1978 Chronology

The League introduces two 'innovations' for the all day and night games from this season. When a ball touches the goal-post, the goal umpire will touch the nearest goalpost with his hand, and the Field Umpire will signal 'all clear'.
Two goal flags will be located on the right hand goal post, and one flag on the left hand goal post.

And, the 19th and 20th men were now interchange players. No interchange of players is permitted once the game commences without notifying the Steward. Change can take place during intervals, as long as the Interchange Steward is advised before play re-commences.

Sat 1
Reserves player Tom Templeton incorrectly exited the ground to interchange (he didn't exit through the gate, two lines 15 metres apart marked on the boundary line) and as such was not permitted to return.

Wed 19
Jack Titus, Richmond's greatest goalkicker, dies in the doorway of the Limerick Castle Hotel in Errol Street, after ejecting a patron from the hotel. Titus was 70

Mon 3
Alan Nooan (Essendon and Richmond), Royce Hart inducted into the VFL 200 Club, and receive a medallion, tie and certificate.

Sat 27
Rd 9 1978.
Wayne Walsh, strained knee ligaments, is replaced by Paul Feltham in the first quarter.

Sun 28
Kevin Bartlett misses a special squad training session at North for the Victorian selectors and coach Ron Barassi. He is ill. Barassi had asked players to submit a 300 word essay to him on why they should be selected for the Victorian side. 19 of the 21 players obliged.

Thurs 14
Barry Richardson is sacked as Richmond coach, at 2pm, by President Ian Wilson and General Manager Gareth Andrews.