1908 Chronology

1908 Richmond Chronology

Position: Ninth (2nd last)
Won 6, Lost 12, For 940, Against 1275.
Captain: Charles Pannam
Vice Captain: Jack Hardiman
Coach: Dick Condon
Leading Goal Kicker: William Bourke (25)
Revenue: 886pounds 12s. 1d. Credit Balance: 20pounds 0s. 4d.
Membership: 1,200 (approx.)

Fri. 24 The Citizens Committee organise a Moonlight Concert in the City Reserve. A crowd of 2,000 attend and monies raised are intended to go towards enlarging and improving the RCG.

Thursday 5
Richmond decide its colours for the coming season (its first in the League) will "be the same as that which the team played in the semi-final match last season, with white knickers"

Fri. 6
Beverley decides to play at the RCG due to the support promised it by Richmond if it played under their wing.

Fri 13
At the Richmond AGM, Dunning presents the club with a large photograph of VFA star Jack Hutchinson and of VFA/VFL official Andrew Manzie.

Wed. 18
Richmond informs the League that its colours are a black and yellow striped jersey, white knickers, black hose and a yellow and black striped cap.

Fri. 20
Richmond’s committee resolves that, “... at future meetings (they will) draw up a code of rules.”

The Melbourne City Council blocks the enlargement of the RCG, but, embankments are built on low lying areas, and two brick enclosed turnstiles, one outer (Punt Road) and one reserve (Park), are constructed. It is to be regretted that the club's modest request to be permitted to take in on the south side a few perches of ground at present unused was not granted, for the little addition to the playing area would have given players elbow room enough to play the game comfortably. Why the Parks and Gardens committee refused the trifling concession is inexplicable. (The Australasian 25 April 1908)

Sat 4
Richmond (14 goals) def Beverley (4 goals) at the Richmond City Reserve. Dick Condon is playing coach.

Sat. 11
Former Richmond player “Mallee” Johnson plays for the Police in a practice match against Richmond.
Richmond (10.18.78) def Police (3 .9.27) at the Richmond City Reserve.
The team is selected on the ground at 2.15 prior to the 3pm start
The match was organise between the club and Constable A. J Curran, who was secretary of the recently formed Police FC (MB March 1908). Richmond President George Henry Bennett was a patron of that club.

Sat 18
Richmond (15.26.116) def Sth Yarra (1.4.10) at Richmond Cricket Ground.
Goals: Carter (4), Heaney (3), Lang, Ryan, Johnson, Mahoney, Bowden, Pannam, Price, Condon, W Bourke
Players include R Condon, C Pannam, J Hardiman, W Mahoney, L Bourke (centre; Ballarat), T Price (half forward; Abbotsford), W Bourke (rover; Collingwood Traders), W Lane, T Heaney, Hill (Melbourne), T Johnson (halfback, Lancefield and Carlton), A Johnson (forward; Cheltenham), Olsen (Rose of Northcote, rover), Coles (local junior), D Chapman (14st back man Dromana), E Ryan (Footscray Juniors follower), M Carter (Balmain), Lang, Bowden,

Mon 20
New Players (10.13.73) def Old Players (3.13.31) on the Richmond Cricket Ground.
Pannam captains the New Players, Hardiman the Old Players.

Sat 25
Richmond (10.16.76) def Leopold (3.8.26) at the Richmond Cricket Ground.
Goals: Condon (2), Lacey, Carter , O'Connell, Burns, A Johnson, E. Ryan, Heaney, Chessell

Mon 27
Richmond (7 goals) def Footscray Jnrs (4 goals).
Eight Hours Day - Richmond Cricket Ground

Thur 30
Charlie Pannam elected captain and Jack Hardiman elected vice captain, at the player's meeting.

Friday 1
An application for a temporary liquor licence to sell liquor at the Richmond Cricket Ground was submitted by Jane Carpenter, of the Gloucester Hotel, Hoddle-Street Collingwood to the District Court. Objecting the proposal was the Rev W Y Blackwell (235-239 Punt Road), Mrs M Gilmore (Millar Street), and Mr G H Cassidy (22 Millar Street) on the grounds that the licence was not required and that the quiet of the neighbourhood would be disturbed were it granted. It was agreed to temporarily allow a licence just for the Round 1 match, and any ongoing licence to be discussed on the Licensing Court on May 18th.

