Jack Titus

Date of Birth: 09/03/1908
Height: 175 cm ( 5-9 )
Weight: 66 kg ( 10-5 )
Guernsey: 12
Debut: 17/07/1926, Round 12, South Melbourne
Last Game: 21/08/1943, Round 15, Melbourne

Seasons: 1927-43
Total Games: 294
Total Goals: 970

Honours: Premiership 1932, 1934, Best & Fairest 1929, 1941, Club Leading Goalkicker 1929 Goals 54, 1930 Goals 50, 1934 Goals 80, 1935 Goals 83, 1936 Goals 84, 1937 Equal Goals 65, 1938 Goals 72, 1939 Goals 48, 1940 Goals 100, 1941 Goals 87, 1942 Goals 67, VFL Leading Goalkicker 1940 Goals 100, Victorian Representative Team 1929-34, 1936 Games 14 Goals 46, RFC Hall of Fame 2002 ( Posthumous ), AFL Hall of Fame 1996, Richmond Team of Century .

RICHMOND SENIOR COACH 1937,1941,1965 ( PART ) Games 17, Wins 11, Losses 6.

Total Games:
Total Goals:


Jack was a full-forward who came to Richmond as a half-forward-flanker. He was recruited from Burnley to the Richmond Reserves in 1925. He was in and out of the senior team for several seasons until finally gaining a permanent position in 1929. He won the Reserves Best and Fairest in 1928 and later went on to win the Seniors award in 1929 and 1941. Nicknamed "Skinny" Jack was as game as they came. He was tough, durable and often gave opposition back man plenty of cheek. He was also a very annoying type of player who perfected the art of spitting on opponent's boots in order to put them off their game. He often met with strong-arm tactics from opposing defences, however he came out relatively unscathed. The fact that he held the VFL/AFL record for 52 years for the most consecutive games, 204 without a miss is testimony to his ability to shake off injuries. He went from Round 4 of 1933 until Round 14 of 1943 without missing a game.
Jack had a good turn of speed, led well and had the ability to twist and turn out of trouble with ease. He was dangerous around goals particularly with his ability to snap goals from all angles. He was also a quick player and a magnificent drop kick. He won the club Goal kicking award at record 11 times, including 1940 when he won the VFL Goal kicking award. He was also the first Richmond player to kick 100 goals in a season. He scored 8 goals or more on 19 occasions with his highest individual tallies being 10 against Footscray in 1936 and 1941, Hawthorn in 1941 and Collingwood in 1942. No Richmond player has kicked more goals that he did. He also hold the club record for the most goals kicked in a Finals games 74, as well as having the second highest tally of Finals games 24. He represented Victoria 14 times and kicked 46 goals, and was a member of the 1932 and 1934 Premiership sides and the 1928, 1929, 1931, 1933, 1940 and 1941 Grand Final sides. He was best-on-ground and kicked 6 goals in the 1934 Grand Final against South Melbourne. He once filled in for the Reserves in 1947 when they were short and kicked 12 goals. He is currently ninth of the all-time Australian Senior Goalkicking table with a total of 1159 goals. His career tally stands at 1217. He crossed to Coburg in 1945 and kicked 119 goals to win their Club Goal kicking award before retiring early in 1946. He then returned to Richmond as an official. Jack was never seen without having his trademark bow tie.
He dedicated most of his life to the Tigers and after retirement he served on the Selection Committee between 1944 and 1977. He was Vice President between 1970 and 1977. His only coaching appointment came when he assisted Dick Harris with the senior coaching duties after Len Smith resigned due to ill health during the 1965 season. Jack was awarded Life Membership in 1935 and was vice captain in 1936. He also served as a VFL Delegate and was awarded VFL Life Membership in 1970. In 1977 he was the first recipient of the VFL Recognition of Service award. He died in 1978 shortly after he had been involved in an altercation at his North Melbourne hotel. A non-drinker and non-smoker he spent most of his life running or working hotels. His services to football have since been recognised with the AFL/VFL now awarding the "Jack Titus Award" for persons who give outstanding service to football. The Richmond Football Club also awards the player who comes second in the Club Best and Fairest award the "Jack Titus Medal". In 1996 he was inducted into the AFL's Hall of Fame.

Burnley 1923-24.

Coburg 1945-46, Games 23, Goals 139 ( Leading Goalkicker 1945 Goals 119 ).

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