1965 Reserves

1965 Seconds scores


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Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
1 Madigan, Cameron, Jewell, Dickeson, M Perry, Lethlean, Gowers, Chivers, Lienert, Northey, Busse, J Perry, Dellavedova, B Smith, Bamford, Ronaldson, Garland, Bartlett (Reserves from Robinson, McDonald, Walford, Goodson,Shannon)
2 Apr 24 Madigan, Garland, B Smith, Goodson, Robertson, Lethlean, J Perry, Gowers, Lienert, Judkins, Walfrod, Chivers, Ronaldson, Northey, Bamford, Patterson, Burgin, Cavey, Clarke, McDonald, Busse, Bartlett (Reserves from McLaren, Robinson)
3 May 1st Chivers, Garland, B Smith, Goodson, McDonald, Lethlean, J Perry, Derry,Dickeson, Northey, B RIchardson, Lienery, Ronaldson, Shannon, Bamford, Patterson, Walford, Madigan (Reserves from Cavey, Judkins, McLaren, Robinson)
4 May 8 Not listed in The Age
5 15 May Madigan, McDonald, Ronaldson, Burgin, Walford, Goodson, McLaren, Chivers, Lienert, Northey, Cavey, Judkins, Green, Shannon, Bamford, Ronaldson, Lethlean, Hogan, (Reserves from Clarke, Boogert, Walsh)
6 22 May Madigan, Walford, Cavey, Burgin, McDonald, Goodson, Lienert, Deery, McLaren, Beale, Robinson, J Perry, Green, B Richardson, Bamford, Ronaldson, Shannon, Judkins (Reserves: Foley, Walsh, Campbell)
7 May 29 Madigan, Walford, McDonald, Sheahan, Green, Shannon, McLaren, Chivers, Derry, Beale, Burgin, Moore, Cavey, B Richardson, Bamford, Ronaldson, Hogan (Reserves Lethlean, Goodson, Campbell, Shield)
8 June 5 Madigan, Walford, McDonald, Sheahan, Shannon, Deery, Hammond, Robinson, Lethlean, Bamford, B Richardson, Bunyevich, Ronaldson, Cavey, Hogan (Reserves: Campbell, McKenzie) (Emerg: Walsh)
9 14? June Madigan, Walford, Robinson, G Smith, Beale, Dean, Deery, Chivers, Lethlean, Cassidy, B Richardson, J McDonald, F Bourke, Burgin, McLaren, Ronaldson, Hammond, Bamford, (Reserves from P McDonald, Goodson, Teague, Walsh, McKenzie)
10 June 26 Madigan, Walford, Hammond, Goodson, M Perry, Sheahan, Dearing (I think its Deery_, Chivers, Gowers, Gorman, B Richardson, Cassidy, Beale, Burgin, McLaren, Ronaldson, Robertson, Bamford, (Reserve Jdkinds, Teague, McDonald, Walsh)
11 July 10 Lienert, Walford, B Smith, Lethlean, Perry, Shannon, Deery, Chivers, bamford, Burgin, B Richardson, Cassidy, McLaren, Beale, Cavey, Ronaldson, Robinson, Hogan (Reserves Clark, Cliff, Judkins, Teague)
12 July 17 Madigan, Perry, B Smith, Robertson, Walford, Burgin, Bamford, Chivers, Deery, Cassidy, B Richardson, Lienert, Shanon, Beale, McLaren, Ronaldson, Hammond, Hogan (Reserves Lethlean, Judkin, Walsh, Cavey)
13 July 24 Cant find Reserves listings in the Friday The Age
14 July 31 . Madigan, Green, B Smith, Burgin, Walford, Jewell, Bamford, Chivers, Deery, Lienert, Robinson, Cassidy, Ronald, Lethlean, Teague, Patterson, Gahan, McLaren, (Reserves Goodson, Judkins, Cair, Clarke)
15 Aug 7 Madigan, Perry, Jewell, Burgin, Green, Gahan, McLaren, Deery, Bamford, Lienert, Robinson, Cassidy, Ronaldson, Walford, Teague, Patterson, Goodson, Bartlett, (Reserves Lethlean, Judkins, Beale)
16 Aug 14 Goodson, Gahan, Hammon, Jewell, Green, Burgin, Bamford, Deery, McLaren, Lienert, Robinson, Cassidy, Ronaldson, B Smith, Teague, Patterson, Perry, Bartlett (Reserve Judkins, Bastian) (Emerg Beale, Lethlean)
17 Aug 21 12.13 Carlton 11.10 Teague 4, Jewell 3, Judkins 1, Robinson 1, Brown 1, Beale 1 Madigan, Smith, Green, Burgin, Hammond, Goodson, McLaren, Deery, Brown, Cassidy, Robinson, Lienert, Ronaldson, Jewell, Judkins, Patterson, M.Perry, Teague, (Res: from Veale, Welshe, Campbell, Clarke) Best: Teague, Patterson, Madigan, Perry, Brown, Deery
18 Aug 28 Cant find Reserves listings in the Friday The Age