, “penny wise and pound foolish.”

The League announces players are not bound by any residential zones whilst in the Army of Defense duties as they transfer from state to state.

Richmond's recruiting district is extended to include the North East War of Camberwell.
Arthur Kemp is signed by Richmond. Maurie Fleming interviews Ron Durham.

Thr. 20
Les. Langdon resigns from the committee citing a “lack of interest.”

circa 1st
Practice match held with Martin Bolger and Maurie Sheehan umpiring. Committeeman W. Maher is goal umpire

Sat. 26
Richmond defeats Collingwood by 18 points at Victoria Park in the first game of the season.
Jack Titus and Jack Dyer, despite being among the Tigers’ best players today, rule themselves ineligible for any player prizes this year.
The Richmond Recruits 27-26 (188) defeat Garden City 0-2 (2) at Punt Road. The Kittens’ Andy Brennan kicks ten goals.


Thurs 1
Richmond defeat Carlton by 1 point in the 3DB quiz
Ray Martin elected coach of Kew Football Club

Sat. 3 Richmond defeats Carlton by 10 points at Punt Road. It is the first game between the clubs since Percy Bentley left the Tigers to coach Carlton.
The rugged encounter ends with 18 injured players, ten Carlton and eight Richmond.

Sat. 10
Jack Titus kicks his 800th career goal (against Nth Melbourne at Punt Road)

Tues 13
Len Ablett applies for a clearance to Essendon. It is refused by the committee on April 27.
George Smeaton and Bert Edwards selected to play in a Patriotic Match in NSW
Pattersons Pty Ltd to present a trophy to 'most sportsmanlike act' in Essendon match.
Maurie Sheehan resigns as Richmond Committeeman as he is transferred back to the country in his employment.

Wed 14
W. Sheriff from Canberra granted a permit to play for Richmond, thereby becoming the first person under the permit committee's new ruling to not have to appear for the board, as he is a member of the Defence Force.
Other player granted permits are G. Hicks from University to Richmond, L. Coulstock from Richmond to Brunswick

Sat. 17
Richmond lose their first game of the season by 12 points to Essendon at Essendon.
The Richmond Recruits 26-24 (180) defeat the Y.M.C.A. 0-1 (1) at Punt Road. House and Walker each kick eight goals for the Kittens.

Sun. 18
A social function is held in Richmond’s committee room and presentations are made to Maurie Sheahan and Ossie Jennings who are leaving, as well as Jack Titus and Dick Kelly.
_ The first conference is held at Punt Road between Richmond and 27 junior clubs that are within its allotted boundaries.

Sat. 24
George Smeaton and Bert Edwards represent Victoria against New South Wales in Sydney.
Collingwood defeats Richmond in the first round of the League’s knock-out premiership at the MCG.

Tues 27
Jack Titus suggests to erect a honour board in the club rooms to old players

circa 29th Kevin O'Neill announces retirement.

Sat. 31
Jack Titus kicks eight goals against Fitzroy at Punt Road.
The Richmond Recruits’ _ House kicks nine goals against Fitzroy Juniors in the curtain-raiser.
The Cubs have trouble convincing senior players to play for them when directed.


Fri. 6
The Richmond Chronicle reports that owing to war there is a shortage of bandages, and therefore Richmond players are requested to return bandages to the club.

Sat. 7
Jack Titus kicks ten goals against Hawthorn at Punt Road. It is his 159th consecutive match. He kicks 10 goals for the third time in his career. Percy Bentley sends him a telegram stating 'May you never grow old'.
Officials believe Keith Brooks mark in the last quarter is one of the best they have ever seen.
Watching the match is Percy A Goode, Richmond VFA player from 1892-1894. Sporting Globe says he has missed only 5 matches in 51 years of connection to the club.
Richmond wear black arm bands for the wife of veteran door-man Lou Cameron.

Tues 10
Mr Turner and Mr Weston reports on their recruiting trip to Kilsyth to see Fred and Keith Cook.
Richmond defeat Heawthorn in the 3DB quiz.

Sat. 14
Richmond defeats Geelong by one point in the Tiger’s first premiership game at Kardinia Park, Geelong.

Sun. 15
A presentation is made to Kevin O’Neill who had announced his retirement.

Mon. 16
A charity football match is held on King’s Birthday at Punt Road for the Flags for Fighters Fund.

Sat. 21
Richmond claims top position on the ladder after it defeats St. Kilda while its rivals, Essendon and Carlton, lose their respective games. It is the only time they will be on top of the ladder this season.

Tue. 24
Former secretary George Peckham-Beachcroft dies.
_ Committeeman Arthur Hunt donates a honour board to the club.

Thurs 26
Jack Symons reprimanded by committee for his behaviour at the 2nd XVIII match against Geelong.

Sat. 28
Two generals, General _ Holden (United Kingdom) and General _ Stanway (Australia) are guests of Richmond at its match against South Melbourne.

Sat. 5
Richmond defeats the fourth placed Footscray by ten points at the Western Reserve.
Jack Dyer’s number is taken by umpire _ Coward after a collision with Footscray’s Ambrose Palmer but no report will be lodged. Palmer was in possession of the ball when Dyer “charged” him so Dyer’s action was legal.

Tues 8
The building of the honour board is completed. It is to be unveiled at half time of the Collingwood game.
J McCormack presents to the club an old football cap.

