Best and Fairest

Best and Fairest

The below table was researched by Rhett Bartlett and Trevor Ruddell (MCC Deputy Librarian).

The earliest published list of Richmond’s Best and Fairest winners appeared in the club’s 1969 annual report.
This list stretched back only as far as 1940. The listings after this year may be regarded as very reliable. They were probably based on annual inscriptions on a perpetual trophy or a honor board.

In 1941 the perpetual Vic Thorp Shield was inaugurated and the name of Richmond’s Best and Fairest Player was inscribed on it until 1954.

From 1955 Richmond’s Best and Fairest winners were no longer inscribed on the shield (which was full) but written on the Harry Dyke Honour Board. Therefore, there is an unbroken list of Best and Fairest winners from the beginning of the 1940s.
This list is corroborated by contemporary accounts of the award winners in Richmond’s annual reports and the press. Therefore, there was no issue regarding current list of Best and Fairest from the 1940s onwards.

Richmond’s annual reports from 1969 until 1987 listed Best and Fairest winners only as far back as 1940 (this was corroborated in VFL publications).

In Richmond's 1988 Annual Report, the Best and Fairest list was extended back to 1921 .
In Richmond’s 1993 Annual Report the list was extended further back still to 1911.
Not one of those additions were supported by evidence, nor presented to the Board or any committee at that time.
They were simply added into the table without review.

(As the removal of Dyer's 1932 B+F award gained notable press report, its important to remember that :
It wasn't until the 1988 Annual Report that Dyer was first labelled as receiving the 1932 B+F. The evidence used to report that inclusion was misinterpreted. It included a reference in the 1932 Annual Report which states: "The handsome cup presented by Hoyts Cinema Theatre, Bridge Road was won by J. Dyer. The Burnley Theatre Cup was won by the Captain, P. Bentley. Both players richly deserved the honor bestowed on them" Those awards were simply a popular player award, and are not identified in any club documentation as a club Best and Fairest.
The minute book makes no mention of a Best and Fairest, nor does the Annual Report.

In 2000 research began on the Best and Fairest list history, by Trevor Ruddell (MCC Asst. Librarian), Roland Weeks (Museum Curator), and Rhett Bartlett (Historical Committee member).

Over the next 19 years this research was reviewed by former RFC president Leon Daphne, then Museum curator Ron Reiffel, and members of the Historical Committee.
An overview presentation was made to the RFC Board, who then requested all the evidence to be submitted to the Historical chairman. The chairman reviewed all the evidence, and continued to engage with relatives of all players affected. The chairman's review was then presented to the Board who reviewed the evidence and on November 29, 2019 - the club released a statement advising of the Best and Fairest historical changes.

As a result, the following entries were removed:
1911 Bill Mahoney, 1913 Charlie Ricketts, 1914 Sid Reeves, 1916 Arthur Bettles, 1917 Vic Thorp, 1918 Barney Herbert, 1919 Barney Herbert, 1920 Dan Minogue, 1921 Hughie James, 1922 Mel Morris, 1923 Hugh James, 1924 Vic Thorp, 1925 Tom O'Halloran, 1926 Alan Geddes, 1932 Jack Dyer, 1933 Maurie Hunter, 1934 Ray Martin, and 1936 Martin Bolger.

In 1964, the Best and Fairest Medal was named The Jack Dyer Medal.
Currently, the runner-up medallions are named: Jack Titus Medal (2nd), Maurie Fleming Medal (3rd), Fred Swift Medal (4th), Kevin Bartlett Medal (5th).

Important official sources of information of the era include Richmond Football Club’s annual reports and minute books which have been thoroughly examined. The inscriptions on cups and trophies held by the Richmond Football Club Museum have also been consulted.
Chief among the independent primary sources were local newspapers such as The Richmond Guardian, The Richmond Australian and The Richmond Chronicle. These papers have been thoroughly examined as were Melbourne’s sporting and football journals of the era such as The Richmond Football News, The Football Record, The Sporting Globe, The Sport, and The Winner. Daily metropolitan newspapers were consulted as were yearly football magazines and annuals.

This below table only lists those players who received an awarded titled 'Best and Fairest'
There were other yearly awards (ie: Best All-round, Consistent Play, Best Player), and they are noted in the fourth column.

