Under 19s Captains


Under 19s captains

In 1937 an Under 18s team was formed known as the Richmond Recruits. The press gave them the moniker ''Kittens. In subsequent years it was an Under 19s team
There was also an Under 17s version.

The official competition was known as the 'Thirds' in 1946, and became the 'Under 19's from the 1960 season onwards.
The competition ended at the end of 1991 and replaced with the TAC Cup.

In 1950, the Richmond Junior League was disbanded due to lack of support from junior football clubs in the district.
A 4th 18 was then created under the name 'Richmond Junior F.C' and the 'managership of Stewart Hemmerde'.
This side was entered into the 3rd 18 League. As such there were 2 Richmond teams in the Thirds competition in 1950 - 'Richmond' and 'Richmond Junior'

Unknown 1937 Given the moniker 'Kittens' by the press
Unknown 1938
Unknown 1939 Premiers
Unknown 1940
Unknown 1941 Premiers
Unknown 1942
Unknown 1943
Unknown 1944
Unknown 1945
T Walton 1946
T Walton 1947
Len Gardner 1948
Keith O'Neill 1949
Charles Stevenson 1950 Richmond side
Ted Bell 1950 Richmond Juniors side
Don Meckiff 1951
Arthur McConnell 1952 replaced Richmond as he was promoted to Reserves
Graeme Richmond 1952
Trevor Hart 1953 vice-capt John Claxton
Trevor Hart 1954 vice-capt Ted Langridge
G Fraser 1955 vice-capt Col Saddington
L Symonds 1956 vice-capt Savage
B O'Meara 1957
D Williams 1958 Under 19s Premiership captain
Brian Morrison 1959 . (not the Senior player)
Bob Beavan 1960
Ron O'Brien 1961 Selected capt for the season, but played Reserves
D Furling 1961 Selected vice captain for season, captained in Ron's absence
Robert Brownhill 1962
Don Davenport 1963
Vin Crowe 1964
Blair Campbell 1965
Kevin Bartlett 1965 Curtain Raiser of Vic vs Sa match. (Rich vs Geel). Barry Teague vc
David Jacks 1966
Ian MacKinlay 1967 Under 19s Premiership captain
M Burns 1967 Under 19s Premiership captain (may not have played GF day)
G Johnson 1968 Under 19s Premiership captain
Daryl Cumming 1969 Under 19s Premiership captain
Kevin Gehling 1970 Under 19s Premiership captain
Russell Jenkinson 1971
Emmett Dunne 1972
Emmett Dunne 1973 Under 19s Premiership captain
Lyall Roberts 1974
Roger Gill 1975 Under 19s Premiership captain
Ken Stonehouse 1975 Under 19s Premiership captain
Guy Bracher 1976
Dan Neary 1977 Under 19s Premiership captain
Mark Jackson 1978
Unknown 1979
Trevor Walder 1980 Under 19s Premiership captain
Bill King 1981
Peter Stylianou 1982 (U19 year Book says Allan Nalder)
Paul Dudley 1983
Gavin Schultz 1984
Darrell Gust 1985 Under 19s Premiership captain
Mark McLeod 1986
Paul Barlow 1987
Matthew Knights 1988
Rob Elliott 1989 Under 19s Premiership captain
AFL Under 19s
Andrew Pickering 1990
Ashley Prescott 1991

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