1919 Reserves


1919 Seconds scores

Founded on February 27, 1919, at the Richmond Cricket Club Pavilion, as the Richmond Junior League Football Club.
Renamed the Richmond Football Club Second Eighteen in 1924.
In July of this season it was reported that the members' roll for the Juniors now approached 100 (Richmond Guardian)

Played 16
Won 1
Lost 15
Position: 9th (last)

Players (games in brackets)
Adams (16), Appleton (1), Bagley (11), Bayliss (1), Booth (5), Boyd (2), Brazier (2), Burns (3), Carroll (3), Carter (5), Cole (5), Cooney (6), L Craven (1), R Craven (14), B Craven (2), Curry (2), Curtis (4), Dickens (6), Downey (9), Elkington (2), Fehring (1), Hagar (1), Hayes (2), Hazel (4), Healey (1), Hislop (1), Karthouse/Karthaus (15), Kennedy (1), Kenny (2), Lang (1), R Lawrence (16), H Lawrence (9), Lisle (14), Lockhead (4), Marr (2), Martin (8), Mattison (1), Maynard (2), McCashney (1), McCormick (4), McKee (2), Osmond (15), Page (7), Parker (7), Pierce (6), Prentice (5), Radin (1), Reeves (2), Ring (1), Rush (6), J Smith (1), C Smith (12), Speed (2), Stephens (5), Stott (4,1), Tasker (13), Threlfall (6), Tierney (3), Travers (2), Weatherill (3), Welsh (10), Werry (13), Wilson (2), Wishart (14)

Bagley (3), Booth (2), Brazier (1), Burns (1), Carter (1), Cole (5), Cooney (1), L Craven (1), R Craven (6), B Craven (3), Curry (2), Curtis (1), Karthaus (2), H Lawrence (2), Lisle (7), McKee (2), Osmond (5), Parker (5), Pierce (3), Rush (6), C Smith (4), Stephens (5), Tasker/Taskue (10), Threlfall (1), Weatherill (2), Werry (1)