Example of Voting changes over the years
In 1929, votes were recorded by the opposing captains, in 16 matches. The Interstate and final games not being included.
In 1943, New system inaugurated - 3 non-playing selectors cast votes for best 5 players each game
In 1945, 3 non playing selectors picked best 5 each week.
In 1950, the three non-playing members of the selection committee vote. Five players earn votes for each game.
In 1957 'Richmond awards 15 votes for its best and fairest award each week and Wright averaged 11 votes in each game he played' (The Age)
In 1967 5,4,3,2,1 votes were given for each game by selectors R Dickinson, Basil McCormack, and Jack Titus. The winner was announced at Family Day at Richmond ground
In 1968 - votes were given by non-playing selectors.
The 1974 Best and Fairest votes were counted at a supporter's day at Mornington Racecourse Nov 3 1974
1976 - 5,4,3,2,1 system.
In 1986 - 5,4,3,2,1 system. Votes by 5 members of selection committee
In 2008 five members of match committee cast votes for each of the team's 22 players. Players can receive zero to five votes from each coach (the most being 25 for a match).
In 2015 , all the team's players on match day receive a rating from 0-5 (a joint match committee decision). Votes are not allocated for what the match committee deems as below-average performance.
From 2017, all of the team’s players on match day receive a rating from 0-5 (a joint match committee decision) based on their overall performance. The match committee assessed each player’s offensive, defensive, and contest impacts on the game.
Votes are not allocated for what the match committee deems a below-average performance. The club includes Finals matches in its voting.

Most B+F wins: 5x Jack Dyer (1937-1940, 1946) , 5x Kevin Bartlett (1967-68, 73-74, 77)
Most consecutive wins: 4 x Jack Dyer (1937-1940), 3x Ron Branton (1960-1962)
First B+F win: 'Basil McCormack 1927''
Most top 3 finishes: Dustin Martin (8 times), Kevin Bartlett (8 times), Wayne Campbell (8 times), Francis Bourke (7 times),
(note that I have only been able to source Top 3 results back to 1943)

