1920 Reserves


1920 Seconds scores

Founded on February 27, 1919, at the Richmond Cricket Club Pavilion, as the Richmond Junior League Football Club.
Renamed the Richmond Football Club Second Eighteen in 1924.

Played 16
Won 7
Lost 9
Position: 5th (last)

Notes: Richmond Guardian March-May 22nd issue missing from SLV

Players (games in brackets)
Abbott (1), Adams (13), Ainsworth (11), Bagley (1), Beasley (3), Birtles (7), Brown (1), Byrne (1), Carey(2), Cleary (4), Cole (13), R or N Digby (9), Dodd (1), Doran (8), Eager (2), Glen (2), Gray (1), Hughes (10), Jobson (11), Jones (12), Karthaus/ Karthouse (8) H Laurence (1), R Laurence (5), Lister (7), Martin (11), Ogilvie (1), Osmond (4) Parker (10), Parkinson (10), Podmore (2), Pollock (12), Bryan Rush (12), C Smith (13) Smith (initial not defined) (1), Stephens (4), Stott (2), Taylor (initial not defined) (2), R Taylor (4), Threllfall (5), Tuck (8), Watt (8), Whitehead (12), Wishart (12), Wright (3)

Ainsworth (1), Bagley (1), Birtles (2), Brown (1), Byrne (2), Cole (8), Dodd (1), Doran (2), Eager (3), Hughes (2), Jobson (1), Jones (1), Karthaus/ Karthouse (1) R Lawrence (2), Lister (2), Martin (6), Ogilvie (1), Parker (8), Parkinson (2), Pollock (2), Rush (3), Stephens (6), Stott (1), R Taylor (1), Threllfall (5), Watt (5), Whitehead (21)

