1947 Reserves

1947 Seconds scores


Games (tallied from matches below by Peter Foot)
Albiston (13), Ashton (4), Barnett (2), Bell (20), Bentley (1), Bibby (1), Bourke (14), Burns (21), Calverley (12), Colls (14), A Cook (3), F Cook (1), W Cook (16), , Currie (15), Deagan (1), Dempsey (20), Ennor (2), M Evans (15), R Evans (11), Fraser (1), Gray/Grey (9), Hay (1), Hill (4), James (17), E. Jones (15), Knott (15), Magee (8), Maguire (4), McCormack (1), McRae (3), Mooney (6), Moore (8), Neal (8), Nelson (1), O'Bryan/O'Brien (8), O'Neill (1), O'Rourke (8), Pannam (18), Phillips (9), Potter (8), Poulter (1), Priestley (4), Rees (4), J Roberts (19), K Roberts (7) Ross (10), Rowe (5), Rudd (1), Russell (2), Sherman (19), Suhrer (1), Taylor (2), Turner (2), C Watson (11), J Watson (9), Webb (2), Wiggins (12), Williams (1), S Wilson (2), Wright (9)

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
1 April 19 L 15.7 Nth Melb 19.15 Sherman, M Evans, W Cook, Watson, Moore, Magee, Gray, Dempsey, Potter, Currie, Deagan, Phillips, Priestley, E Jones,K Roberts, O'Rourke, Bell, Burns, (Emerg: O'Brien, Rees, A Cook, O'Neill) Max Currie collapses mid game with malaria.
2 April 28 W 10.11.71 Fitzroy 7.14 From: Priestley, Russell, Dempsey, Magee, Phillips, J Roberts, K Roberts (there are two of them), Sherman, Burns, Bell, M Evans, Gray, Moore, O'Rourke, W Cook, A Cook, Nelson, Hill , Hay, Rowe, Jones, O'Bryan, Rees, S Wilson, Webb, Barnett
3 May 3 L 18.14 Carlton 21.15. From: Evans, Bell, Phillips, W Cook, James, Magee, Wright, Moore, Dempsey, J Roberts, K Roberts, Priestley, Knott, Watson, Potter, O'Brien, Jones, McCormack, Grey, Turner, Byrnes, O'Rourke, Wilson Buses leave 1.45pm
4 May 10 W 18.14 Melb 9.22 Phillips, J Roberts, Jones, Knott, Moore, K Roberts, Bell, W Cook, O'Brien, Mooney, Gray, Burns, Currie, James, Dempsey, Magee, Turner, Pannam, A Cook (19th), Rees (20th), Emergencies: O'Neill, P Russell, M Wilson, M Evans.
5 May 17 W 16.24.120 Haw 1.2.18 From: Pannam, Phillips, M Evans, R Evans, Hill, Bell, Currie, Ross, Gray, O'Brien, Burns, Barnett, O'Neill, Wiggins, J Roberts, K Roberts, Sherman, Potter, O'Rourke, James, Calverley, Dempsey, Moore.
6 May 24 L 3.15.33 Geelong 7.17.59 From: Pannam, Bell, Ashton, Jones, Colls, Suhrer, W Cook, J Roberts, K Roberts, Albiston, Currie, M Evans, Moore, O'Rourke, S Webb, Magee, Sherman, Burns, O'Brien, Dempsey, Phillips, Williams, Hill. Bus leaves ground 1.45
7 May 31 W 16.17.113 Coll 6.12.48 Phillips, Wiggins, James, Evans, J Roberts, K Roberts, Bell, Albiston, Knoitt, Coles, Currie, Cook, Magee, Potter, Dempsey, Sherman, Bourke, Pannam, (Reserves: Gray, Burns). (Emerg: Moore, O'Brien, Jones, Ashton)
8 June 7 W 12.7.79 Sth Melb 10.17.77 Pannam, Phillips, M Evans, Bell, Currie, Dempsey, Sherman, Burke (possibly bourke?), Gray, C Watson, Albiston, Moore, O'Brien, Jones, Ashton, Wiggins, J Roberts, Ross, Potter, Knott, Colls, Calverley, Burns, Magee.
9 June 14 L 8.15.63 Essendon 11.15.81 Pannam, Phillips, Evans, Bell, Dempsey, Albiston, Sherman, Rudd, Magee, Burns, Ashton, O'Brien, Moore, Jones, Wiggins, J Roberts, Watson, Potter, Bourke, James, Colls, Calverley, Ross, Currie Bus leaves at 1.40pm
10 June 21 W 17.19.121 Footscray 7.9.51 From: Pannam, Knott, Evans, Bell, Mooney, Albiston, Sherman, Wiggins, Jones, Burns, Ashton, O'Brien, Neal, Roberts, Ross, Watson, Potter, Bourke, James, Colls, Calverley, Dempsey, Currie.
11 June 28 W 28.16.184 10.9.69 St Kilda Sherman 8, Albiston 7, Bourke 7 Pannam, Dempsey, Knott, Bell , Mooney, Albiston, Hill, Wiggins, O'Rourke, Burns, Jones, Bibby, Roberts, James, Russell, Potter, Bourke, Sherman, Colls, Watson, Rowe, Currie
