1943 Chronology



circa Jan 19
J.J Smith appointed StKilda Secretary

President Boland and Secretary E. Purchase resign as President and Secretary of 2nd XVIII. Purchase has joined the RAAF

Mon 25
The ashes of Elsie M. Schofield, a keen supporter of Richmond, is scattered across the Richmond Cricket Ground by Canon L.L Wenzel of St. Columbia's Hawthorn.


circa 2nd
A Seaford Sunday trip was held, where 69 pounds was raised for the Patriotic Fund, with Mr C Dwyer donating 36 gallons of ginger beer.

circa 30
Leo Merrett, wearing his Number 22 Richmond guernsey, trains with Melbourne, as Richmond had yet to begin pre-season training.

Thur 1
Jack Hill, the Melbourne cricketer, a star player for St Pats Ballarat, who is in the RAAF, trains with Richmond. So too does Ron Matthews, 18yrs 6ft 2inch 12.5 stones from South Sydney.
Robert Wiggins, who played a handful of Reserves games last years is nicknamed 'Bentley the 2nd'
The League advise clubs that no club mascots will be allowed onto the ground during the season.
Maurie Fleming report on new players Ron Durham and Arthur Mooney.

Sat 3
An exhibition U.S gridiron game takes place on the Richmond Cricket Ground between 'Bears' and 'Redskins' in front of 20,000 spectators. Profits of 1,130 pounds goes to the Richmond FC POW Fund. A kicking and throwing contest between players also takes place. Jack Mueller kicks a gridiron ball 66 yards, but is beaten by William Jost who throws it 72 yards. Jack Graham of South Melbourne throws the furthest for the VFL players, 50 yards. As a tribute to the memory of Sqd-Ldr Bluey Truscott a minute silence is observed. Harry Dyke presents a trophy to the League to give to the American team.


Sat 8
Richmond sell 684 tickets during the first game of the season against Carlton.

Tues 11
Maurie Fleming reports difficulty in obtaining Jack Broadstock from South Australia.

Wed 12
J Peggie (Camberwell), V Fisher (Lilydale) , R Dowdell (Richmond District) granted a permit to Richmond.

Tues 25
A reference in the minute book to Bill Cosgrove and a request for a 'Tigers Head' for his plane.

Wed 26
R McCall is granted a permit to South Melbourne

Sat 12
Dan Guinane plays his 100th League game. His son Paddy, would also go on to play 100 games.

circa 6
1914 Life Member Alf Tietgens dies.
1905 Premiership player Richard 'Dick' Knell dies.

Richmond plays RAAF team from Benalla.
Richmond Cricket Ground grant permission to erest stairs from the committee room direct to the grandstand

Committee announce Jack Broadstock's clearance from Glenelg to Richmond is refused by Glenelg.

Sat 17
Jack Titus becomes the first player to 200 consecutive League matches

Tues 20
Frank Bourke announces he will join Richmond
Jack Dyer , injured ankle, is unable to take training. Len Ablett does.


Tues 3
Kevin Crohan resigns as a Richmond player owing to injury. He played only one game in his career.
Jack Broadstock is cleared to Richmond only after President Harry Dyke and Hon P.J Kennelly travelled to Adelaide to discuss clearance.

Thurs 5
A player's meeting and dinner is held in the club rooms for a 'heart to heart talk' and for 'any grievances to be ventilated'.

Sunday 8
George Howarth dies. He was the last living player from Richmond's first ever match in 1885.

Sun 16
Essential Services 22.10 def Combined Services 15.6 at Punt Road.
Essential Services at one stage kicked 14 goals without a behind.
At halftime, a game of 'Austus' takes place between US and an Ordinance team.
The AWAS and WAAAF personnel give marching and drill movements

Thurs 19
Martin Bolger resigns as Chairmen of Selectors.
Committee announce the death of Bill Cosgrove, killed in action whilst with RAAF. The Committee stood in silence as a mark of respect to his memory.

Sun 22
The AAFC (17.12.114) def Ordinance (16.17.113) in a Services football game at Richmond.

Thur 31
Harry Dyke receives a memento of old player F.T Hyde (played in 1871)
J Sheehan wins a seat in the Commonwealth Senate.

circa 14
Andrew Manzie, secretary of the club 1906 - 1911 dies.

Sat. 25
Richmond wins their 7th Premiership

Thur 26
The widow of Bill Cosgrove thanks the club for naming the trophy , donated by President Harry Dyke, the 'W Cosgrove Memorial Trophy for the best junior in the club'.
The Property Room is broken into whilst the team is in Bairnsdale. Goods to the value of 16 pounds were stolen.
Clements, Langford P/L account for 60/5/6 pounds in the building of the stairway and door from the Committee Room and Grandstand is determined excessive and an interview is organised to discuss further. THey later amend their account to 50/5/6
Ron Durham is voted Best Player of the year by the Selection Committee