Saturday. 2
Richmond 8-14 (62) defeats Melbourne 7-9 (51).
The RCG is filled by 8,000 to 9,000 spectators for Richmond’s first League match.
Prior to the game Melbourne’s players give Richmond three cheers and Richmond respond in kind.
At the start of the first quarter Bill Bourke kicks Richmond's first behind in League football.
During the second quarter Billy Schmidt marks and kicks a place kick for Richmond’s first goal in a League game. Heaney kicks Richmond's second goal in League football.
Richmond’s first League game is played on the exact 23rd anniversary of its first Association game.
The ground is described as 'hard as a macadamised road'.
Richmond "found difficulty in forgetting the association practice of not kicking the ball in the ruck and were to some extent handicapped by it". (The Argus May 4 1908)
Punch newspaper call Richmond 'the Zebras', because of their striped guernsey (though further in the article they reference the striped Tigers). Messrs Aitken and Amos Norcott of the League and Melbourne congratulated the club on its elevation into the League. President George Bennett responded.
Some members were unable to purchase a membership ticket at the game (it seems the club ran out of them). More were printed in time for the Round 2 match.

Saturday 9
University 14.10.90 def Richmond 12.4.76
Richmond's first loss in the VFL. Richmond's first League game at East Melbourne .
Both teams were admitted into the League this year.
Richmond's second highest score of the year.
At half time a combined total of 17 goals and just 4 behinds were kicked.
Advertisement for the game

Saturday 16
Fitzroy 11.14.80 def Richmond 7.13.55
Crowd: 8000 (approx)

The first quarter ended 5 minutes earlier than intended due to a misunderstanding by the timekeepers
Down by 5 points at three-quarter time , Richmond allowed in three goals in seven minutes. Both The Argus and The Age report that Richmond players crowded the ball too much, particularly in the ruck.
Supporters of both teams cheered Bill Lang during the game for his high marking, general ruck work, and all round brilliance.

The Argus notes that Dick Condon and Charlie Pannam have impressed upon Richmond a more open style play of football (like during their time at Collingwood), rather than the club's previous close-packing style in the Association.

Best player: Lang (The Argus, The Age)

Secretary Andrew Manzie reports that 1,300 Richmond membership tickets printed have all been sold out.

The Richmond Temperance Committee hold an open air meeting off Swan-street objecting against the granting of a liquor licence on the Richmond football ground. A motion moved by Mr. Marion, and seconded by Rev. F. Clements, was carried:—
That this meeting enters its emphatic protest against the action of the Richmond cricket ground authorities in permitting liquor to be sold upon its ground, as the presence of a bar will be the means to creating drunkenness and disorderly scenes, thereby being a source of temptation to the weak, and interfere with the happiness of thousands who attend the various contests. It strongly supports the agitation against the granting of the licence, and sincerely hopes that the Licensing Court will, in the interests of the community, refuse the licence.

Monday 18
An application for a temporary liquor licence to sell liquor at the Richmond Cricket Ground was submitted by Jane Carpenter, of the Gloucester Hotel, Hoddle-Street Collingwood to the Licensing Court. Objections were from the three people mentioned in May 1 entry ( a Reverend and two residents), as well as 762 signees of a petition.
Mr George Kemp said at Rd 1 and Rd 3 matches at Punt Road he saw a number of men drunk near the bar. He also saw boys of from 6 years upwards draining the glasses on the counter. On Saturday last no pass-out checks were issued, and the crowd resented this, and carried the gates off their hinges. He saw two policemen having a drink at the bar. (The Argus).
Edward J King of Rowena-parade said he saw 12 boys hanging round the booth, and quite a number of men drunk around the booth, and decidedly disorderly. (The Argus).
James Alexander Marriott said he saw a man carrying a little baby, and so drunk that he could not look after it. (The Argus).
Henry T. W. Stilwell, vice-president of the Richmond Cricket Club, argued that in his opinion a licenced bar at football matches was a public convenience.
Robert Anderson, secretary of the club, said he saw no disorder at matches. The club would not benefit to any material extent by the granting of the licence. The decision not to issue pass-out checks was a result of the abuses of last season, and was in no way connected with the bar licence.
Sergeant Hede and Constable Booth testified that the crowd at previous matches was fairly orderly, there being only the usual few scrimmages.
Judge Moule did not think the application should be granted, however did not give a reason. Mr. Dwyer thought the licence should be granted. Of course there were always scrimmages when a man ventured his opinion, and it was a wise man who kept his mouth shut. The same privilege was granted to other clubs. Mr. Cresswell concurred, and the licence was granted.