Richmond Score
Opponent Score
1 May 1 L 4.5.29 Fitzroy Jnr 8.11.59 RCG Eager (2), Brown (1), Bagley (1) Definitely played: Eager, Brown,Bagley, Digby, B Rush, Adams, Tuck, Smith Best: Digby (son of very old senior player Jim Digby who captained East Richmond and Vaucluse and played VFA 1892-93), B Rush, Adams, Tuck, Smith. Richmond goalless until 3rd quarter
2 May 8 L 6.8.44 Carlton District 10.10.70 Princess Park Byrne (2), Martin (1), Dodd (1) Definitely played: Byrne, Martin, Dodd, Rush Best: Rush
3 May 22 L 5.9.39 University 19.13.127 RCG Cole (1), Parker (1), Threlfall (1), Eager (1), Ogilvie (1) Definitely played Cole Parker, Threlfall, Eager, Ogilvie Univ kick 10 goals in last quarter
4 May 29 L 0.5.5 Collingwood District 18.10.118 Vic Park None Definitely played: Wishart (capt), R Digby, Bryan Rush, C Smith, Karthouse, Beasley
5 June 12 W 13.15.93 Melb District 7.6.48 RCG J. Parker (3), Whitehead (3), Pollock (2), Threlfall (2), Cole, Karthaus, Lister Team picked from: Adams, Ainsworth, Beasley, Cole, Digby, Doran, Glen, Hughes, Jones, Jobson, Karthouse, Martin, Lister, Parker, W. Pollock, Rush, Smith, Stott, Tuck, Wishart (capt), Reg Whitehead, Threlfall. First win since June 14 1919 Beasley, Threlfall, Tuck definitely played
6 June 19 L 5.8.38 StK District 5.18.48 Stk CG J. Hughes, J. Parker, Parkinson, Threlfall, Whitehead Team selected from: Adams, Ainsworth, Beasley, Cole, Digby, Glen, Jobson, Hughes, Jones, Karthouse, Lister, Martin, Parker, Pollock, Rush, Smith (2), Threlfall, Tuck, Wishart (capt), Whitehead Beasley definitely played
7 June 26 W 11.10.76 West Melb 8.11.59 EMCG Whitehead (3), S. Martin (ruck) (2), Hughes, Jones, LIster, J. Parker (roving), Taylor, Threlfall (ruck) Tuck, Roy Taylor both played. Karthouse (centre), Whitehead (forward), Pollock (forward), Cole (roving) Adams (back), Norm Digby (back), Wishart (back) Beasley did not play - injured, Parkinson did not play - omitted
8 July 3 L 4.7.31 Fitzroy Jnr 6.11.47 Fitz CG R. Lawrence (2), Doran, S. Martin Team picked from: Adams, Ainsworth, Beasley, Digby, Doran, Cole, Carey, Jobson, Jones, Karthouse, Hughes, Lister, Lawrence (2), Martin, Pollock, Parkinson, Rush, Smith, Taylor, Tuck, Threlfall, Whitehead, Wishart, Watt. Norm Digby did not play as was amateur wrestling. Definately played: Roy Laurence and H Laurence (brothers) Doran, S Martin, Karthaus, Parkinson, C Smith, Alan Cole. (DNP- Threlfall, Tuck, Beasley (played for Pt Melb), Digby, Parker, Rush.)
9 July 10 W 6.15.51 Carlton District 5.10.40 RCG Whitehead (3), Rush (2), S.Martin Team picked from: Adams, Ainsworth, Carey, Cole, Digby, Doran, Hughes, Jobson, Jones, Karthaus, Lister, Laurence, Martin, Parker, Pollock, Parkinson, Rush, Smith, Tuck, Threlfall, Wishart (capt), Watt, Whitehead Definately played. Whitehead, B Rush, S Martin, L Watt, Jobson, Ainsworth, Smith, Karthaus, Jones, Hughes, Parkinson. (DNP: Lister, Taylor)
10 BYE
11 July 24 L 4.9.33 Leopold 6.12.48 SMCG J. Parker, Stott, Whitehead, Rush Best Player Prize: Cole. Team selected from: Adams, Ainsworth, Birtles, Cole, Digby (recovered from flu), Doran, Hughes, Jones, Jobson, Karthaus, R Laurence, Lister, Martin, Parker, Pollock, Parkinson, Rush, Abbott, Smith, Stott, Tuck, Taylor, Threlfall, Whitehead, Watt, Wishart (Capt). (The game was watched by Barney Herbert RFC Pres, "Son" Thomas, Alec Aarons VP, and Jack Archer. Herbert donated 10/- to best player of the side Definitely played : Ernie Taylor, Tuck, Stott, Wishart, J Parker, Whitehead, Allan Cole, B Rush, Karthaus, Martin, Parkinson, C Smith. (DNP: Digby,Threlfall both ill) (Allan Cole voted best player of the day by the team. Jimmy Parker was presented with a tea-set on the occasion of his recent marriage)
12 July 31 L84 3.11.29 Collingwood District 17.11.113 RCG T. Birtles, Parker, Watt Best Player Prize: B. Rush (10/s given by "Sonna Thomas". Rush gave the money back to give as a prize for following weeks game Team selected from: Adams, Ainsworth, Birtles, Cole, Digby, Hughes, Jones, Jobson, Karthaus, Lister, Laurence, Martin,Pollock, Parker, Parkinson, B Rush, Smith, Tuck, Taylor (2), Whitehead, Wishart (capt), Watt. Definately played: B Rush, Karthaus, Cole, Adams, Lister, Smith, Parker, Jobson, Martin, T Birtles, Watt.
13 Aug 7 L 2.11.23 University 22.14.146 Uni Oval Cole, Whitehead Team selected from: Adams, Ainsworth, Birtles, Cole, Digby, Hughes, Jones, Jobson, Laurence, Lister, Martin Pollock, Parker, Podmore, Parkinson, B Rush,, Smith, Taylor, Tuck, Wishart, Whitehead. (Definitely played: Cole, Whitehead, B Rush, C Smith, N Digby, Wishart, Cole, Pollock, Parkinson) (None of the Senior 'Reserve men' played. (Heatley the capt of Uni kicked 12 goals)
14 Aug 14 W 8.12.60 Leopold 7.11.53 RCG Whitehead (4), Birtles, Cole, Stephens, Watt Best Player Prizes: Cole, Doran Team selected from: Adams, Ainsworth, Birtles, Carey, Cole, Digby, Hughes, Jobson, Jones, Osmond, Parker, Pollock, Parkinson, Podmore, Rush, Smith, Wishart (capt), Whitehead, Watt, Gray Definitely played Wishart (capt), Whitehead, Birtles, Cole, Stephens, Watt, Cleary (from Burnely. I wonder if 'Carey' is a misprint of Cleary). (10/s prize went to Allan Cole and S Doran)
15 Aug 21 W 6.17.53 Melb Jnr 3.11.29 MCG Watt (2),Ainsworth, Cole, Stephens, Whitehead First back-to-back wins. Team selected from: Adams, Ainsworth, Birtles, Cole, Cleary, Digby, Doran, Hughes, Jobson, Jones, Osmond, Pollock, Parker, Parkinson, Rush, Smith, Stephens, Wishart (capt), Whitehead, Watt, Wright, Taylor. Definitely played: Wright , Watt, Stephens, Ainsworth, Cole, Whitehead , Pollock, Wishart, Adams, Parker, Smith, Osmond. (DNP: B Rush, Digby, Roy Taylor)
16 Aug 28 W 8.10.58 StK District 6.16.52 Stk CG Stephens (3), Cole (2), Doran, Jobson, Watt First three consecutive wins Team selected from: Adams, Ainsworth, Birtles, Cole, Doran, Jobson, Jones, Keary? (is that meant to be Cleary), Martin, Osmond, Parkinson, Parker, Pollock, Rush, Smith, Stephens, Wright, Wishart (capt), Watt, Whitehead Definitely played: Stephens, Cole, Doran, Jobson, Watt, C Smith, Rush, Osmond, Parker, Adams, Watt.
17 Sept 4 W 8.18.66 West Melb 5.8.38 RCG Whitehead (4), Cole, S. Martin, Parkinson, Stephens Best Player Prizes: Ainworth, Jobson. First four consecutive wins Team selected from: Adams, Ainsworth, Cole, Digby, Doran, Birtles, Jobson, Jones, Osmond, Keary? (Cleary), Pollock, Parker, Parkinson, Rush, Smith, Stephens, Whitehead, Wishart (Capt), Watt, Wright. Definitely played : Rush (capt), Cole, S Martin, Parkinson, Stephens, Ainsworth, Jobson, Rush, Jones, Doran, Cole, Osmond, Adams, Pollock. (DNP: Wishart - inj. Jimmy Parker and Norm Digby arrived too late)
PM1 Oct 30 W Chilwell

Scheduled match between Richmond Juniors vs Leopold for June 5 postponed to allow Leopold to travel to Bendigo

Ron Digby - son of J Digby.
There is also a Norm Digby mentioned a few weeks later who also is an amateur wrestler. Are they they same player

Committee trying to get Leo Burke, and J Bowden to play later in season

Membership roll of the Juniors is nearly 70.

Beasley, a follower from Warrnambool, Tuck, wing man from Cobram, Leonard from Richmond District

L. Gray is a goalkicker from Boothby

H Podmore - well known in rowing circle

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