1930 Reserves

1930 Seconds scores

Played: 18
Won: 12
Lost: 6
Position: Fourth

Players: (tallied from below)
S Baker (18), R Bartim (1), G Bayliss (3), Beare (13), Bol (1), R Buchanan (2), Churchill (1), H Collins (5), Condon (3), E Cusack (16), G Dean (8), T Dunne (5), R Empey (14), Everett (1), R Galpin (2), D Goodson (11), Griffiths (3), D Harris (6), Haw (4), Judkins (3), Lane 1, L Langdon (18), J Large (16), Latham (1), Layton (1), T Leather (16), Lethlain (1), W Luff (9), Lunn (5), D Lynch (4), Martin (16), D McGuire (17), Oakley (2), S Ogden (7), J O'Halloran (6), L Oprey (3), J Park (3), J Payne (13), V Rice (10), Risstrom (5), T Roe (11), Rosson (1), R Saunders (17), C Street (10), A Thorogood (6), Trevellyn (6), L Wigraft (11), Woods (16), E Zschech (12)

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Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
Rd 1 May 3 W16 16.16.112 Collingwood 14.12.96 Vic Park (Best: Wigraft, Judkins, Luff, Ogden, Street) Galpin, Oprey.
Rd 2 May 10 L64 12.12.84 Carlton 22.18.150 Punt Road Galpin, Layton, Beare, Trevellyn, Saunders, Griffiths or Condon, RIce, Roe, Cusack or Payne, Rosson, Goodson, McGuire, Ogden, Luff, Oprey, Langdon, Buchanan, Baker. Richmond's 1929 pennant is unfurled by Mrs H.L Roberts wife of club president.
Rd 3 May 17 L88 9.9.63 Ess 22.19.151 Essendon Luff (1), Buckanan (3), Oprey (1), Goodson (1). (Best: McGuire, Luff, Langdon, Thorogood, Latham, Oprey)
Rd 4 May 24 W3 12.16.84 Footscray 12.13.81 Punt Road Luff (3), Leather (2), Goodson (2), Baker (2), Thorogood (1), Empey (1), Payne (1) (Best: Baker, Zschech, Emprey, Beare, Martin, McGuire) Ogden, Thorogood, Beare, Griffiths, Saunders, McGuire, Martin, Oakley, Zschech, Empey or Dean, Goodson, Leather, Large, Luff, Roe, Street, Langdon, Baker, (Reserves: Rice, Ristrom, Payne, Lunn, Owen)
Rd 5 May 31 W12 12.7.79 Hawthorn 9.13.67 Lunn (4), Large (1), Payne (2), Goodson (1), Beare (1), Leather (1), Baker (1), Langdon (1) (Best: Baker, Zschech, Empey, Beare,Martin, McGuire). From Beare, Saunders, Griffith, McGuire, Woods, Risstron, Zschech, Martin Cusack, Leather, Goodson, Empey, Large, Luff, Roe, Langdon, Ogden, Baker, (Emerg: Payne, Dean, Thorogood, Owen, Rice)
Rd 6 June 7 W30 10.12.72 South Melb 6.6.42 Sth Melb Baker (3), Luff (2), Saunders (2), Langdon (1), Large (1), Ogden (1) Beare, Goodson, Ogden, Woods, Dunne, McGuire, Cusack, Martin, Roe, Leather, Saunders, Zschech, Large, Luff, Dean, Street, Langdon, Baker (19th: Park), (Emerg: Payne, Thorogood, Rice, O'Halloran). (Best: Martin, Zschech, Ogden, Woods, Saunders, Baker)
Rd 7 June 14 L3 7.16.58 Gee 8.13.61 Punt Road Luff (2), Zschech (2), Empey (1), Street (1), langdon (1) Beare, Goodson, Harris, Ogden, Woods, Saunders, Cusack, Martin, Roe, Dean, Collins, Zschech, Large, Luff, Empey, Street, Langdon, Baker. (19th Man: McGuire. (Emerg: Leather, Park, Risston, Payne, Trevellyn. (Best: Langdon, Street, Luff, Martin, Beare, Zschech)
