1946 Reserves

1946 Seconds scores

Position: PREMIERS

(listed in 1946 Week 4 finals record + 1946 itinerary to Tasmania + Team Photo+ Annual Report. Games in bracket)
Alby Pannam (capt/coach) (19), Ken Albison (16), Wally Cook (19), Bert James (8), Jack Watson (16), Don Balfour (7), Phil Nagle (9), Ron Evans (17), George Nelson (15), Ray Poulter (14), Charlie Priestley (vc) (16), Keith Cook (15), J P Rees (2) (from Glen Waverley then went to Preston), Robert Hay (10), Kevin Colls (18), Brian Randall (14), Kevin Curran (12), Kevin Barnewall (16), Des Rowe (13), Peter Sherman (9), Wally Russell (11), Keith Rae (13), Anthony "Tony" Douglas b: circa 1927. Ruckman (later to Sth and later Box Hill ) (11), Les Dowse (5), Pat Phillips (17), William Rochford (10), Jack Broadstock (4), Vern .M Rice, (Richmond District then Brighton, later Drouin Secretary??) (4), Jack Gray (later North Wagga Stars, NSW, or Leongatha Possibly born 1927. A 6ft follower) (2), Claude O'Brien (4), Kevin Deagan (3), Bob Wiggins (9), W Roach (7), Arthur Kemp (5), E Malone (4), J Eames (4), S Waghorn (4), J Shellcott (4), R Stokes (3), K Burke (3), R Wright (3), Les Jones (2), J Sullivan (2), G Tanner (1), D Fraser (1), S Murray (1), Fred Cook (1), Fred Burge (1), George Smeaton (1), J Jones (1), J Turner (1)

Goalkickers for season: https://www.tigerlandarchive.org/tiki-index.php?page=Reserves+Goalkicking

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
June 10 14.15 Essendon 11.13
19 Aug 31 From: Pannam, Gray, Rees, Douglas, Dowse, Jones, Nelson, Curran, Randall, Balfour, Eames, Barnewall, W Cook, K Cook, Russell, Colls, Rae, Evans, Row, Watson, Rice Hay, Sherman, James
SF W 11.15 Fitzroy 10.11 Albiston 5 Team (incomplete) : Nelson, Curran, Randall, Colls, Priestley, Barnewall, Evans, Russell, W Cook, Sherman, Albiston, Hay, Nagle, K Cook, James, Pannam, (Emerg: Rae, Watson, Douglas, Dowse, Rice, Rees) Best: Priestley, Randall, Curran, Russell, W Cook.
GF W 7.15 Fitzroy 7.14 Robert Hay 3, Des Rowe 1, Ron Evans 1, Bert James 1, Alby Pannam 1 George Nelson, Kevin Curran, Brian Randall, Kevin Colls, Charlie Priestley, Kevin Barnewall, Wally Cook, Wally Russell, Pat Phillips, Des Rowe, Ray Poulter, Ron Evan, Phil Nagle, Robert Hay, Ken Albison, Keith Cook, Bert James, Alby Pannam (c), Peter Sherman, Keith Rae. Coach: Alby Pannam Best: Russell, W Cook, Priestley, Nelson, Curran, Barnewall, Poulter