1942 Reserves


1942 Seconds scores

Played: 16 (incl Finals)
Wins: 12
Loss: 4
Drew: 0
Position: 2nd

Players (need to tally up from the team lists below)

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
Team / Notes
Rd 1 May 16 W7 12.17.89 Melb 11.16.82 Old Scotch Grd Colls, Wiggins, Reilly, Styles, Sinclair, Crohan , Martin (capt), Dwan, Oppy, Fraser, Tanner, Mackay, Hinson, A.T Cook (Cananore), Randall, Walliker, White. Reserves: Glenister, Youlden, House, Davis, Reed, Shelley, Buckley
Rd 2 May 23 W12 14.17.101 Footscray 13.11.89 Yarraville Langdon, Cartwright, Colls, Priestley, Styles, Maguire, Dwan, Martin, Newell, A.T.Cook (Cananore), Davey, Tanner, Hinson, Searle, Mackay, Walliker, Scott (F), Oppy (R), House (19th), Emergencies: Wiggins, Sinclair, Davis, Everon, Buckley, Shelley
Rd 3 May 30 W23 16.13.109 StKilda 12.14.86 Old Scotch Grd Langdon, Cartwright, Colls, Reilly, Preistley, Martin, McKay, Alexander, Newell, Hinson, Fraser, Youlden, House, Searle, Leyden, Scott, Walliker, Dwan (Emerg: Everton, Buckley, Davies, Wiggins, Sinclair, Scanlon, Doyle)
Rd 4 June 6 W22 15.16.106 Carl 12.12.84 Ryder Oval From: Langdon, Cartwright, Colls, Scott, House, Martin, Newell, Doherty, Mackay, Alexander, Fraser, Burge, Searle, Hinson, Dwan, Priestley , or Reilly, Walliker (F), Oppy (R) Emergencies: Everon, Hughes, Davis, Wiggins, Skelly
Rd 5 June 13 L6 12.10.82 Ess 12.16.88 Old Scotch Grd Langdon, Lewis, Colls, Styles, Maguire, Martin, Newell, Alexander, McKay, Burge, Doherty, Youlden, Leyden, Hinson, Dwan, Hughes, Randall, Oppy, (Emerg: Davis (19th) Everton, Sinclair, Wiggins, Shelly)
Rd 6 June 20 W10 12.9.81 Sth Melb 10.11.71 Old Scotch Grd From: Walliker, Steele, Perkins, Morris, Langdon, Dwan, Maguire, Brennan, Doherty, Hinson, McKay, Styles, Searl, Davey, House, Newell, Burge, Alexander, Atchinson, McIlveen, Ray Martin, Everton, Davis, Shelly, Hughes, Leydon.
Rd 7 June 27 W7 12.9.81 Fitz 11.8.74 Old Scotch Grd Reilly, Hinson, Colls, Martin, Sullivan, Maguire, McIlveen, Alexander, MacKay, Doherty, Ford, Burge, Dwan, Fraser, Atkinson, Walliker, Randall, Brennan, (Emerg: Everton, Wiggins, Hughes, Davis, Sinclair, Shelley)
Rd 8 July 11 W44 15.18.108 Nth Melb 9.10.64 Old Scotch Grd From: Colls, Hughes, Shand, Harrower, Fraser, Leyden, Stammers, Maguire, Davis, Shelley, Martin, McIlveen, Alexander, Everon, Mackay, Burge, Ford, Wiggins, Russell, Dwan, Doherty, Achinson, Walliker, Reilly, Brennan
Rd 9 July 18 W27 18.14.122 Ess 15.23.113 Old Scotch Grd Langdon, Wiggins, Stammers, Martin, Styles, Reilly, Clegg, Alexander, McKay, Mcilveen, Davey, Burge, Ford, Doherty, Dwan, Walliker, Cosgrove, Brennan (Emerg: Shand, Harrower, Davis, Everton)
