Jack Stewart

Full Name: John James "Jack" Stewart
Date of Birth: 1860/1861
Death: 2 September 1940, Mont Park

RFC Assistant Secretary 1895.
RFC Life Member 1895
RFC Secretary 1896-1898.
RFC Committee: 1886-1896, and 1901-04, and 06-11

Known as "Bosco" Stewart, he played from 1885-1893, and 1895 for 125 games and 2 goals.
During his 10 years as a player he was also a member of the RFC Committee, and rejoined the committee during the club's successful 1901-1904 period, and then from 1906-1911 when the club transitioned into the League.
He was also secretary of the club for 3 season. In total his contribution at Richmond was 24 years consecutively

In 1895 he became just the third recipient of the Life Membership at Richmond.
His brother William "Ginger" "Fatty" Stewart played 75 games from 1887-1893 and 1897, and his son Len Stewart was a handy cricketer.