1958 Reserves


1958 Reserves scores

Played: 18
Won: 4
Lost: 14
Drew: 0
Position: Last

N.B The team names and best player are sourced from handwritten notes maintained by Claude O'Brien.

Players (need to collate from list below)
Ron Dudley (is father of Paul Dudley who played U19s 1981-1983, Res 1984)

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
1 April 12 L49 7.12.54 Sth Melb 14.19.103 Punt Road Jenkins (2), McDonald (2), Rice (1), Dean (1), Bell (1) Hafey, Hayes, Naismith, Peake, Flannagan, Edmunds, Jones, Clements, Grimmond, Rice, Dudley, Dean, Jenkins, Brown, McDonald, Cooke, Bell, Perry, (19th Hart, 20th Densley) (Best: Hafey, Hayes, Grimmond, Cooke, Edmunds, Dean)
2 April 19 L4 8.7.55 Footscray 8.11.59 Footscray Dean (3), Rice (1), Jones (1), Perry (1), Gardner (1), Jenkins (1) Hafey, Hayes, Naismith, Peake, De Lorenzo, Edmunds, Jones, Densley, Grimmond, Dudley, Flannagan, Clements, Gardner, Rice, Dean, Jenkins, Bell, Perry, (19th Cations replaced Rice) (20th McDonald replaced Hayes) (Best: Hafey, Jenkins, Dean, Grimmond, Edmunds, Peake)
3 April 26 L38 8.17.65 StKilda 15.13.103 StKilda Dean (2), Dudley (2), Burke (1), McDonald (1), Naismith (1), Clements (1) Edmunds, Hayes, Naismith, Meehan, De Lorenzo, Peake, Ryan, Densley, Jones, Clements, Rowe,Rowe, Dean, Hart, Brown, McDonald, Pilcher, Dudley, Burke, (19th Ricci) (20th Callender). (Best: Dean Naismith, Ryan, Peake, Burke, De Lorenzo)
4 May 3 L4 6.13.49 Fitzroy 5.23.53 Richmond Clements (2), Clarke (1), Dudley (1), Rowe (1), Burke (1) Wilson, Hayes, Bell, Peake, De Lorenzo, Meehan, Jones, Edmunds, Perry, Clements, Clarke, Hart, Dudley, Rowe, McDonald, Cations, Pilcher, Burke. (19th R Ricci). (Best: De Lorenzo, Peake, Meehan, Clements, Burke, Dudley)
5 May 10 L59 7.13.55 Geelong 17.12.114 Richmond Gardner (2), Rowe (1), Hayes (1), Clarrie (1), McDonald (1), O'Meara (1) Wilson, Hart, Dudley, Hafey, Peake, Edmunds, Jones, R Ricci, Matthews, Vickers, Rowe, Clements, Gardner, Hayes, McDonald, Cooke, Clarke, Perry (19th Omeara replacedPerry) (20th Harris) (Best: Hafey, Cooke, R Ricci, Wilson, Gardner)
6 May 17 L61 7.9.51 Collingwood 16.16.112 Collingwood Ricci (3), Crowe (3), Vickers (1) Wilson, Hayes, Naismith, McKenzie, Peake, Holt, Cashin, Claxton, Williams, Clements, Rowe, Vickers, Gardner, Clarke, Pilcher, Cooke, Crowe, Ricci, (19th D Williams) (20th McDonald) (Best: Hayes, Williams, Peake, Clarke, Wilson, Ricci)
7 May 24 L (refer to note below) 8.13.61 Essendon 5.15.45 Richmond Clements (2), Clarke (2), Dean (2), Claxton (1), Naismith (1) Hafey, Hayes, Naismith, McKenzie, Peake, Holt, Cashin, Eveley, Ricci, Clements, Claxton, Vickers, Gardner, Clarke, Wilson, Cooke, Pilcher, Dean (19th McDonal) (20th O'Meara ) (Best: Clements, Clarke, Dean, Naismith, Claxton)
8 May 31 L1 66 Melbourne 67 RIchmond Morcom (3), Clarke (2), Dean (2), Ricci (1) Meehan, Hayes, Naismith, McKenzie, De Lorenzo, Holt, Ricci, Morcom, Cashin, Clements, Guinane, Flannagan, Cooke, Clarke, Vickers, Cations, Pilcher, Dean (19th McDonald replaced Hayes) (20th O'Meara replaced Guinane) (Best: Cations, Dean, Naismith, Ricci, Cooke, Holt)
9 June 7 L2 63 Nth Melb 65 Nth Melbourne Morcom (3), Clements (1), Dean (1), Vickers (1), Cooke (1) McKenzie, Cations, Flannagan, Peake, Richardson, Pilcher, Simpson, Holt, Savage, Clements, Davie, Meehan, Vickers, Morcom, Gardner, Cooke, Dunin, Dean. (19th Edmunds replaced Vickers) (20th O'Meara) (Best: Holt, Simpson, Dean, Davie, Meehan, Peake)