Rd 10 July 25 W2 16.13.109 Sth Melb 16.11.107 Albert Grd Richmond scoreless in 2nd quarter. From: Stammers, Wiggins, Colls, Martin, Cosgrove, Perkins, McIlveen, Styles, Alexander, Doherty, Mackay, Huggins, McIndoe, Merritt Davey, Dwan, Walliker, Reilly, Brennan, Langdon, Leyden, Harrower, Everton, Davis.
Rd 11 Aug 1 W27 16.10.106 Melb 10.19.79 Albert Grd Burge (5) From: Martin, Walliker, Langdon, Dwan, Colls, Stammers, McIlveen, Davy, Alexander, Burge, McIndoe,Huggins, Merritt, Leyden, Mackay, Searle, Cosgrove, Styles, Reilly, Wiggins, Everon, Harrower, Davis, Shand
Rd 12 Aug 8 W4 13.11.89 Footscray 13.7.85 Old Scotch Grd From: Martin, Hinson, Langdon, Randall, Styles , Brennan, Walliker, Dwan, Colls, Doherty, Davey, Oppy, Searle, Stammers, McIlveen, Alexander, Cosgrove, Merritt, McIndoe, Huggins, Mooney, McCormick, Webster, Tipping, Shand, Davis, Everon, Harrower.
Rd 13 Aug 15 L18 12.7.79 StKilda 14.13.97 Toorak Park From: Martin, Hinson, Langdon, Styles, Brennan, Walliker, Dwan, O'Bryan, Colls, Doherty, Davey, Oppy, Searle, Stammers, McIlveen, Alexander, Cosgrove, Smeaton, Everton, Davis, Wiggins, Webster, Shand, Hughes, Harrower, Merritt, McIndoe, Huggins.
Rd 14 Aug 22 W134 25.23.173 Carlton 6.3.39 Old Scotch Grd Hay (8) From: Hinson, D Martin, Ford, Langdon, Brennan, Reilly, Walliker, Dwan, O'Brien, Doherty, Davey, Mackay, Oppy, Searle, Stammers, Alexander, McIlveen, Cosgrove, Shand, Barnett, Hughes, Davis, Wiggins, Webster, Harrower
Final 1 Aug 29 L5 8.15.63 StKilda 9.14.68 Glenferrie Oval Burge (2), Searle (2), Walliker (1), Alexander (1), Doherty 91), Dwan (1). Hughes, Hinson, Stammers, Coles, Draf, Styles or Langdon, McIlveen, Alexander, Mackay, Brennan, Doherty, Burge, Cosgrove, R Martin. Dwan, Reilly, Walliker, Emerg: Harrower, Searle, Shand, D Martin (best: Reilly, Cosgrove, Burge, Walliker, Doherty, McKay, Ford)
PF Sept 5 L16 11.2.68 Fitzroy 11.18.84 Punt Road Brennan (3), Hinson (2), D. Martin (2), O'Bryan (1), R Martin (1), Ford (1), Walliker (1) Stammers, Styles, Colls, Mooney , O'Bryan, R. Martin, Dwan, Alexander, Mackay, D. Martin, Ford, McIlveen, Cosgrove, Hinson, Oppy, Reilly, Walliker, Brennan, Harrower, Wiggins, Shand, Langdon, Hughes, Webster, Davis. (best: McIlveen, O'Bryan, R. Martin, D Martin, Brennan, Reilly, Hinson, Cosgrove, Mckay)

Alexander = Ray. R Alexander
O'Bryan/O'Brien = Peter O'Bryan (Leongatha. Also see War page)


St Kilda 10 0 3 48 2 163.6
Richmond 11 0 3 48 1 120.9
Essendon 9 0 4 44 2 151.4
Fitzroy 10 0 4 44 1 126.5
Footscray 8 0 5 40 2
South Melbourne 5 0 8 28 2
Melbourne 4 0 9 24 2
Carlton 2 0 12 12 1
North Melbourne 1 0 12 12 2

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