Robert Wiley

Date of Birth: 24/03/1955
Height: 178 cm ( 5-10 )
Weight: 80 kg ( 12-8 )
Guernsey: 2
Debut: 07/04/1979, Round 1, South Melbourne
Last Game: 27/08/1983, Round 22, Fitzroy

Seasons: 1979-83
Total Games: 95
Total Goals: 127

Honours: Premiership 1980, Victorian Representative Team 1981-82 Games 2 Goals 6.

Seasons: 1979
Total Games: 3
Total Goals: 3


Robert was a champion rover, and ruck-rover. Recruited from Perth, he won that club’s Best and Fairest award a record seven times in seven seasons. This record was only punctuated by his time at Richmond. He also ran third in the “Sandover Medal” count in 1977 and 1978. He represented Western Australia 13 times and was selected in the All-Australian team in 1984 and 1986. He joined Richmond in 1979 and initially struggled with form and injury; however, once he settled down he proved himself as a true champion. He was a player who had the knack of being able to turn his body into the path of opposition players, when near the ball, in order to draw free kicks. A very skilful player, he was a magnificent pass and very dangerous near goal. He had great anticipation and kicked well with both feet. He was well balanced and had magnificent evasive skills. He would often give opponents the impression he was falling, before twisting the other way to evade a tackle.
He was a member of Richmond’s 1980 Premiership and 1982 Grand Final teams. He ran second in Richmond’s 1980 and 1981 Best and Fairest awards and third in 1982. His highest individual goal tally was 7 against Essendon in Round 3 of 1982 and he also scored 5 against Fitzroy in Round 12 of the same season. He returned to Perth in 1984 and later played with the West Coast Eagles during their first season in the VFL. Over recent seasons, he has been involved with the Eagles as a runner and selector. Away from football he is a schoolteacher.

Manning to 1974 ; Perth 1975-78 ( Honours - Best & Fairest 1975-78, Club Leading Goalkicker 1976 Goals 67, 1977 Goals 81 ).

Perth 1984-89, Games 178 including 1975-78, Goals 381 including 1975-78 ( Honours - Best & Fairest 1984-86, Captain/Coach 1988, Coach 1989, West Australian Representative Team Games 13 including 1975-78, All-Australian Team 1984, 1986 ) ; West Coast Eagles 1987, Games 18, Goals 24.

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