1969 Chronology


Sat 29
Glenelg play Richmond in a pre-season practice match.
As a result of the match, Richmond are forced to wear an all -blue guernsey.
Richmond 22. 21 def Glenelg 12.3
Kevin Bartlett is credited with 40 kicks, 5 goals. Bill Brown also kicked 5 goals.

Tues 23
A new Tiger skin is installed at the Richmond training room at the MCG, after the previous one was slashed after the Collingwood Preliminary Final (all that remained was a paw). Alan Schwab says the destroyed Tiger Skin was given to the club around 20 years earlier, and is valued at $1,000.
Ray Dunn donated this tiger skin which he received from Malaya in 1968. It is kept in Charlie Callander's possession until the day of the Grand Final.

Sat 27
Richmond wins their 9th Premiership