1956 Chronology

Sat 26
StKilda win their first game of the season, defeating Richmond by 20 points.
Roy Wright's 150th game for Richmond.
Tom Simpson is replaced in selected side by Havel Rowe.
It is Gordon Andrews only senior game for Richmond.
McDonald (thigh) replaced by Allsop during the game. Dummett (thigh) replaced by Amery.

July 6
Melbourne 11.13.79 def Richmond 7.3.45
(Goals: Branton 2, Naismith, Dummett, Poulter, Saddington, Claxton)
(behinds: McDonald 1, Poulter 1, Branton 1)

11 Sept
Brian Phipps, son of Richmond FC committeeman Charlie Phipps, is found wandering around Warrnambool at night, in a Richmond jumper, muttering 'Eat Em Alive' repeatedly.
He appears to have become disenchanted after losing his job in the city. It makes front page news of The Argus. Harry Dyke promises he will find him a job