2012 Chronology

2012 Chronology

Wed 5
At their Best and Fairest night, Richmond announce they have reached their target of $6 million for the Fighting Tiger Fund.

Monday 24
Jobe Watson is announced as the 2012 Brownlow Medallist.
However, due to a subsequent investigating into banned supplements at Essendon, he is stripped of the award on 15 November 2016.
As a result, Trent Cotchin and Sam Mitchell (26 votes each) are elevated as joint winners.
Cotchin joins Stan Judkins, Bill Morris, Roy Wright, Ian Stewart as Richmond Brownlow Medallists.

Fri 23
Trent Cotchin is appointed Richmond captain for the 2013 season.
He choose to keep wearing his No.9, thereby ending the brief tradition of the club of the captain wearing No.17