1908 - 1920 - Not Awarded
1921 - Not Awarded (Hughie James received "Best Player of the Season" Oscar Mitchell Cup (as per 1921 Annual Report)
1922 - Not Awarded
1923 - Not Awarded
1924 - Not Awarded
1925 - Not Awarded (O'Halloran did win 'Best All Round player')
1926 - Not Awarded (Geddes did win 'All Round player')
1927 1st Basil McCormack Trophy
1928 1st Basil McCormack Trophy Suit (as per Annual Report)
1929 1st Jack Titus 5 votes Trophy
=2nd Les Gallagher, Basil McCormack 2 votes
=4th Jack McCormack, Allan Oakley, Percy Bentley, Stan Ryan, William Benton, Stan Judkins, Jack Fincher 1 vote
1930 - Not Awarded
1931 - Not Awarded
1932 - Not Awarded
1933 - Not Awarded
1934 1st Not Awarded (Ray Martin wins a lounge-suite for 'Best Player')
1935 1st Ray Martin Silver bowl and cut glass set
1936 - Not Awarded
1937 1st Jack Dyer J. Jones Trophy
1938 1st Jack Dyer H.L Roberts Trophy
1939 1st Jack Dyer Trophy
1940 1st Jack Dyer Prize unknown
1941 1st Jack Titus Prize Unknown
1942 1st Leo Merrett received the J.H Trophy
1943 1st Ron Durham 144 Trophy
2nd Jack Scott 75
3rd Jack Dyer 59
4th Max Oppy 49
5th Bernie Waldron 48
6th Dick Harris
7th Leo Merrett
8th Leo Maguire
9th Andy Brannan
10th Jack Sullivan
1944 1st Leo Merrett 99 Trophy
2nd Bert Edwards 98
3rd Bill Morris 80
4th George Smeaton 78
5th Polly Perkins 68.5
6th Arthur Mooney 59
7th Leo Maguire 58.5
8th Bernie Waldron 58
9th Bob Bawden 47
10th Max Oppy 42
1945 1st Bill Morris 137 Trophy
2nd Leo Merrett 83
3rd Fred Burge 79 Toaster.
4th Max Oppy 75
5th Don Fraser 65
6th Arthur Mooney 64
7th Jack Dyer 62
8th Bernie Waldron 47
9th Noel Ross 40
10th Bob Bawden 34
1946 1st Jack Dyer 126 Jack Jones Trophy 'Cocktail Cabinet'
2nd Bill Morris 118
3rd Arthur Mooney 81
4th Ray Stokes 68.5
5th Max Oppy 62
6th Leo Merrett 57
7th Billy Wilson 55
8th Les Jones 46
9th Polly Perkins 45
10th Leo Maguire 40
1947 1st Billy Wilson 109 Prize unknown
2nd Bill Morris 108
3rd Les Jones 90
4th Ray Stokes 72
5th Ron Durham 70
6th Fred Cook 69
7th Leo Merrett 48
8th Jack Dyer 47
9th Wally Russell 44
10th Max Oppy 39
1948 1st Bill Morris 148 votes Golf clubs, upholstered chair
2nd Billy Wilson 107
3rd Ron Durham
4th Fred Burge
5th Geoff Spring
6th Ken Sier
7th Ray Stokes
8th Jack Dyer
9th Ron Evans
10th Polly Perkins
1949 1st Geoff Spring 117. Received dining-room suite
2nd Ken Roberts 92
3rd Billy Wilson 87
4th Des Rowe
5th Don Fraser
6th Ray Stokes
7th Ray Poulter
8th Bill Morris
9th Leo Merrett
10th Ken Sier
1950 1st Bill Morris 99 J.H. Jones Trophy
2nd Des Rowe 97.5
3rd Billy Wilson 82
4th Ray Stokes 74
5th Col Austen 62
6th Don Fraser 55
=7th Fred Burge + Geoff Spring 47
9th Roy Wright 39
10th John Nix 36
11th Max Currie 35
1951 =1st Des Rowe + Roy Wright 98.5
3rd Ray Stokes 94
4th Ray Poulter
5th Colin Austen
6th Don Fraser
7th Jack O'Rourke
8th Billy Wilson
9th Bill Morris
10th Max Oppy
1952 1st Roy Wright 153
2nd Billy Wilson 116
3rd John Nix 68
4th Havel Rowe 65
5th Ray Poulter 58
6th Max Oppy 53
7th Don Fraser 52
8th Col Austin 36
9th Geoff Spring 31
10th Des Rowe 22
1953 1st Havel Rowe 118
2nd Des Rowe 112
3rd Max Oppy 83