Saturday 23
Essendon 11.16.82 def Richmond 6.9.45
Scores were level at half time.
"After the interval the pace began to tell, and the Richmond men , not yet accustomed to the fast going of League football from start to finish, shot their bolt" The Age.
Bill Bourke's shot for goal in the first quarter fell short and 'was knocked between the posts'. (The Age). One of the first, if not the first recorded 'rushed behind' in a Richmond league match.
Richmond kicked 3.6 after quarter time. All goals for Richmond after quarter time were kicked by Bill Bourke.
Dick Condon captains Richmond against Essendon because Charlie Pannam and Jack Hardiman are out of the team through injury. Richmond were also without Bill Lang and Tom Heaney. Condon moved himself into the rover position during the game with the crowd yelling 'Condon' . "The ex-champion was in his old position roving, and he was in his element. The ball never seemed to leave his possession - when it did it shot straight from his boot into a comrade's arms.' (The Age)
Richmond were penalised many times during the match for hanging on to their opponents, a tactic often ignored by Association umpires. (The Argus)
Best Player: Condon (The Argus)

Advertisement for the game

Saturday 30
Richmond 8.17.65 def Geelong 8.11.59

The Weekly Times photographer shoots both teams before the match. It is the club’s first known photo as a League team. There are 21 players in the photo, including 3 members who don't play that day - Ryan, Pemberton, and Stainer.

Richmond defeats Geelong for the first time ever in a premiership match (Association or League) after 11 losses.
Richmond won despite playing without Ivor Lawson in the third quarter. Lawson was being treated for an injury sustained in a second quarter collision with Len Incigneri, and returned in the last quarter.
Richmond kick 4 goals in 4-6 minutes in the last quarter.
Richmond crowded the game from the second quarter onwards on the small ground. Geelong rallied in final ten minutes of the game 'came as a relief after a good deal of monotonous play'.
"Still Richmond deserved to win. Their play was cleaner and better than Geelong and they acted with greater unison and effect"
Heaney 'fairly electrified the crowd by the several fine marks he made over the heads of many players', and old-timers had not seen such a display of marking since Jack Kerley for Geelong in the 1880s.
Peter Burns, the champion ex-Geelong player said he had never seen finer high marking than that of Heaney
Punch says 'The Tigers is not only an appropriate name for Yellow and Black, but certainly applies to any team that can show the finish that Richmond did on this occasion'
The Argus suggests there is a 'distinct down-hill on the Richmond Cricket ground'.
Best Player: Heaney (The Argus, The Age, Geelong Advertiser)
Heaney would not play for the next 9 games after contracting pleurisy and pneumonia. He recuperates in St Vincent's Hospital.

Advertisement for the game

Saturday 6
Collingwood 12.7.79 def Richmond 9.10.64 at Victoria Park.

A Richmond Guardian columnist criticises the RCG scoreboard because it doesn’t show the total points, only the goals and behinds kicked.
The Richmond team is photographed prior to the match against Collingwood
Photos from the game appear in The Australasian
At one point, Collingwood led as much as 40 points.
The committee host a dinner at Richmond House, Swan Street, after the match.
The Argus: Luff and Mahoney 'two players standing out prominently'

Monday 8
Sth Melbourne 11.11.77 def Richmond 9.9.63 at Punt Road.

Richmond's first Monday game. Crowd approximately 15,000. Gate takings 173 pounds
Hardiman captained in continued absence of Pannam (leg).
Schmidt kicks all his 3 goals in the last quarter.
Umpire Boyle was criticised in The Age; "when Goddard scored South's seventh goal, Neill (sic) was very badly handled, and certainly earned a couple of free kicks. On coming off the field Boyle met with a rather warm reception"
At half time, a Sth Melbourne girl standing near the goal post has her handbag stolen containing 2 pound, a gold ring and papers.
In separate incident, Frank F. Steward was charged in Richmond court for using indecent language towards the gatekeeper after entering the arena at three-quarter time (the gates were opened for free that break). He said he had too much whiskey and is fined 10s and 24hr imprisonment.
Old VFA players attend the match.

