George Beachcroft

Full Name: George Richard Peckham-Beachcroft
Date of Birth: 1871
Death: 24 June, 1941

1902 Premiership Secretary
1905 Premiership Secretary
1906 Richmond Life Member
 He served as Richmond's club secretary from 1900 until March 23, 1906, where he resigned due to ill-health, having two months earlier being injured in the Gembrook Railway accident Association (VFA). During his tenure the club won the VFA premierships of 1902 and 1905. With the club then in the Victorian Football League (VFL), the election of Jack Archer's reform group saw Beachcroft return to Richmond, once again as club secretary, for one season in 1912. He was also secretary of the Melbourne Football Club for one season, in 1907.
He was made a life member of the Richmond Football Club in 1906.

Beachcroft was also a founding member of the Richmond Rowing Club and a general secretary of the Victorian Junior Cricket Association.