Sat. 12
Jack Dyer captains the Victorian team against South Australia in Adelaide. Dick Harris kicks eight goals for Victoria and is adjudged the best player. Harris receives the Best Player trophy, with Dyer runner up.
Jack Titus captains Richmond while Jack Dyer is in Adelaide. George Smeaton vice captains the Tigers. Titus kicks 5 goals and heads the League goalkicking table.
Melbourne defeats Richmond by 47 points at the MCG. It is Richmond’s first loss after six successive wins.

Sat. 19
Richmond lose to Collingwood at Punt Road and slip from first to third on the League ladder.

Sun. 20
A charity match is played between a Bookmakers’ team (Jack Dyer’s Victorian side) and a R.A.C.V. team at Victoria Park. Jack Titus lines up with the R.A.C.V. against Dyer and Dick Harris.

Tues 22
Fred Cook signed by Richmond. Harry Dyke is presented with a travelling rug, for his assistance with the trip to Adelaide.

Sat. 26
Richmond defeats the top side Carlton by one point at Carlton’s Princes Park.
The Tigers were 18 points down at the start of the final term but Richmond fight back and late in the quarter the scores are level. Laird Smith, the Tigers’ nineteenth man, kicked the winning behind in the dying seconds when his shot at goal hits the post.
Richmond are now second by percentage to Melbourne.
The Richmond Recruits’ Geoff House kicks ten goals against Fitzroy Juniors in the curtain-raiser.

Sat. 2
Richmond defeats the ninth placed North Melbourne by just three points at North Melbourne.
Jack Cotter's 100th game.

Tues 5
The League instructs each club to purchase 1000 footballs for next season owing to coming shortage of leather.
Mr Bambrook is reminded by the Committee of his promise of a case of oranges if Seniors play in the final series.
Mrs Fleming and Mrs Goring donate a Crystal Vase for Best Player in the First Semi Final match against essendon.

Sat. 9
Jack Titus kicks eight goals against Essendon at Punt Road.
Richmond kicks eight goals straight in the first term.
the Richmond Recruits _ Dee kicks seven goals against Footscray _.

Thurs 14
Doug Ring, Victorian Cricketer, trains with Richmond. He is a Malvern centre half-back.

Sat. 16
Richmond loses to Fitzroy at Fitzroy. The Tigers slip to third position and the League leaders Melbourne are now one game clear of Richmond.
Ian Hull protects the umpire from a spectator who ran on to the ground during the last quarter.

Tues 19
Melbourne Boys League granted permission to play Finals on the Richmond Cricket Ground subject to RCG approval.
Player's are asked to keep this seasons guernsey, to be used for next year, owing to a shortage.

Sat. 23
Jack Titus kicks eight goals against Hawthorn at Glenferrie.
The Richmond Recruits’ _ Dee kicks eight goals against Essendon Thirds in the Melbourne Boys’ League second semi final.

Tue. 26
Coach Jack Dyer does not strip for training but has the team train under the guidance of Dick Harris.

Sat. 30
Richmond defeats Geelong in the last round but the Tigers miss out on second place and a double chance by 0.5 percent.
Jack Titus kicks seven goals against Geelong. Titus has kicked 26 goals in the last four games.
Richmond Recruits 6-4 (40) defeat Essendon Stars 4-7 (31) in the Melbourne Boys’ League Grand Final at Essendon.
Titus equals Thorps club record of 172 consecutive games.

Danny Guinane comes second in the Gardiner Medal, the Second Eighteens’ League fairest and best award. He lost by two votes.

Sat. 6
Essendon defeats Richmond by 54 points in the first semi final at the MCG.
Richmond’s president Harry Dyke tenders Richmond’s end of season dinner in the RCG’s pavilion.
The Army and the R.A.A.F. play the curtain-raiser to the semi final.
Jack Titus breaks Thorp's club record of 172 consecutive games. He finishes with 3 goals, one behind Sel Murray on the League list. Best Edwards is voted Best Player on the field by the players and received 5-5-0 from Chris Dwyer.
Ray Steele is voted best player on the field by the Committee and is presented with a case of cutlery by Harry Dyke.
Jack Crane is presented with a dressing set from jockey Arthur Dewhurst. Bob Bawden received a fountain pen and pencil from Mr C Robertson. Jack Titus receives a tea and coffee service from Mr J Jones.

Fri. 12
The Richmond Chronicle reports that Jack Dyer played throughout 1941 with a painful back injury. (other papers report this earlier in the week)

Sat. 13
Richmond’s training staff assist Melbourne’s staff in today’s semi final and for the remainder of the series.

Tues 16
Stanford wins 'Best Recruit' Jack Titus announced as winner of Best and Fairest.

Sat 20
Jack Dyer appears in the Carlton rooms prior to the Preliminary Final vs Essendon to wish Percy Bentley all the best.

Sun. 28
A Richmond team travels to Flinders to play the team from the Flinders Naval Base.

A Dave Prince + Bill Dooley Association 18 play A Bookmaker's team at Olympic Park to raise funds for War Prisoners Comfort Fund. 380 pounds is raised. It was an unofficial League vs Association match - each body enjoyed their own rules for half of the game (ie: Association were able to use the throw pass). Jack Symons of Richmond plays for the League team.

Tue. 30
Richmond 9 goals 3 behinds defeats Footscray 8 goals 3 behinds to win the Premiership of the Air, series of quiz programs on radio station 3DB. Titus captained Richmond. Norm Ware captained Footscray.


Wed. 1
Vic Thorp dies at the home of his sister in Mordiallic.


Sat. 20
Richard Terence Kelly, the club's 1895 and 1896 captain, dies aged 71

Richmond win the 1941 Baseball Premiership by defeating Prahran for the Championship of Victoria.