Maurie Fleming

Full Name: James Maurice "Maurie" Fleming
Date of Birth:
Death: 6 October , 1980

RFC Vice President 1938
RFC Secretary 1940 - 1954
RFC President 1958 - 1963
RFC Patron 1964 - 1980
Life Member 1942

Fleming was a significant figure during the decades of 1940s, 50s, and 60s.
Along with Jack Dyer, and Harry Dyke, the three formed a formidable trio whose passion and interest in the club's success was unwavering. He was secretary of the club for the 1943 Premiership.

Nicknamed "The Prince of Secretaries", Fleming helped signed Polly Perkins, Havel Rowe, Les Flintoff, Neville Crowe, Bill Barrot, and acquired the permit needed from Caulfield Oakleigh District League for Kevin Bartlett to sign with Richmond.
In 1951 when Richmond were going to trade Roy Wright, Fleming stepped in and said he would resign if the trade went ahead. "That's the only reason I stayed", Wright remembered in Richmond FC book.

A 1951 article, (republished here), documented his early life and some of his contribution to Richmond and said he worked 7 days a week, 50 weeks a year.

In 1959, whilst in office with Richmond, he received an OAM for services to charity.
Fleming's total service with Richmond lasted from 1938 to 1980, some 42 years.
For his service, the club bestows 3rd place in the Best and Fairest the Maurie Fleming Medal.