4th Roy Wright 71
5th Ron Branton 54
6th Billy Wilson
7th Kevin Dillon
8th Geoff Spring
9th Allan Cooke
10th John Nix
11th Jeff Patterson
1954 1st Roy Wright 274
2nd Kevin Dillon 194
3rd Geoff Spring 184
4th Des Rowe 134
5th Jim Deane 112
6th Ron Branton 94
7th Ray Poulter 86
8th Allan Cations 74
9th Allan Cooke 68
10th John Nix 56
1955 1st Des Rowe
2nd Ray Poulter
3rd Allan Cations
4th Frank Dunin
5th Tom Hafey
6th Ron Branton
7th Geoff Spring
8th Jim Deane
9th Havel Rowe
10th Ron McDonald
1956 1st Laurie Sharp 132
=2nd Roy Wright + Ron Branton 74
4th Des Rowe 72
5th Ray Poulter 66
6th Stan Morcom 53
7th Allan Cations 41
8th Frank Dunin 39
9th Tom Simpson 35
10th Peter Morris + Ken Ward 27
1957 1st Roy Wright 175
2nd Ray Allsopp 88
3rd Ron Branton 58
4th Ken Ward 50
5th Peter Morris 48
6th Tom Simpson 44
7th Des Rowe 41
8th Stan Morcom 36
9th Charlie Flannagan 34
10th Ron McDonald 29
1958 1st Dave Cuzens 143
2nd Ron Branton 83
3rd Tom Simpson 69
4th Ted Langridge 56
5th Ron McDonald 43
=6th Roy Wright + Peter Morris 41
8th Tom Hafey 39
9th John Jenkins 37
10th Bob Dummett 33
1959 1st Dave Cuzens 92
2nd Tom Simpson 83
3rd Peter Morris 75
1960 1st Ron Branton 102
2nd Fred Swift 101
3rd John Thompson 82
4th Alan Richardson 54
5th Paddy Guinane 50
6th Tom Simpson 48
7th Dave Cuzens 44
8th Roger Dean 40
9th Ron McDonald 39
10th Michael Patterson 33
1961 1st Ron Branton 118
2nd Neville Crowe 112 (dnp Rd 11 onwards)
3rd John Robertson 54
4th Tom Simpson 48
5th Col Saddington 47
6th Ted Landridge 46
7th Fred Swift 43
8th Peter Loughran 37
9th John Thompson 34
10th Graeme Jacobs 29
11th Michael Patterson 27
1962 1st Ron Branton 111
2nd Paddy Guinane 82
3rd Graeme Gahan 78
4th Tom Simpson 73
5th Bill Barrot 69
6th Michael Patterson 60
7th Neville Crowe 44
8th John Thompson 40
9th Dick Grimmond 38
10th Alan Richardson 34
1963 1st Neville Crowe 75
2nd Dick Grimmond 70
3rd Roger Dean
1964 1st Neville Crowe
2nd Bill Brown
3rd Fred Swift
1965 1st Bill Barrot
2nd Neville Crowe
3rd Paddy Guinane
1966 1st Neville Crowe
2nd Roger Dean
3rd Geoff Strang
1967 1st Kevin Bartlett 104
2nd Roger Dean 90
3rd Bill Barrot 79
4th John Northey 75
5th Mike Patterson 67
=6th Royce Hart + Dick Clay 65
1968 1st Kevin Bartlett 185 (polled in all but three games)
2nd Dick Clay 87
3rd Francis Bourke 84
1969 1st Royce Hart
2nd Kevin Sheedy
3rd Dick Clay
1970 1st Francis Bourke 320
2nd Kevin Bartlett 233
3rd Barry Richardson 142
4th Royce Hart 120
5th Dick Clay 119
1971 1st Ian Stewart 267
2nd Royce Hart 150
3rd Kevin Sheedy 115
4th Francis Bourke 109
5th Rex Hunt 107
6th Dick Clay 105
7th Kevin Bartlett 103
1972 1st Royce Hart
2nd Francis Bourke
3rd Craig McKellar
4th Dick Clay
5th Barry Richardson
6th Kevin Bartlett
1973 1st Kevin Bartlett 261
2nd Ian Stewart 182
3rd Francis Bourke 175
4th Kevin Sheedy 153
5th Brian Roberts 124
6th Dick Clay 94
1974 1st Kevin Bartlett 237
2nd Francis Bourke 173
3rd Kevin Sheedy 133
4th Bryan Wood
5th Royce Hart
6th Paul Sproule
1975 1st Kevin Morris
2nd Francis Bourke
3rd Bryan Wood
4th Dick Clay
5th Craig McKellar
6th Neil Balme
1976 1st Kevin Sheedy 206