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
PM1 April 5W 11.8.74 Camberwell 3.6.24 Unknown Tierney (3), Craven (2), J. Parker (2), Karthaus Tierney, Craven, J. Parker, Karthaus
PM2 April 12 Hawthorn VFA St James Park
PM3 April 19 Richmond VFL Richmond City Reserve
PM4April 26 W 7.5.47 Prahran VFA 6.10.46 Toorak Park H Lawrence (3), H McKee (2), Bagley, Webster Webster, Weary, Adams, Craven, Wishart, Martin, Downey,H Lawrence, Lawrence, Coleman, Bagley, McKee, Smith, Tierney, Dixon, Marr, R Craven (capt), Parker.
1 April 30 L 4.8.32 West Melb 7.9.51 EMCG Curtis, McKee, Pierce, C.Smith Squad; Adams , Bagley, R Craven (capt), Downey, Carroll, Hazel, Karthouse, Martin, Pierce, Wishart, Lisle, Lawrence, Osmond, Prentice, McKee, Curtis, Parker, Tasker, Werry, Marr, Dickens, Smith Best: Leo Carroll, J Pierce, J Parker, A Werry, R Downey, M Wishart, P Adams
2 May 10 L 6.10.46 University A 14.15.99 RCG B Craven (2), Tasker (2), J. Parker, McKee Squad: Adams, Bagley, R Craven (capt), Downey, Carroll, Hazel, Karthouse, Martin, Pierce, Wishart, Lisle, Lawrence, Osmond, Prentice, McKee, Curtis, Parker, Tasker, Werry, Marr, Dickens, Smith. No charge made for admission. (Best: Parker, Werry, Wishart, Downey, Lawrence, Craven, Tasker) Looks like Carroll played for Brighton this day, instead of Richmond.
3 May 17 L 6.10.46 University B 15.11.101 RCG R Craven (2), Osmond (2), Cole, B Craven Adams, R. Lawrence, Stott, Osmond, B. Craven, R.Craven, Cole . (Squad: Adams, Craven (2), Cole, Curtis, Downey,Dickens, Karthouse (capt), Lawrence (2), M. Bayliss, Hazel, Parker, Tasker, Wishart (vice), Werry, Stott, Smith, Tierney, Prentice, Radin, Osmond, Mattison. (Best: R Lawrence, K Osmond, Adams, Wishart, Stott, Parker)
4 May 24 L 3.5.23 Coll District 9.20.74 Vic Park Bagley, Cole, J. Parker Squad: Adams, Bagley, Cole, Craven ,Curtis, Downey, Karthouse (capt), Lawrence, Lisle, Martin, Osmond, Pierce, Parker, Prentice, Stott, Smith, Tierney, Travers, Tasker, Werry, Wishart. (Best: Stott, Craven (ruck), Osmond, Karthouse (wing), Cole, Parker (roving), Lisle (centre), Werry, Wishart (back). Actual team were Werry, Adams, Wishart, Karthaus (capt), Osmond, Parker, Lawrence, Lisle, Pearce, Taskue, Bagley, Tierney, Martin, Travers, Stott, Craven, Cole, Downey
5 May 31 L 1.10.16 Fitzroy Jnr 6.10.46 RCG Stott 1 Squad: Adams, Bagley, Dickens, Elkington, Craven, Karthouse (capt), Lawrence (2), Lisle, McCormack, Osmond, Pierce, Parker, Welsh, Travers, Tasker, Tierney, Wishart, Werry, Stott, C Smith. (Cole, Downey, Martin were all injured and did no play. Replaced by Elkington, McCormick, Welsh) (Best: Werry (back), Lawrence, Osmond, Karthouse (centre)
6 June 7 L 1.8.14 Leopold 14.10.94 SMCG Burns Squad: Adams, Burns, Carter, Craven, Dickens, Elkington, Hagar, Karthouse (capt), Kenny, Kennedy, Lawrence (2), Osmond, McCormick, Martin, Parker, Reeves, Stott, Welsh, Werry, Wishart. "P Adams, M Wishart (back) worked like "tigers" to stem the tide." (RichGuard). "The Juniors played 5 new men owing to some of the boys having to go to drill and others down with the flu" (RichGuard)
7 June 14 W 6.14.50 StK District 4.6.30 RCG Parker (3), R Craven, Threlfall, Weatherill Squad: Appleton, Adams, Bagley, Burns, Craven, Downey, Healey, Karthouse (c), Kenny, Martin, Smith, McCormick, Lisle, Lawrence (2), Lang, A Fehring, Parker, Hayes, Werry, Welsh, Weatherall, Wishart, Threlfell, Osmond, Dickens. Club's first win ever. Mest: Parker (roving), Threlfall (ruck), Osmond, Karthouse, Lawrence (centre), Weatherill, Speed (forward). "Weatherill and Land (from the seniors), while Speed (of Williamstown), also proved an acquisition" - (RichGuard)
PM5 June 21 L 5.?.30 Richmond VFL 15.?.90 RCG Play at 2.15pm. J. Jackson umpire.
8 June 28 L 8.7.55 Carlton District 9.10.64 RCG C Smith (3), Carter, Lisle, Osmond, Taskue, Weatherill "3 of the best players did not put in an appearance" (RichGuard). Best: Adams, Werry, Welsh (back), Weatherill, Karthouse (centre), Taskue (ruck), L Craven, Lisle (forward), Osmond (roving), R Lawrence,
9 July 5 L 5.14.44 West Melb 12.7.79 RCG Pierce (2), Bagley, Lisle, Osmond Squad: Adams, Bayley, Brazier, Craven, Burns, Dowsey, Karthouse (capt), Lawrence (2), Lisle, Martin, Osmond, Pierce, C Smith, Speed, Taskue, Weatherill, Werry, Wishart, Welsh, Carter. Best: P Adams, A Walsh (back), Osmond (roving), Karthouse, Lawrence (wing), Lisle (forward), Threlfall, Taskue (ruck). Senior players Jimmy Smith and Threlfall played, as they did not accompany senior side on trip to Woodend. 'West Melbourne (Essendon's nursery team)'. (RichGuard) Others known to have played Downey, Smith, Smith, , Pearce (Pierce),Martin, Spread, Bayley (Bagley), Carter, Sindry
