1976 Chronology

Mon 20
At the Truth Cazaly Awards, Kevin Sheedy is named 'Best Team Man'
Francis Bourke wins the Richmond 'Truth Cazaly' club award.

Tues. 23
Kevin Morris quits Richmond, in a letter addressed to secretary Alan Schwab.
'I am advising you that I will not be available to play for the Richmond Football Club or take part in any training from this date. I intend to make myself available to the North Melbourne Football Club should they be interested in acquiring my services. My future is the Homebush hotel, and it is good business for me to seek a clearance to the North Melbourne Football Club. I believe I have given loyal service for the full six years and trust that this service will justify the club giving me a clearance. I do not believe that it is in my best interests to continue playing with Richmond while conducting business in the North Melbourne area. I have been intensely loyal to Richmond. I have loved my involvement with a wonderful group of players. It is the hard truth these days that football clubs lament that undying loyalty to the club guernsey is not the strong bind it was in the past. I argue that the clubs, including Richmond, cannot any longer demand this unquestioning loyalty because of their own hardline dealing with their own and opposing players and coaches'