1931 Reserves

1931 Seconds scores

Played: 19
Won: 9
Lost: 9
Drew: 0
Position: 6th

Players (may be incomplete)
R Saunders, J Dyer, G Dean (Deen) (v.c), V Rice, J McConchie, Stenhouse, F Tomison (Thomison) (Thomason), S King, Bob O'Neill (capt), W Gray, T Dunne, T Cunningham, C Street, T Leather, A Thoms, S Baker, F Ford, L Langdon (v/capt), F Heifner, T O'Halloran, J Large, M Sheahan, T Roe, B Benton, A Oakley, J Murphy, N Trevellyn, A Piper, J Payne, Beare, McGuire, Woods, Twyford, Endersbee, Madigan, E Brain (from Elsternwick), J.W.Neill (from Fairfield), Thoms, Grogan, Reid (local), Lunn, E. Vance, Zschech

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
1 May 2 L1 19.13.127 Carlton 19.14.128 Punt Road Thoms (3), Langdon (3), Street (3), Baker (2), Dean (2), Saunders (2), O'Neill (1), Murphy (1), Dyer (1), Trevellyn (1) Saunders, Vance, Roe, Trevellyn, Woods, Pyne, Watson, Twyford, Grogan, Leather, Dyer, Dean, Street, Thoms, Zschech, 'Neill, Baker, Langdon (Emerg: Rice, Murphy, McGuire, Reid, Thomason), Scores level at quarter time. Carlton led by 3 goals at half time. Carlton led by 1 goal at three-quarter time. Best: Dean, Dyer, Street, Langdon, Woods, Rice, O'Neill
2 May 9 W15 12.10.82 Nth Melb 9.13.67 Rice (3), Thoms (3), Dean (3), Thomason (1), O'Neill (1) *missing 1 goal Squad: Saunders, Vance, Roe, Trevellyn, Woods, Payne, Watson, Twyford, Grogan, Leather, Dyer, Dean, Street, Thoms, Zschech, O'Neill, Baker, Langdon, Rice, Reid, Murphy, McGuire, Thomason. Best: Saunders, Dean, Rice, Thomason, Twyford, Watson.
3 May 16 W96 20.31.151 Footscray 6.19.55 Punt Road Thoms (6), Leather (4), Baker (3), Thomison (2), Langdon (2), O'Neill (1), Large (1), Dean (1). Best: Street, Langdon, Twyford, Dean, Saunders, Thoms, Gray.
4 May 23 L51 5.18.48 Collingwood 14.15.99 Collingwood Roe, Vance, Langdon, Wood, Saunders, Gray, Payne, Twyford, Rice, Leather, Benton, Dean, Street, Thoms, Thomison, O'Neill, Large, Baker, McGuire, King, Trevellyn, Reid. (Best: Twyford, Street, Tomison, Gray, Baker
5 May 30 L19 11.15.81 Essendon 15.10.100 Punt Road Thoms (4), Baker (3), Thomason (2), Langdon (1) , Gray (1) Saunders break bone in hand. Ess kicked 5.4 to Rchmond's 2.3 in final term. (Best: Saunders, Street, Gray, Benton, Langdon)
6 June 8 L20 6.10.46 Hawthorn 10.6.66 Hawthorn Langdon (3), Leather (2), Dean (1) Best: Brain, Gray, Rice,Leather, Street, Roe, Woods. Squad: Langdon, Benton, Payne, Gray, Woods, Dean, Rice, Leather, Dyer, King, Street, Thoms, Baker, O'Neill, Large, Roe, Thomason, Neill, Brain, Madigan, McGuire, Endersbee, Grogan, Reid, Trevellyn, Lunn.
7 June 13 W 9.14 Geelong 7.15 Payne, Benton, Roe, Gray, Saunders, Woods, Brain or Watson, Rice , Oakley, Leather, Dyer, Dean, Large, Thoms, Thomason, Langdon, Street, Cunningham, (Emer: King, Stenhouse, Langdon, Reid, Neill, Grogan)
8 June 20 L 6.13 Sth Melbourne 11.12 McGuire, Stenhouse, Roe, Gray, Saunders, Woods, Oakley, Dunne, Rice, Leather, Dyer, Dean, O'Neill, King, Cunningham, Langdon, Sheehan, Ford (Emerg: Thomason, Baker, Madigan, Brain, Langdon, Endersbee, Payne)
9 July 4 W 12.21 Fitzroy 7.4 Beare, Stenhouse, K O'Neill, Dunne, Saunders, Woods, Roe, Gray, Rice, Leather, Dyer, Dean, R O'Neill, McQuin, Tomison, Street, Heifner, Ford. (Emerg: King, Payne, Endersbee, D Langdon, Burke)
10 July 11 L 3.7 Melbourne 9.9 Beare, Stenhouse, Roe, Dunne, Saunders, Woods, Cunningham, Gray, Payne, Leather, Dyer, King, O'Neill, Dean , Rice, Street, Heifner, Ford. (Emerg: Thomason, Langdon, Brain, Burke, Piper, Lunn)