Rd 8 June 21 L7 3.11.29 Fitzroy 5.6.36 Fitzroy Empey (1), Luff (1), Dean (1) Beare, Langdon, Ogden, Saunders, Woods, McGuire, Cusack, Martin Zschech or Oakley, Empey, Churchill, Leather, Dean, Luff, Everett, Street, Large, Baker (Emerg: Risstrom, goodson, Roe, Trevellyn, Park, Payne) (Best: Woods, R Bartim, Luff, Street, Baker, Lethlain, Langdon
Rd 9 June 28 W48 13.23.101 Nth Melb 7.11.53 Punt Road Leather (3), Harris (2), Empey (2), Luff (2), Dean (2), Baker (1), Lane (1). Beare, Risstrom, Haw, Saunders, Woods, McGuire, Cusack, Martin, Zschech, Empey, Harris, Leather, Large, Luff, Dean, Langdon, Street,Baker, Park, (Emerg: Goodson, Everett, Payne)
Rd 10 July 5 W4 10.17.77 Melbourne 10.13.73 Dunne, Risstrom, Saunders, Dean,Woods, McGuire, Cusack, Martin, Payne, Leather, Collins, Harris or Empey, Haw, Goodson, Park, Large, Langdon, Baker, O'Halloran, (Emerg: Everett, Trevellyn, Roe, Lunn, Rice)
Rd 11 July 12 W10 11.9.75 StKilda 8.17.65 Punt Road McGuire (3), O'Halloran (3), Wigraft (1) , Large (1), Baker (1), Leather (1), Cusack (1). Saunders, Bol, Haw, Dunne, Woods, McGuire, Cusack, Martin, Payne, Leather, Collins, Rice, Wigraft, O'Halloran, Goodson, Langdon, Large, Baker (Emerg: Thorogood, Everett, Ristrom, Park, Lunn)
Rd 12 July 19 L9 8.18.66 Haw 11.9.75 Glenferrie Oval Langdon (2), Leather (2), Baker (2), Empey (1), Rice (1) Haw, Saunders, Payne, McGuire, Woods, Dunne, Zschech, Martin, Cusack, Leather, Collins, Rice, Wigraft, Empey, Large, Street, Langdon, Baker, Goodson, O'Halloran, Risstrom, Lunn
Rd 13 July 26 W33 15.14.104 Sth Melb 11.7.71 Punt Rd Baker (6), George Bayliss (3), Empey (1), Wigraft (1), Langdon (1), Leather (1) Harris, Saunders, Large, McGuire, Woods, Trevellyn, Cusack, Martin Zschech, Leather, Collins, Empey, Wigraft, Bayliss, Roe, Langdon, Dunne, Baker, O'Halloran, Lunn (one entry is illegible) (Best: Baker, Martin, Dunne, Harris, Cusack, Woods). George Bayliss, 35 years old, plays for the cubs.
Rd 14 Aug 16 L77 8.4.52 Geelong 19.15.129 Geelong Rice (2), Bayliss (2), Large (1), Leather (1), McGuire (1), Baker (1) Beare, Saunders, Thorogood, Dean, Woods, Trevellyn, Cusack, Martin, Payne, Leather, McGuire, Empey, Wigraft, Bayliss, Rice, Large, Langdon, Baker, (Emerg: Goodson, ROe, Lunn)
Rd 15 Aug 23 W7 10.11.77 Fitzroy 9.11. 65 Punt Rd Large (2), Rice (2), Roe (2), Payne (1), Langdon (1), Baker (1), Thorogood (1) Beare, Saunders, Thorogood, Harris, Woods, Payne, Cusack, Martin, Judkins, Leather, Goodson, Dean, Wigraft, Roe, Rice, Langdon, Large, Baker, McGuire, O'Halloran, Lunn, Risstrom, Bayliss. (Best: Cusack, Thorogood, Rice, Baker, Harris, Judkins, Large)