10 July 19 L 4.10.34 University A 12.15.87 Univ Oval R. Craven (2), Brazier, Lisle R. Craven, Brazier, Lisle, Page (debut), Cooney, Brazier (debut), Ring (debut), Adams, Karthaus, Lawrence, Tasker. Squad: Adams, Brazier, Cooney, Carter, Craven, Downey, Karthouse (capt_, Lawrence (2), Lisle, Osmond, Page, Pierce, McCormick, Martin, Smith, Taskue, Threlfall, Welsh, Weatherill, Wishart, Reeves, Ring. Known to have also played Cooney, Brazier, Page, Ring (all in place of Osmond, Pierce, Carter, H Weatherill - who played with the seniors). Best: Adams, Downey (back), Karthouse , Lawrence (centre), Craven , Tasker, Page (ruck).
11 July 26 L 8.9.57 University B 13.10.88 MCG Stephens (2), Taskue (2), Craven, H. Lawrence, Osmond Known to have played: Wishart (capt) Stephens (debut from local juniors), Taskue, Craven, H.Lawrence, Osmond, Adams, Welsh, Page, Cooney (debut). , Bryan Rush, Harry Maynard, Booth, G Hislop, R Lawrence, Lisle, . "Team will be strengthened by inclusion of Brian Rush, G Hislop (brother of the Richmond player), also two or three local juniors." (RichGuard) Best: Adams, Welsh (back) Cooney, R Lawrence (centre) Rush, Lisle (forward), Page, Craven (ruck), Osmond, Stevens (roving)
BYE BYE 'on account of the inter-state match. Norman Clark, the Richmond coach, is to add the cares of the Juniors for the remainder of the season' (Rich Guardian)
12 Aug 9 L 7.11.53 Coll District 25.14.164 RCG Lisle (2), H. Lawrence, B Rush, Stephens, Werry Lisle, H.Lawrence, Rush, Stephens, Werry , Carroll, Lockhead, Karthaus, Cooney Squad: Adams, Booth, Bagley, Boy, Carter, Cooney, Craven, Karthouse (capt), Lawrence (2), Lisle, Lockheard, Carroll, Hayes, Maynard, Osmond, Page, Rush, Stephens, Pierce, Threlfall, Merry, Wishart, Taskue, Welsh. ' Downy, Martin will not be playing owing to injuries'. Known to have played: Cooney, Karthouse (wing), Page, Laurence (ruck), Brian Rush, Lisle (forward), Adams, (Wishart (back), Lockhead.
13 Aug 16 L 3.6.24 Fitzroy Jnr 11.18.84 FCG Currie (2) Best: Rush, Page, Adams, Wishart, Stevens, Currie, Carroll Squad: Adams, Bagley, Booth, Craven, Carroll, Carter, Curry, Cooney, Hazel, Karthouse (cat), Lisle, Laurence (2), Lockhead, Osmond, Page, Stephens, Smith, Tasckue, Werry 'Today the Juniors will be strengthened by E Hazel, and R Curry' (RichGuardian)
14 Aug 23 L 4.14.38 Leopold 11.23.89 RCG Cole (2), Bagley, Lisle Lisle, Bagley, Cole, Adams, Karthaus, R. Lawrence, Osmond, Rush, Wishart. Leopold is 'South Melbourne nursery team' (Richmond Guardian). Best: Adams (back), Lawrence, Karthouse (centre), Rush, Lisle (forward), Page, Bagely, Tasuke (ruck)
15 Aug 30 L 8.11.59 StK District 10.11.71 Stk CG Rush (3), Stephens (2), Cole, Lisle, Karthaus Rush, Stephens, Cole, Lisle, Karthaus Squad: Adams, Boyd, Bagley, Booth, Craven, Cooney, Curry, Cole, Karthouse (capt), Laurence, Lisle, Lockhead, Osmond, Page, Prentice, Stephens, Smith, Threlfall, Taschue, Wishart, Welsh, Wilson, Werry. 'Threlfall (ex-senior player), also Lou Wilson (formerly of Beverley) will be in the team.' Best: Adams, Wishart, Welsh (back), Karthouse, Cooney, Stephens (centre), B Rush, Lisle (forward), Threlfall, Page (ruck), Cole and Osmond (roving).
BYE BYE "and will attend the "Son" Thomas carnival
16 Sept 13 L 6.7.43 Carlton District 6.14.50 RCG Booth (2), Rush (2), Cooney, Karthaus Booth, Rush, Cooney, Karthaus. (Curtain raiser to seniors Rich vs Car to start at 1pm) Squad: Adams, Bagley, Booth, Cole, Craven, Downey, Karthouse (capt), Liskle, Lockhead, Lawrence, Martin, Osmond, Page, Rush, Stephens, Smith, Threlfall, Welsh, Wishart, Werry, Wilson. Best: McCashney, Page, Threlfall, Smith, Lisle, Karthouse, Adams, Cooney
PM6 Sept 27 W 7.9.51 Chilwell 6.3.39 Kardinia Park Booth (3), Boyd, Cooney, McCashney, Stephens Booth, Boyd, Cooney, McCashney, Stephens

Note: Leo Carroll also played with Brighton, the week after April 30th match with Richmond Jnrs
Parker (rover), Downey (back), Lawrence (centre), Tasker (ruck)
Stott, from Richmond. Allan Cole (rover) from Northcote.
R Craven resigned from captaincy after 1 game as he 'feared that the position interfered with his own play' (Richmond Guardian)

Games and Goals tallied by Peter Foot

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