Friday 12
The Herald reports that Richmond secretary Andrew Manzie has received numerous letters over the week from members congratulating the team for the fine games played by them so far in the VFL. (The club would lose by 88 points the following day).

Saturday 13
Carlton 17.13.115 def Richmond 2.15.27, Princess Park.
Richmond field a weak team due to 'illness and accidents'.
Carlton cheer Richmond as they make their way out
Richmond loses to Carlton by 88 points. The margin is Richmond’s greatest loss (Association and League) under the points system introduced in 1897.
Barker and Olson kick the only goals for Richmond. Richmond are goalless in the second and third quarter.
Advertisement for the match.
Toss: Lost.

Sat. 20
StKilda 9.5.59 def Richmond 3.15.33
Richmond’s captain Charlie Pannam returns to the team.
Richmond only have two goal kickers , Condon (2) and Pannam (3)
The Richmond Guardian states that the RCG is popularly known as “the saucer” due to its diminutive size.
“Old Player” in The Richmond Guardian criticises the Richmond players for not keeping their places.
- Richmond receives a cheer from the StKilda players as they take the field, and Richmond respond in same.
It is the first time the two teams have played.
This is the last game Bill Lang will play for Richmond for this year. He turns his focus to training to box for the heavyweight title of the world.
Dick Condon received a cut over the eye from a errant boot. He is treated by a Dr. Schlesinger and retires hurt in the last quarter.
A team photo from the day exists

Sat. 27
Richmond plays its first League game at the MCG. Melbourne 11-16 (82) defeats Richmond 1-6 (12).
Herbert Hill is disqualified for two matches for striking Wally Sykes, a Melbourne player and a former Richmond team mate. Hill is the first registered Richmond player to be disqualified by the VFL.
A team photo exists from the match. (It often is erroneously labelled as being taken at Punt Road)

Sat. 11
Ted Ohlson is knocked-out in the second quarter against Fitzroy. Some supporters believe The Argus writer “Observer” is responsible because his recent accusation that Ohlson was rough may have made Ted a “marked man”.

Sat. 18
William Mahoney is presented with a silver hot water kettle at the half-time interval of Richmond’s home match against Essendon. It was “... on behalf of the lady members of the club, for his manly and gentlemanly conduct on and off the field.”

Sat. 8
Richmond suffers its largest ever (Association and League) defeat. It loses to South Melbourne by 92 points.
Thr. 13
An Overflow Concert is held on behalf of Tom Heaney. Tom was hospitalised in June with pleurisy and pneumonia.

Sat. 15
New Zealand’s football team are led onto the RCG and cheered at half-time of Richmond’s game against Carlton.
The New Zealanders had been using the RCG as its training base for the first Australasian Football Carnival. Dick Condon coached the New Zealanders.
Richmond’s new scoreboard has its debut. Total points are recorded and it is high enough to be seen all over the ground.

Wed. 19
Richmond Tradesmen defeats Footscray Tradesmen at Victoria Park to win the Wednesday Junior Association premiership.

Fri. 21
Bill Luff, Richmond’s representative in Victoria’s carnival squad, becomes the first Richmond player to represent the League. Bill will play in all three of Victoria’s games and thus help the Vics win the competition.

Sat. 22
Richmond official and former Beverley player Jack Archer plays for the Bevs. He will also play the following week.

Thr. 3
Current Richmond player Bill Lang (Lan Franchi) fights Tommy Burns for boxing’s World Heavyweight Championship at South Melbourne. He knocks down Burns in the second round with a left hook, but Bill recovered before the 10 count. Burns then knocked-out Lang in the sixth round.

Sat. 5
Richmond’s score of 16-11 (107) against St. Kilda at the RCG marks the first time Richmond scored over 100 points in a League game.
Richmond adds 8-4 (52) in the final quarter. It is the greatest total for a quarter that the club has yet kicked in League football and equal second overall.
Charlie Pannam kicks six goals. The greatest number yet by a Richmond player since the club entered the League.
Stones are thrown at some St. Kilda players and one struck Joe Prince in the face.

Tue. 8
Richmond’s long-serving president George H. Bennett dies. He had been president since 1887.

Fri. 11
The lady members treat Richmond’s players to a social at the Town Hall. Frank Tudor presents a football mounted on a stand to Mr Stewart (who was acting on behalf of Jack Hutchinson) for 1907 goalkicking. Hutchinson was in Bendigo with his team Footscray.