1964 Chronology

Pre Season
The League introduce a rule where the club runner can only pass on messages to the captain or vice capt, or appointed player in their absence, during a game. (Richmond and Footscray opposed the rule).
The rule is rescinded before Round 8 as all clubs were breaking the rules during matches.

All VFL umpires will wear dressing gowns if required during quarter time and three-quarter time breaks.
Coaches are now allowed to address players during the quarter time break. There will be a four minute break after the first quarter, and the siren will sound after three minutes to warn the coaches to leave.

Friday 17
Richmond coach Len Smith, aged 52, suffers a heartache and collapse, the day before his debut coaching match against Footscray.
The players were to meet Smith at his house in Essendon at night.

A special meeting of the club's executive committee and selection committee is held where Dick Harris is appointed coach in Smith's absence.

Saturday 18
ROUND 1 - vs Footscray.
This was to be Len Smith's first coaching game for Richmond. But as a result of his heart attack the night before, Reserves coach Dick Harris coaches the seniors. Billy Wilson becomes Reserves coach. (April 18 1964 The Age) but appears to have been replaced by Jack Titus after Rd 1 (April 22 1964 The Age)

Tues 25
Gary Arnold wins the Gardiner Medal for Best player in the Reserves. He polls 17 votes to win by 4 votes from Carlton's Bruce McMaster-Smith