Rd 16 Aug 30 W2 12.12.84 Nth Melb 12.10.82 Arden St Empey (5), Leather (3), Langdon (1), Roe (1), Baker (1), Thorogood (1), Thorogood, Condon, Beare, McGuire, Woods, Lunn, Cusack, Martin, Payne, Leather, Saunders, Empey, Wigraft, Roe, Rice, Langdon, Large, Baker, (Emerg: O'Halloran, Goodson, Risstrom)
Rd 17 Sept 6 W36 14.20.104 Melbourne 10.8.68 Punt Road Lynch (5), Empey (4), Baker (1), Wigraft (1), Zschech (1), Langdon (1), Rice (1) Beare, Payne, Roe, Harris, Woods, Saunders, Cusack, Martin, Zschech, Leather, Large, Empey, Wigraft, Lynch, Rice, Street, Langdon, Baker . (Best: Baker, Wigraft, Martin, Rice, Harris, Zschech, Roe) (Players to meet at ground at 2pm)
Rd 18 Sept 13 W38 13.21.99 StKilda 9.7.61 StKilda Rice (3), Trevellyan (3), Lynch (2), Leather (2), Baker (1), Judkins (1), Wigraft (1) (Best: Rice, Wigraft, Payne, Empey, Woods, Zschech. (Judkins played and became injured)
SF Sept 20 W9 13.11.89 Coll 12.8.80 MCG Large (2), Trevellyn (2), Leather (2), Langdon (2), Rice (2), Baker (2), Empey (1) Roe, Payne, Beare, Saunders, Woods, McGuire, Cusack, Martin, Zschech, Leather, Large, Empey, Rice, Lynch, Wigraft, Langdon, Street, Baker (19th Trevellyn) (Emerg: Goodson, O'Halloran, Lunn) (Best: Woods, Leather, Rice, Baker, Payne, McGuire, Cusack, Empey, Martin, Payne, Beare) Cusack, Wigraft. Richmond wear dark knickers, and use the 'large room' at the MCG.
GF Oct 4 L22 11.8.74 Geelong 14.12.96 MCG Lynch (5), Leather (2), Baker (1), Empey (1), Zschech (1), Large (1) Squad: Wigraft, Beare, Payne, Thorogood, Roe, McGuire, Woods, Saunders, Cusack, Martin, Zschech, Leather, Large, Langdon, Empey, Lynch, Street, Trevellyn, Rice, Baker, Goodson, O'Halloran, Condon. (Best: Leather, Lynch, Street, Wigraft, Zschech, Baker). Martin. A Richmond player (Baker), dazed in an accident, refused to go off for around 10 minutes. Geelong went through undefeated


Geelong 180072
Collingwood 121550
Essendon 120648
Richmond 120648
St Kilda91838
South Melbourne801032
North Melbourne 10174

Notes: Wigraft (captain coach) "will be out of side for some time with an injured leg"

Thanks to Peter Foot for tallying

My original list below
Players (may be incomplete)
W Luff, D Goodson (Richmond Districts), L Oprey, D McGuire, S Baker, L Langdon (vc), R Galpin, R Buchanan, J Payne (Burnley), A Thorogood, T Leather, R Empey, S Ogden, E Zschech, R Saunders, J Large (Thornbury CYMS), C Street, G Dean, D Harris, H Collins, J Park, T Dunne, V Rice (Burnley), J O'Halloran (Burnley), L Wigraft (capt), E Cusack, G Bayliss, T Roe (Burnley), D Lynch, Judkins, Latham, Beare, Martin, Woods, Bartim, Lethlain, Haw, Lunn, O'Halloran, Trevellyn, Condon, Risstrom/Ristrom/Risston, Bol

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