AFLW Best and Fairest

All players are given votes by the match committee following each game; one vote for playing their role and winning their position, two votes for winning their position and impacting the game and three votes for an outstanding game.

Richmond's inaugural AFLW season was in 2020.
The first Best and Fairest count was held on May 28, 2020 virtually through a Zoom conference due to Covid-19. The webinar was hosted by Tiff Cherry, and Akec Makur Chuot. Guest speakers through webcam included Peggy O'Neal, Tom Hunter, Katie Brennan.
The 2021 B+ F count was held at The Park, Albert Park. The 2022 B+F count held at Plaza Ballroom.

In 2022 Season 7, Monique Conti became the first Richmond player to win 4 consecutive B+Fs in the one grade since Jack Dyer (1937-1940). By including her 2019 Richmond VFLW B+F she is our only player to ever win 5 consecutive B+Fs across the grades.

2020-2022: Votes were given out from 1 - 5, from all 6 members of selection committee.

2020 1st Monique Conti 25
2nd Phoebe Monahan 22
3rd Gabby Seymour 18
=4th Christina Bernardi, Grace Campbell, Kodi Jacques
2021 1st Monique Conti 16
=2nd Katie Brennan + Ellie McKenzie 15
4th Harriet Cordner 14
5th Bec Miller 13
6th Gabby Semour 12
=7th Sarah Hosking + Sarah D'Arcy 10
9th Maddy Brancatisano 7
10th Courtney Wakefield + Tayla Stahl + Iilish Ross 6
2022 1st Monique Conti 23
2nd Bec Miller 17
3rd Gabby Seymour 16
4th Katie Brennan 15
= 5th Tessa Lavey, Sarah Hosking, Jess Hosking 11
= 8th Maddy Brancatisano, Kate Dempsey 8
= 10th Maddie Shevlin, Ellie McKenzie, Sarah D’Arcy, Bethany Lynch 7
2022 Season 7 1st Monique Conti 30
2nd Eilish Sheerin 26
3rd Gabby Seymour 24
4th Ellie McKenzie 22
5th Grace Egan 21
6th Courtney Wakefield 17
7th Sarah Hocking 14
8th Katelyn Cox 13
=9th Jess Hosking, Tessa Lavey, Kate Dempsey, Laura McClelland 12
2023 1st Monique Conti 23
2nd Ellish Sheerin 21
3rd Kate Dempsey 20
4th Katie Brennan 18
5th Grace Egan 16
6th Gabby Seymour 13
7th Bethany Lynch 12
=8th Caitlin Greiser, Laura McClelland 10
=10th Emelia Yassir, Katelyn Cox, Libby Graham, Bec Miller 9