2nd Francis Bourke 168
3rd Kevin Bartlett 108
4th Robert Lamb 88
5th Bob Heard
6th Bryan Wood
1977 1st Kevin Bartlett 267
2nd Neil Balme 210 (Footy Record had 207, but said KB won by 50 votes)
3rd Bryan Wood 156
4th Bruce Monteath 112
5th Kevin Sheedy 93
6th Allan Edwards 63
1978 1st Geoff Raines 186
2nd Kevin Bartlett 164
3rd David Cloke 139
4th Bruce Monteath 89
5th Francis Bourke 86
6th Michael Malthouse 82
7th Jim Jess 76
8th Bryan Wood 66
=9th Neil Balme, Mark Lee 53
11th Kevin Sheedy 51
1979 1st Barry Rowlings 192 (only played from Rd 5 onwards)
2nd Geoff Raines 165
3rd David Cloke 138
4th Francis Bourke 132
5th Bruce Monteath 130
6th Bob Heard 112
7th Kevin Bartlett 110
8th Michael Roach 107
9th Jim Jess 106
10th Bryan Wood 101
1980 1st Geoff Raines
2nd Robert Wiley
3rd Jim Jess
4th Dale Weightman
1981 1st Geoff Raines 212
2nd Greg Strachan 146
3rd Robert Wiley 145
4th Emmett Dunne 140
5th Barry Rowlings 133
6th Dale Weightman 115
7th Mark Lee 83
8th Michael Roach 79
9th Bryan Wood 75
10th Terry Smith 71
1982 1st Maurice Rioli 180
2nd Barry Rowlings 157
3rd Robert Wiley 147
4th Jim Jess 138
5th Graeme Landy 122
6th Michael Roach 114
7th David Cloke 111
8th Geoff Raines 89
9th Brian Taylor 85
10th Emmett Dunne 70
1983 1st Maurice Rioli 309
2nd Mark Lee 211
3rd Graeme Landy 131
4th Jim Jess 120
5th Mervyn Keane 102
6th Matthew Wall 95
1984 1st Mark Lee 268
2nd John Annear 145
3rd Barry Rowlings 142
4th Craig Stewart 110
5th Maurice Rioli 109
6th Phil Egan 97
1985 1st Trevor Poole 204
2nd Maurice Rioli 183
3rd Michael Pickering 146
4th Tim Gepp 127
5th Dale Weightman 116
6th Michael McKenna 106
1986 1st Dale Weightman 225
2nd Craig Smith 177
3rd Trevor Poole 162
4th Mark Eustice 150
5th John Annear 134
6th Michael Roach 114
7th Jim Jess 76
8th Michael Pickering 60
9th Graeme Landy 59
10th Jeff Hogg 49
1987 1st Dale Weightman 195
2nd Michael Pickering 157
3rd John Manton 152
4th Maurice Rioli 135
5th Michael Thomson 123
6th Chris Burton 109
7th Peter Wilson 93
8th David Palm 80
9th Mark Eustice 79
10th Trevor Poole 68
1988 1st Michael Pickering 193
2nd Michael Mitchell 181
3rd Justin Pickering 158
4th Craig Lambert 151
5th Dale Weightman 128
6th Tony Free 112
7th Phil Egan 96
8th David Honybun 81
9th Trent Nichols 65
10th Brendan Bower 64
1989 1st Tony Free 314
2nd Craig Lambert 267
3rd Allan McKellar 197
4th Brian Leys 194
5th Matthew Knights 188
6th Dale Weightman 166
7th Brendan Bower 132
8th Mark Lee 120
9th Jeff Hogg 114
10th Barry Young 113
1990 1st Matthew Knights 209
2nd Trent Nichols 190
3rd Stephen Ryan 94
4th Michael Pickering 91
5th Craig Lambert 71
6th Barry Young 63
7th David Cloke 56
=8th Brendan Bower, Michael MItchell 51
10th Tony Free 49
11th Dale Weightman 45
1991 1st Craig Lambert 243
2nd Dale Weightman 198
3rd Jeff Hogg 133
4th David Cloke 131
5th Craig Smith 119
=6th Anthony Banik, Matthew Knights 118
8th Chris Naish 102
9th Tony Free 100
10th Brian Leys 60
11th Brendon Gale 57
1992 1st Matthew Knights 32
2nd Wayne Campbell 31
3rd Tony Free 26
4th Stuart Maxfield 18
=5th Jeff Hogg, Brian Leys 17
=7th Stevan Jackson, Mark McQueen 14