12 July 5 14.4.88 Nth Melb 5.8.38 From: Pannam, Dempsey, Colls, Bell, W Cook, Albiston, Sherman, Wiggins, Gray, R. Evans, Neal, Rees, Roberts, James, Knott, Rowe, Bourke, Wright, Jones, C Watson, Burns, Currie.
13 July 12 W 7.21.63 Fitzroy 6.6.42 Pannam, Dempsey, Colls, Bell, W Cook., Albiston, Sherman, Wiggins, Gray, R Evans, Neal, Rees, Roberts, James, Knott, Rowe, Bourke, Wright, Jones, C Watson, Burns, Currie
14 July 19 W 22.25.157 Carlton 11.11.77 K Albiston 6 From: Pannam, Dempsey, Colls, Albiston, Cook, C Watson, J Watson, Sherman, Fraser, Bell, Evans, Neal, McRae, Roberts, James, Knott, Bourke, Wright, Jones, Caverley, Burns, Currie.
15 July 26 W 22.18.150 Melbourne 8.8.56 A Pannam 7 From: Pannam, Bentley, Colls, C Watson, J Watson, Mooney, Burns, Wright, Bell, R Evans, McRae, Neal, J Roberts, Maguire, Knott, Sherman, James, Jones,F Cook, W Cook, Calverley, Currie.
16 Aug 2 W 17.20.122 Haw 5.8.38 From: Pannam, Dempsey, M Evans, R Evans, Watson, Bell, Burns, Sherman, Wiggins, Ennor, A Cook, W Cook, Neal, McRae, James, Maguire, Ross, Bourke, Wright, Mooney, Calverley, Taylor Bus leaves at 1.45pm
17 Aug 16 W241 37.30.252 Gee 1.5.11 Bourke 13 From: Pannam, Dempsey, M Evans, R Evans, C Watson, J Watson, Cook, Sherman, Taylor, Burns, Bell, Neal, Roberts, James, Knott, Bourke, Wright, Mooney, Calverley, Coles, Ross.
18 Aug 23 L 14.13.97 Coll 15.17.107 From: Pannam, Dempsey, M Evans, R Evans, Cook, Poulter, Albiston, Priestley, Sherman, Burns, Ennor, Neal, C Watson, J Watson, Bell, Roberts, Maguire, Knott, Bourke, James, Colls, Calverley, Ross Bus leaves at 1.45
19 Aug 30 W 26.22.178 Sth 9.12.66 Bourke 10 From: Pannam, Albiston, Bourke, Calverley, Colls, W Cook, Dempsey, M Evans, R Evans, James, Knott, Maguire, Ross, J Roberts, Rowe, Sherman, C Watson, J Watson , Wiggins, Bell, Burns, Jones Bus leaves 1.45pm
SSF Sept 13 W 21.15.141 Nth Melb 12.13.85 Bourke 5, Evans 5, O'Rourke 3, Calverley 2, Cook 2, Pannam. 2, Knott 1, Albiston 1 Dempsey, Roberts, Wright, M Evans, James, E.Jones, W Cook, Knott, Calverley, R Evans, Ross, O'Rourke, Albiston, Bourke, Currie, Wiggins, Sherman, Pannam, (19th: Burns, 20th Bell) , (Emerg: Ennor, A Cook) Best: Currie, Wiggins, Wright, Evans, Dempsey, Calverley, Albiston, 12 oclock. match began, Curtain raiser to Carl v Ess Second Semi Final
GF Sept 27 L 14.10.94 Nth Melb 16.13.109 Pannam 6, Ross 3, Bourke 3, Evans 1, Watson 1 Dempsey, Roberts, Wright, M Evans, James, Colls, C Cook, Knott, Calverley, R Evans, Ross, O'Rourke, Albiston, Bourke, Currie, Sherman, Wiggins, Pannam, (19th: Burns, 20th: Watson) Best: Ross, Wright, Currie, Dempsey, Pannam, Evans. 12 oclock match began. O'Rourke reported attempting to strike Ryan.

(as printed in GF record)
A Pannam (capt), R Wright, J Burns, C Watson, J Roberts (traralgon), F Dempsey (Port Fairy), K Albiston, E Jones,M Evans, P Sherman, D Knott, W Cook, Max Bell (Berwick) http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article218502253 and http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article218503576, J O'Rourke, G Ennor, A Cook, N Ross, D Calverley, R Evans, K Colls, B James, F Bourke, R Wiggins (vc), M Currie

V Hill (Richmond United), N Magee (Richmond United), R McIndoe (Brighton), K Roberts (Richmond United), P Phillips , J Watson (Richmond United), J Burns, M Ball, D, Coate, M Evans, G Ennor, J Gray, R Moore, J O'Rourke, W, Cook, T Douglas, J Eames, R Hay, B James, G Page, D Rowe, Max Wenn (Berwick). http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article206022388

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