11 July 18 W 14.12 StKilda 9.9 Beare, Stenhouse, Roe, Dunne, Saunders, Woods, Cunningham, Gray, Payne, Leather, Dyer, King, O'Neill, Dean, Rice, Street, Heifner, Ford. (Emerg: Thomason, Langdon, Brain, Burke, Piper, Lunn)
12 July 25 W 11.12 Carlton 4.10 Beare, Stenhouse, Roe, Dunne, Saunders, Wood, Payne, Gray, Cunningham, Leather, Dyer, King, O'Neill, Dean, Rice, Street, McConchie, Ford (Emerg: Langdon, McGuire, Burke, Piper, Lunn)
13 Aug 1 W73 22.16.148 Nth Melb 12.3.75 Punt Road McConchie (5), Ford (5), Rice (3), Saunders (2), Leather (2), O'Neill (1), Payne (1), Benton (1), Heifner (1). Beare, Benton, McGuire, Dunne, Saunders, Woods, Payne, Gray, Brain, Ford, Leather, McConchie, King, O'Neill, Dean, Rice, Street, Heifner, Cunningham, (Emerg: Burke, Langdon, Matthews, Lunn, Piper). Best: Benton, Ford, McConchie, Gray, Saunders, Rice, Heifner, Beare.
14 Aug 8 W38 13.15.93 Footscray 8.7.55 McConchie (5), O'Neill (3), Ford (2), Heifner (1), Rice (1), Dean (1) Beare, Roe, O'Neill, Dunne, Saunders, Woods, Payne, Gray, Cunningham, Leather, Benton, King, Deen, McConchie, Rice, Heifner, Street, Ford. Best: Heifner, Street, Saunders, McConchie, King, Beare.
15 Aug 22 L27 5.11.41 Collingwood 8.20.68 Punt Road McConchie, O'Neill, Dyer, O'Halloran, Street. Beare, Stenhouse, Roe, Benton, Saunders, Woods, Payne, Twyford, Dean, Leather, O'Halloran, Dyer, O'Neill, McConchie, Cunningham, Heifner, Street, Ric. (Emerg: King, McGuire, Tomlinson, Austin, Piper) Richmond scoreless in third term. Scored 2.3 in the last qu. Best: Rice, Dyer, McGuire, Beare, Dean, Saunders.
16 Aug 29 L18 5.16.46 Essendon 8.16.64 Essendon Tomison, Roe, O'Halloran, (missing names ?) Beare, Roe, McGuire, Dunne, Saunders, Woods, Watson, Austin, Payne, Leather, O'Halloran, Dean, King, McConchie, Tomison, Heifner, Dyer, Rice (Reserves; Piper, Bourke, Matthews Langdon, Clearihan, Reid) Half time Ess 3.8, Rich 1.8. Ess led by 26pts at 3/4 time. Best: Dyer, Payne, Dunne, Saunders, Dean, Tomison
17 Sept 5 W51 14.22.106 Hawthorn 7.13.55 Punt Road Gray (6), McConchie (3), Dean (2), O'Halloran (1), Thomison (1), King (1) Austin, Payne, McGuire, Dunne, Saunders, Woods, Watson, Twyford, Dean, Leather, O'Halloran, King, McConchie, Gray, Tomison, Street, Heifner, Rice (Emerg: Piper, Langdon, Bourke, Reid) Richmond kicked 0.7 in first quarter, then 7.8 in the second quarter. Best: Woods, O'Halloran, Payne, Twyford, Saunders, Heifner, Gray, Dean
18 Sept 12 L7 9.9.63 Geelong 10.10.70 Dyer (3), McConchie (2), Leather (2), Tomison (1), Street (1). (Team from L Austin, Roe, D McGuire, T Dunne, R Saunders, B Woods, G Dean, W Gray, J Payne, H Leather, Dyer, King, B O'Neill, J McConchie, F Tomison, Street, Rice, Heifner (Reserves: Piper, Langdon, Bourke, Matthews) Richmond down by 3pts at half time. Scores equal in third quarter. Richmond led by 7 pts during last quarter. Best: Dyer (BOG), Woods, Rice , Leather, Gray.

Around June 6, Langdon applied for clearance to Daylesford (he was out of employement). His clearance was held over.
'Gray' - had returned from Preston , greatly secured the backline from Rd 5 onwards.
"Saunders' and 'Large' - were from Brunswick FC - who wanted to play them around 23 May, but both players chose to play with Richmond Reserves.
'Park' - from Richmond, is a new man playing for StKilda Reserves this season
E. Vance permit from Richmond to Kyneton May 28
J.W.Neill permit from Fitzroy to Richmond Seconds June 1931
E.Brain permit from Melbourne to Richmond June 1931
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