=9th Craig Lambert, Chris Naish 12
11th Scott Turner 10
=12th Brendon Gale, Ian Herman, David Honybun 8
15th Todd Breman 7
1993 1st Tony Free 30
2nd Wayne Campbell 21
3rd Matthew Knights 19
4th Brendon Gale 15
5th Chris Naish 12
6th Jeff Hogg 11
7th Matthew Richardson 9
=8th Chris Bond, John Howat, Craig Lambert 7
=11th Duncan Kellaway, Brian Leys, Scott Turner 6
1994 1st Chris Bond 33
2nd Paul Broderick 26
3rd Duncan Kellaway 23
4th Tony Free 19
=5th Wayne Campbell , Matthew Knights 17
7th Brendon Gale
8th Scott Turner
9th Chris Naish
10th Matthew Rogers
11th Jamie Tape
1995 1st Wayne Campbell 41
2nd Matthew Knights 38
3rd Paul Broderick 36
4th Jamie Tape 31
5th Duncan Kellaway 30
6th Chris Bond 27
7th Scott Turner 21
=8th Greg Dear + Matthew Richardson 18
10th Brendon Gale 17
1996 1st Paul Broderick 96
2nd Matthew Richardson 91
3rd Justin Charles 72
4th Matthew Rogers 71
5th Mark Merenda 65
6th Wayne Campbell 64
7th Duncan Kellaway 50
8th Darren Gaspar 49
9th Chris Bond 43
=10th Nick Daffy + Brendon Gale 41
19971st Wayne Campbell 112
2nd Duncan Kellaway 91
3rd Darren Gaspar 76
4th Michael Gale 66
5th Brendon Gale 60
6th Nick Daffy 58
7th Matthew Richardson 56
8th Joel Bowden 55
9th Paul Broderick 47
=10th Chris Bond + Paul Bulluss 43
1998 1st Nick Daffy 131
2nd Matthew Knights 123
3rd Wayne Campbell 120
4th Ben Harrison 112
=5th Brendon Gale + Darren Gaspar 111
7th Matthew Rogers 108
8th Paul Broderick 105
9th Ashley Prescott 104
10th Jason Torney 86
1999 1st Wayne Campbell 42
2nd Matthew Richardson 38
3rd Nick Daffy 22
=4th Ben Holland + Matthew Knights 20
6th Matthew Rogers 18
7th Brendon Gale 17
8th Duncan Kellaway 16
9th Joel Bowden + Darren Gaspar 14
20001stAndrew Kellaway 89
2ndDarren Gaspar 86
3rdJoel Bowden 80
4thMatthew Knights 76
5thLeon Cameron 74
6thDuncan Kellaway 73
7thWayne Campbell 69
8thBrad Ottens 64
9thMark Chaffey 63
10thBrendon Gale 55
2001 1stDarren Gaspar 117
2ndWayne Campbell 112
3rdLeon Cameron 105
4thJoel Bowden 102
5thBrad Ottens 101
6thBen Holland 93
7thMatthew Richardson 86
8th Steven Sziller 75
=9th Mark Chaffey + Matthew Knights 74
2002 1stWayne Campbell 275
2ndMatthew Richardson 229
3rdMark Coughlan 226
4thJoel Bowden 174
5thBrad Ottens 159
6thAndrew Kellaway 155
7thJason Torney 152
8thMatthew Rogers 139
9thTy Zantuck135
10thDarren Gaspar 129
20031stMark Coughlan 325
2nd Kane Johnson 294
3rd Greg Tivendale 234
4thMark Chaffey 222
5thAndrew Kellaway 219
6th Matthew Richardson 185
7thChris Newman 173
8thGreg Stafford 137
9thDarren Gaspar 128
10thJoel Bowden 127
2004 1stJoel Bowden 324
2ndKane Johnson 279
3rdNathan Brown 273
4th Matthew Richardson 215
5thChris Hyde 166
6thAndrew Krakouer 145
7thBrent Hartigan 111
8thBrad Ottens 95
9thRay Hall78
10thChris Newman 76
2005 1stJoel Bowden 221
2ndMatthew Richardson 220
3rdShane Tuck 197
4thDarren Gaspar 184
5thMark Coughlan 172
6thChris Newman 171
7thKane Johnson 147
8thWayne Campbell 141
9thTroy Simmonds 140
10thNathan Brown 129
20061stKane Johnson 226
2ndAndrew Raines 223
3rdTroy Simmonds215
4thJoel Bowden 204
5thKayne Pettifer186
6thGreg Tivendale 172
7thMatthew Richardson164
