Dan Minogue

Date of Birth: 04/09/1891
Height: 183 cm ( 6-0 )
Weight: 92 kg ( 14-7 )
Guernsey: 1
Debut: 01/05/1920, Round 1, Fitzroy
Last Game: 13/06/1925, Round 7, Carlton

Seasons: 1920-25
Total Games: 94
Total Goals: 38

Honours: Premiership 1920-21, Captain/Coach 1920-25, Best & Fairest 1920.


RICHMOND 1920-25, Games 105, Won 59, Drew 1, Lost 45 Finals 8, Won 6, Lost 2 Premierships 2

Hawthorn 1926-27, Games 36, Won 4, Drew 1, Lost 31
Carlton 1929-34, Games 117, Won 85, Lost 32 Finals 12, Won 3, Lost 9
St Kilda 1935-37, Games 54, Won 30, Lost 24
Fitzroy 1940-41, Games 51, Won 25, Lost 26

Total Games:
Total Goals:


Dan was a ruckman and centre-half-back who started his football career in the Bendigo area. Originally a miner, he decided to concentrate on playing football after a 25 metre fall down a mineshaft in Bendigo. After one season with California Gully, in the Bendigo League, he was recruited to Collingwood. He made his debut against Richmond in Round 1 of 1911 and was performing well until he broke his collarbone courtesy of a bump from Bill Schmidt. In the Grand Final of 1911 he suffered another broken collarbone in the opening minutes against Essendon. He was forced to prop in the forward-pocket for the remainder of the game as there were no reserve players then. Despite being in tremendous pain, he managed to kick one goal after taking a one-handed mark.
He was a strong, hard player who was never reported during his league career. He played the game fairly and was a very talented player. He was a strong mark and always used his body well to gain the best position in rucking and marking contests. Never blessed with great pace he overcame this with great anticipation and by using his well developed football brain. He was also one of the finest exponents of handball in his era. He quickly adapted to the pace of VFL football and three years after joining Collingwood he was elected captain. He held this position for three seasons before joining the A.I.F and going overseas to fight in World War 1. He served in the A.I.F as a gunner between 1916 and 1919 and whilst overseas he won the heavyweight boxing title for his regiment and the ship he sailed to war on. He also played in the famous services’ match, in London, in 1917.
He was a man of strong principles and when he returned to Melbourne after the war he fell out with Collingwood over their treatment of one of his former teammates, Jim Sadler. He stood out of football in 1919 and crossed to Richmond in 1920. As a result his photograph at Collingwood was turned around to face the wall and he didn’t return to that club again until the 1950’s. Whilst in the A.I.F, he struck up a friendship with the great Tiger ruckman, Hugh James, and this is another reason why he chose Richmond. Dan was a player who led by example and he will always be remembered as the man who started Richmond on the road to Premiership success. He coached Richmond between 1920 and 1925 leading the club to Premierships in 1920 and 1921 and runners-up in 1924. He also won the club Best and Fairest in 1920. As a coach, he was a popular figure amongst his teammates; very cool in a crisis and not afraid to move players about. He was also very shrewd and didn’t suffer fools gladly.
After leaving Richmond, he coached Hawthorn for two seasons and Tasmanian club Newtown for one season. He then coached Carlton for six seasons which included finishing runners-up to Richmond in the closely fought 1932 Grand Final. He coached St.Kilda for three seasons, finally finishing with two seasons at Fitzroy. He coached in a total of 363 VFL games for 203 wins and two draws. His overall winning ratio was 55%. He later became the first players advocate at the VFL Tribunal and he was one of the first former players to become involved in the issues regarding players rights. Dan was a Life Member of the VFL and he died in 1961. In 1996, he was inducted into the AFL’s Hall of Fame.

St Killians Bendigo 1908-09 ( Honours - Premiership 1909 ) ; California Gully 1910, Games 14, Goals 9 ( Honours - League Representative Team Games 1 ; Collingwood 1911-16, Games 84, Goals 37 ( Honours - Captain 1914-16 ).

Hawthorn Coach 1926-27, Games 1, Goals 2 ; Newtown Captain/Coach 1928, Games 15 (7 wins, 8 losses, 1 draw), Goals 16 ; Carlton Coach 1929-34 ; St Kilda 1935-37 ; Fitzroy Coach 1940-41.

Rd 14 1921