Bill Mahoney

Full Name: Bill Mahoney
Date of Birth: 01/01/1885
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Guernsey: 10/20
Debut: 02/05/1908, Round 1, Melbourne
Last Game: 28/08/1920, Round 17, St Kilda

Seasons: 1908-11, 1913-15, 1920
Total Games: 114
Total Goals: 53

William was a rover. He had to overcome a bout of rheumatism in order to play league football. After his early setback, he developed into a gritty, agile player with superb balance and dash. He had the uncanny ability of bouncing straight back onto his feet after he was knocked over. He also had the stamina and skills to rove all day. He was originally discarded by Geelong, because they believed he was too light. After leaving Geelong he spent two years with St.Kilda before moving to Richmond who were in the VFA. He then went on to become the first Richmond player to reach 100 VFL games and he achieved this feat in Round 15 of 1914 .
After the 1911 season he went to reside in Port Adelaide and was granted a permit on April 10 1912 to play with them for the season.
At one point there was a warrant out for his arrest for wife desertion.
When he returned to Richmond for the 1913 season he was "rollicking fat, and will need plenty of solid work to get down to playing conditions".

"He is compactly built and uses great judgement in passing. He is an expert exponent of the stab kick, and can, it is said, stay out four quarters on the ball".
William died in 1939.

Barwon Juniors 1901, 1903 ; Geelong 1902, Games 17, Goals 11 ; St Kilda 1904-05, Games 17, Goals 9 ; Richmond VFA 1906-07.

Port Adelaide 1912, Games 10, Goals 7 ;
Richmond Districts 1920.