10 June 14 W6 82 Carlton 76 Richmond Perry (4), Vickers (1), Gardner (1), Guinane (1), Morcom (1), Dean (1), Cooke (1), Crowe (1) Romari, Cations, Dunin, McKenzie, Richardson, Flannagan, Cashin, Peake, McGaw, Vickers, Guinane, Meehan, Gardner, Morcom, Dean, Cooke, Crowe, Perry, (19th: D Williams) (20th J Wilson) (Best: Dunin, Cooke, Meehan, Perry, Romari, McGaw, Peake)
11 June 21 W13 75 Hawthorn 62 Hawthorn Clarke (3), McGaw (2), Guinane (2), Vickers (1), Gardner (1), Meehan (1), Crowe (1) Dean, Cations, Flannagan, McKenzie, Peake, Pilcher, Clements, Clifford, Morcom, Vickers, Guinane, Meehan, Gardner, Clarke, Perry, Crowe, Cooke, McGaw. (19th Richardson replaced Perry) (20th O'Meara) (Best: Dean.McKenzie, Meehan, McGaw, Crowe, Clifford, Clarke)
12 June 28 L62 51 Sth Melbourne 113 Sth Melb McGaw (3), Crowe (1), Guinane (1), Peake (1), O'Meara (1) Ward, Romari, Peake, Pilcher, Morcom, McKenzie, Cashin, Clifford, Clements, Vickers, Guinane, Meehan, Gardner, Clarke, Dean, Crowe, Savage, McGaw. (19th O'Meara replaced Clifford) (20th Gahan replaced Savage). (Best: Pilcher, Clements, Cashin, Guinane, McGaw)
13 July 19 W19 77 Footscray 58 Richmond O'Meara (3), Meehan (2), Peake (2), Williams (1), Crowe (1), McGaw (1), Callender (1) Ward, Clifford, Flannagan, Clements, Pilcher, McKenzie, Williams, Peake, Cashin, Naismith, Meehan, O'Meara, Healey, Romari, Perry, Crowe, Callander, McGaw (19th Murke rpelaced Romari) (20th Jacobs). (best: Crowe, Peake, Meehan, Pilcher, Naismith, Cashin)
14 July 26 L47 38 StKilda 85 Richmond Williams (1), Perry (1), Naismith (1), Morcom (1), Healey (1) Vickers, Clifford, Flannagan, Clements, Pilcher, Romari, Cashin, McGaw, Williams, O'Meara, Morcom, Lay, Perry, Dunin, Healey, Naismith, Callander, Allsopp (19th D Williams replaced Dunin) (20th Bevan) (Best: Flannagan, Naismith, Dunin, Clements, Vickers, Pilcher)
15 Aug 2 W22 85 63 Fitzroy Naismith (3), Dean (2), Williams (2), Vickers (2), Dunin (1), Morcom (1), McDonald (1), Callender (1) Ward, Eveley, Dunin, Clements, Clifford, Romari, McGaw, Dean, Perry, O'Meara, Morcom, Vickers, Healey, Naismith, Callander, McDonald, Leahy, Williams, (19th Trimm replaced Healey) (Best: McDonald, Eveley, Dunin, Dean, Clements, Perry, Naismith, Vickers)
16 Aug 9 L28 76 Geelong 104 Geelong Team included Wilson, Flannagan, Naismith, McKenzie, Clifford, Dean, Meehan, Dudley, Clarke, Jenkins, Leahy.
17 Aug 16 L112 21 Collingwood 133 Richmond Fraser (1), Meehan (1) Vickers, Flannagan, Romari, Edmunds, Peake, Morrison, Cashin, McKenzie, Perry, O'Meara, Meehan, Hart, Fraser, Clarke, Dudley, Jenkins, Naismith, Williams (19th Jones) (20th Price). (Best: Peake, Perry, Edmunds, Meehan, Romari, Vickers)
18 Aug 23 L30 41 Ess 71 Essendon Williams (2), Peake (1), Naismith (1), McGaw (1) Vickers, Romari, Flannagan, Edmunds, Peake, Clements, Cashin, McKenzie, Williams, Morrison, Meehan, O'Meara, Perry, Naismith, Pilcher, Jenkins, Hart, McGaw (19th Fraser ) (Best: Vickers, Romari, Cashin, Perry, Naismith, Jenkins, Peake )

As reported in the August 30th 1958 Football Record, Four match points were taken from Richmond's Round 7 match against Essendon, and awarded to Essendon

Hawthorn 1503138.260
Essendon 1305114.652
Collingwood 1107126.744
Fitzroy 1107108.244
St Kilda1107103.944
North Melbourne701184.228
South Melbourne601293.024