1945 Reserves

1945 Seconds scores


Players: (games in brackets)
Ablett (2), Balfour (2), Barnewall (12), Barry (14), Bartram (1), Benson (8), Bower (11), Broadstock (1), J Cartwright (15), S Cartwright (11), Cato (16), C Cook (15), K Cook (9), W Cook (10), Crane (2), Doherty/Dougherty (3), Dwan (7), Evans (3), Ewin (1), Gerbert/ Gebert (9), Gould (1), Harris (3), Hill (2), Hull (1), Jenkins (6), Kallady/Kalladay (3) Kemp (9), Kenney/Kenny (4), Malone (10), Martin (1), McEwan (2), McGee (2), McQueen (3), Negri (8), Netherway (5), O'Brien (1), O'Rourke (4), Patton/Tatton (2), Potter (1), Poulter (15), Randall (11), Rice (13), Roach (4), Rochford (16), Ross (4), Russell (9), Scott (3), Shea (1), Smith (7), Styles (9), Sullivan (3), Thompson (2), Turner (14), Waldron (1), Warne (2), Wiggins (6), Williams (Initial not defined) (14), D Williams (1), R Williams (1), Wilson (3), Zschech (4)

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
1 April 21 . L29 .12.2.74 Footscray 15.25.103
2 April 28 L18 13.7.85 Nth Melb 15.13.103 from Williams, Benson, Bower, J Cartwright, S Cartwright, Crane, Doherty, Hill, Potter, Randall, Rochford, Scott, Styles, Turner, Barnewall, C Cook, W Cook, Cato, Kallady, Malone, McGee, McEwan, Poulter, Netherway
3 May 5 Sth Melb from R Williams, D Williams, Barry, Benson, J Cartwright, S Cartwright, Crane, Dougherty, Hill, Randall, Rochford, Russell, Ross, Smith, Styles, Turner, Kallady, Barnewall, C Cook, W Cook, Poulter, Cato, Malone, Netherway
4 May 12 L1 13.17.95 Melbourne 13.16 .94 from Williams, Barry, Benson, Bower, Cartwright, Cartwright, Dougherty Rochford, Russell, Styles, turner, Kallady, Barnewall, Cato, Malone, Ewin, Netherway, Poulter, Dwann, Kemp Ross
5 May 19 W61 23.11.149 Hawthorn 13.10.88
6 May 26 L 8.11.59 Essendon 15.16 Essendon Benson, Bower, J Cartwright, S Cartwright, Kemp Rochford, Russell, Styles, Turner, C Cook, Poulter, Jenkins, Cato, Malone, Netherway, Dwan, Rice, Barnewall, Ablett, Williams. Ron Evans also played for Richmond Recruit in curtain raiser at Punt Road
7 June 2 L3 10.14.74 Carlton 11.11.77 Kemp, Ablett, Randall, Wilson, Barry, Benson, J Cartwright, S Cartwright, Rochford, Russell, Styles, Barnewall, C Cook, Poulter, Jenkins, Cato, Malone, Netheway, Dwan, Bower, Rice,
8 June 9 W80 19.26.140 StKilda 8.12.60 Wilson (8) Williams, Barry, Benson, S Cartwright, K Cook, C Cook, Hull, Randall, Rochford, Russell, Ross, Styles, Turner, Wilson, Negri, Barnewall, Poulter, Cato, Jenkins, Malone, Dwan, Gebert, Rice
9 June 16 W36 18.14.122 Collingwood 12.14 .86 Williams, Barry, Cartwright (2), Shea, Cook (3), Kemp, Randall, Rochford, Ross, Smith, Styles, Turner, Barnewall, Cato, Jenkins, Malone, Dwan, Rice, Gerbert, Kenney
10 June 23 L38 4.6.30 Fitzroy 9.14.68 Williams, Broadstock, Barry, Bower, Cartwright, Cartwright, Randall, Rochford, Styles, Turner, Barnewall, Cato, Cook, Cook, Jenkins, Malone, Poulter, Kenny, Rice, Gebert, McEwan, Dwan, Patton, Quinn
11 June 30 L32 5.11.41 Geelong 10.13.73 Williams, Barry, Cartwright, Cartwright, Randall, Rochford, Russell, Styles, Barnewall, Cato, Cook, Cook, Jenkins, Poulter, Gilbert, Rice, Tatton, O'Rourke, McGee, Dwan, Thompson, Kenny. 'Bus leaves ground 12.30'
12 July 7 Williams, Barry, Benson, Bower, T Cartwright, S Cartwright, Negri, Rochford, Turner, Wiggins, Cato, Evans, C Cook, W Cook, Poulter, Gebert, Rice, McQueen, Warne, O'Rourke, Kenney, Patton
13 July 14 L29 8.8.56 Nth Melb 12.13.85 Williams, Barry, Benson, Bower, J Cartwright, Kemp, Negri, Rochford, Russell, Turner, Wiggins, Cato, C Cook, W Cook, Poulter, Smith, Rice, Evans, O'Rourke, Gebert, McQueen, Warne
14 July 21 L11 13.13.91 Sth Melb 15.12.102 Williams, Barry, Bowers, J Cartwright, K Cook, W Cook, C Cook, Kemp
, Negri, Rochford, Russell, Smith, Scott, Turner, Wiggins, Balfour, Cato, Poulter, Gebert, Rice, McQueen, Barnewall, Thompson
15 July 28 L 14.12 Melbourne 16.14 Williams, Barry, Bower, J Cartwright, K Cook, C Cook, W Cook, Kemp, Negri, Randall, Rochford, Russell, Smith, Turner, Wiggins, Roach, Zschech, Cato, Poulter, Evans, O'Rourke, Rice, Gebert
16 Aug 4 W59 20.16.136 Hawthorn 10.17.77
17 Aug 11 D 8.10.58 Essendon 7.16.58 Williams, Barry, Bower, J Cartwright, K Cook, C Cook, W Cook, Cato, Negri, Randall, Rochford, Russell, Sullivan, Styles, Turner, Barnewall, Roach, Zschech, Malone, Poulter, Price, Harris, O'Brien,Scott
18 Aug 18 L21 11.14.80 Carlton 14.17.101 Williams, Barry, Bower, J Cartwright, K Cook, C Cook, W Cook, Kemp, Randall, Negri, Rochford, Smith, Turner, Waldron, Wiggins, Wilson, Barnewall, Balfour, Roach, Zschech, Sullivan, Martin, Harris, Cato, Poulter, Price
19 Aug 25 L2 5.7.37 StKilda 5.9.39 Williams, Barry , Cartwright, Cartwright, Cook, Cook, Cook, Kemp, Negri, Rochford, Randall, Smith, Turner, Wiggins, Barnewall, Roach, Zschech, Sullivan, Cato, Malone, Poulter, Harris, Rice

Is Gebert and Gilbert the same person?
B. Barry
Jim Cartwright (related to Stewie)
Stan Cato
Cec Cook (related to Wally)
Keith Jenkins
Eric Malone
Noel McGee or Magee

Tallying done by Peter Foot