8thPatrick Bowden160
9thDean Polo 152
10thShane Tuck 151
20071stMatthew Richardson214
2ndNathan Foley213
3rd Shane Tuck181
4th Joel Bowden176
5th Brett Deledio161
6th Kayne Pettifer158
7th Graham Polak152
8th Chris Newman 134
9th Kane Johnson133
10th Jake King129
2008 1stBrett Deledio250
2ndShane Tuck223
3rdMatthew Richardson203
4thChris Newman196
5thKelvin Moore186
6thTroy Simmonds184
7thNathan Foley182
8thJordan McMahon162
9thNathan Brown161
10thKane Johnson155
2009 1st Brett Deledio 190
2ndDaniel Jackson 175
3rdChris Newman 162
4thRichard Tambling 152
5thBen Cousins 145
6thNathan Foley 128
7thShane Tuck 124
8thJack Riewoldt 121
9thDean Polo 118
10thMitch Morton 115
2010 1st Jack Riewoldt 210
2nd Chris Newman 204
3rd Brett Deledio 193
4th Dustin Martin 159
5th Shane Tuck 153
6th Shane Edwards 151
7th Trent Cotchin 131
8th Kelvin Moore 123
9th Jake King 117
10th Daniel Jackson 114
2011 1st Trent Cotchin 236
2nd Brett Deledio 203
3rd Dustin Martin 198
4th Bachar Houli 181
5th Ty Vickery 161
=6th Alex Rance + Robin Nahas 159
8th Nathan Foley 150
9th Jack Riewoldt 149
10th Shaun Grigg 137
2012 1st Trent Cotchin 296
2nd Brett Deledio 263
3rd Ivan Maric 248
4th Shane Tuck 207
5thShaun Grigg 198
6th Alex Rance 192
7th Steven Morris 191
8th Shane Edwards 188
9th Jack Riewoldt 173
=10th Dustin Martin + Bachar Houli 170
2013 1st Daniel Jackson 264
2nd Dustin Martin 255
3rd Troy Chaplin 241
4th Brett Deledio 238
5th Trent Cotchin 237
6th Alex Rance 231
=7th Steven Morris + Jack Riewoldt 211
9th Shaun Grigg 191
10th Bachar Houli 187
11th Ivan Maric 175
2014 1st Trent Cotchin 292
2nd Brandon Ellis 283
3rd Dustin Martin 266
4th Shane Edwards 258
5th Jack Riewoldt 253
6th Troy Chaplin 238
=7th Brett Deledio + Alex Rance 230
9th Bachar Houli 228
10th Steven Morris 197
11th Dylan Grimes 184
2015 1st Alex Rance 76
2nd Dustin Martin 60
3rd Brett Deledio 54
4th Anthony Miles 50
5th Jack Riewoldt 48
=6th Trent Cotchin + Nick Vlaustin 47
8th Bachar Houli 46
=9th Shaun Grigg + Dylan Grimes 44
11th Brandon Ellis 43
2016 1st Dustin Martin 62
2nd Alex Rance 61
3rd Trent Cotchin 51
4th Jack Riewoldt 43
5th Shaun Grigg 35
6th Anthony Miles 31
=7th Dylan Grimes + Brandon Ellis 30
9th Nick Vlastuin 29
10th Brett Deledio 28
2017 1st Dustin Martin 89
2nd Alex Rance 80
3rd Kane Lambert 76
4th Trent Cotchin 73
5th Dylan Grimes 69
6th Shaun Grigg 58
7th Jack Riewoldt 57
=8th Dan Butler + Bachar Houli 56
10th Dion Prestia 52
2018 1st Jack Riewoldt 81
2nd Kane Lambert 68
3rd Dustin Martin 66
4th Shane Edwards 65
5th Dylan Grimes 64
6th Alex Rance 63
7th Trent Cotchin 58
8th Nick Vlastuin 51
9th Jayden Short 47
10th Josh Caddy 45
2019 1st Dion Prestia 91
2nd Shane Edwards 79
3rd Dylan Grimes 75
4th Nick Vlastuin70
5thTom Lynch69
6thDustin Martin67
7th Bachar Houli 64
8thKane Lambert63
9thDavid Astbury55
=10th Jason Castagna + Daniel Rioli 47
2020 1st Jayden Short 53
2nd Dustin Martin 50
3rd Nick Vlastuin 49
4th Shai Bolton 44
5th Kamdyn McIntosh 43
6thLiam Baker 42
7th Dylan Grimes 41
8th Noah Balta 40
9th Kane Lambert 39
10th Trent Cotchin 37

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