Graeme Robertson

Date of Birth: 25/09/1952
Height: 197 cm ( 6-5 1/2 )
Weight: 86 kg ( 13-8 )
Guernsey: 24
Debut: 29/05/1976, Round 9, South Melbourne
Last Game: 08/08/1981, Round 19, St Kilda

Seasons: 1976-77, 1979, 1981
Total Games: 51
Total Goals: 1


Seasons: 1976-77, 1979-81
Total Games: 30
Total Goals: 5


Graeme played his senior football in defence. He was a steady player who was reliable and very mobile for his size. He was easy to recognise on a football ground due to the fact that he always wore a crew cut. He originally started his career with Bendigo League from Kangaroo Flat before moving to Carlton, in 1971. He spent five seasons with Carlton mainly in the reserves, before crossing to Richmond in 1976. In one of his early senior games for Carlton against Collingwood at Victoria Park, he was photographed while being used as a step ladder by Bill Picken as he took a spectacular one handed mark.
Graeme spent four seasons with Richmond which was punctuated by one season with West Adelaide. He had a tough disposition and in a game against North Melbourne in the late 1970s he was legitimately shirt fronted and knocked out by current Channel 7 commentator Ross Glendenning. Graeme recovered and continued on without shirking the issue. After leaving Richmond, he spent three seasons with Port Adelaide before returning to Melbourne. Graeme now lives in the northern suburbs and works as a manager with an eastern suburbs printing company. He is the brother-in-law of Jimmy Jess.

Kangaroo Flat U/18 1967-68, Games 18 ; Kangaroo Flat Seniors , Games 3 ; Carlton Thirds 1971, Games 5, Goals 0 ; Carlton Reserves 1971-75, Games 76, Goals 67 ; Carlton Seniors 1974-75, Games 9, Goals 2.

West Adelaide 1978, Games 16, Goals 0 ; Port Adelaide 1982-84, Games 25, Goals 1 ; Diggers Rest 1987-88, Games 22, Goals 24.

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