Senior Life Membership

Senior Life Memberships

The earliest known list of RFC Life Members was published in the Richmond Football Club’s 1896 Annual Report.
The 1912 Annual Report includes the earliest known attempt to associate each RFC Life Member with the year in which he received the honour. Unfortunately contemporary documents do not support/confirm many of the booklet’s dates (Charles 1895, Eastman 1896, Stewart 1897, Elder 1898, Egan 1899, Backhouse 1904, and Whitaker 1910).

Further, deceased RFC Life Members Bahen and Wright were omitted. It was probably felt that there was no practical need to recognise them. Unfortunately these mistakes and oversights were published in other official documents throughout much of the Twentieth Century. Rhett Bartlett was largely responsible for correcting these mistakes and oversights in 2001.

Jimmy Charles is universally recognised as Richmond’s first Life Member though the date when he received it is conjectural. Charles claimed that he was honoured with life membership in 1885 (first acknowledged in the club’s 1919 annual report) and this is the date I have used below.

The year in which John Egan was honoured with RFC Life Membership is unconfirmed but it is likely that it was 1894.
Alf. “Punch” Elder was added to the list of RFC Life Members during a three year period from 1897 to 1899 but the exact year cannot yet be determined through the primary documents available. The year 1898 is used in the 1912 annual report and shown on the RFC Life Membership medal he received in February 1914. This year is consistent with the timeline.

In 1903 Billy Brown (1901) was removed from the list of RFC Life Members because he had neglected to pay an amount owing to the club. In January 1928, following Brown’s death, the committee enquired why Brown’s name was omitted from the list but it does not result in the reinstating of his name. In 2001 Brown was quietly reinstated to the list of RFC Life Members.

Frank Wright was elected to Life Membership on March 26 1907. However he passed away on August 9 1907 before he could receive the physical medallion. In 1908 it seems that his Life Membership was accepted by his four year old son, Francis Wright Jr., who was listed (erroneously) as a RFC Life Member in his father‘s place in Richmond’s annual reports from 1908 to 1911.

In 1912 the committee decided to grant Charles “Fishy” Taylor and Jack Fayle RFC Life Memberships, but before the decision was honoured the committee lost office and a “Reform” committee was installed. The “Reform” committee was hostile to Taylor and Fayle (both were linked to the old committee) and refused to confirm Taylor’s and Fayle’s Life Memberships.
Bill Maybury and Jack Archer were honoured as RFC Life Members in their place. Fayle was later given RFC Life Membership in 1925 but Taylor was not recognised. It took until 2017, as part of the club's decision to award former premiership players life membership, that Taylor finally received his award. (note: Charles Taylor’s son Ernest was granted Life Membership in 1927).

Gold medallions were first presented to RFC Life Members in February 1914. The medallions were awarded retrospectively to the 16 living and officially recognised RFC Life Members. The recipients were: Jimmy Charles, John Egan, Jack Stewart, Jimmy Eastman, Alf Elder, Billy Malone, Billy Bicknell, Charles Backhouse, Archibald McNair, George Peckham-Beachcroft, Alec. Edmond, Andrew Manzie, Charles Whitaker, Hugh Slattery, Jack Archer, and Bill Maybury.

In 1919 it was decided that any player receiving a ten year long service certificate is entitled to RFC Life Membership (the years that a player’s service was interrupted by WWI were also counted).

At the Dec 1961 AGM, it was decided that life membership was to be awarded for 8 years of service instead of 10 years.

In 1974 a resolution at a Special Meeting now required a senior player to complete ten years' service instead of the previous eight.

In recent times, a player reaching 150 games for Richmond is entitled to Life Membership. The same applies to a committeeman of 10 years or more.

From 2013 players automatically qualify as RFC Life Members if they have been members of multiple premierships, or have played in a single premiership and a minimum of 100 senior games. This led to an induction of 18 premiership players as well as RFC board member John Matthies at the December 11, 2013 AGM.

At their March 2017 board meeting, it was resolved that ALL Richmond senior premiership players will automatically qualify as a Life Member (this includes posthumously, living, and future from 1885 to present). As a result, 78 players were inducted.
Of note, this included Bill James who played 1 game - the 1920 Grand Final. (Marlion PIckett would equal this after his 2019 flag win). For the 1902 Premiership, where there was no Grand Final match, all players listed as playing that season are currently recognised as Life Members. When the club received their premiership medals in May 1903, there's no record as to how many were received, or if there was a rule in place as to which players during the season would receive the medal. We know that James Douglas received a medal (this has been sighted), and he played only 7 games in 1902.

The premiership = life membership resolution was later put to the club members at the 2017 AGM held on Dec 11, and was passed. By a happy coincidence, Richmond won the 2017 premiership, thereby elevating a further 17 players to the honour.

Deceased RFC Life Members were first acknowledged in a list of life members in the 1926 Annual Report. However, Chris Bahen (1904), Frank Wright (1907) and Hugh Slattery (1911) were overlooked in the edition.

In 1932, Nov 8. the club made F.J.Costello a life member, despite some committee members speaking up against the nomination. However on Dec 6 special meeting, Costello decided to "resign in favour of Mr W Baker". (Baker had been the club time keeper for 22 years). Costello was congratulated for his "sporting action". In 1933 he was one of three names up for life membership consideration, however was not selected. It does not appear that Costello was appointed life member anytime in the subsequent years

The only years of the Twentieth Century that RFC Life Memberships were not presented were 1910, 1913, 1918, 1936 and 1982.

Brothers honoured with RFC Life Membership. Alec. and Bruce Edmond (1908 and 1932), Jos. and Percy Langdon (1931 and 1944), Duncan and Andrew Kellaway (2001 and 2005). Gordon and Doug Strang (2013 and 2017), Robert and George Weatherill (2013 and 2017).

Father/Sons honoured with RFC Life Membership. Michael and Joel Bowden (2017 and 2004), Charlie and Ernie Taylor (1927 and 2017), Alan and Matthew Richardson (1966 and 2002), Len Williams (1994) and Ian Williams (2000), Bill and Percy Maybury (1912 and 1917), Kevin Bartlett (1972) and Rhett Bartlett (2021).

Alice Wills (1988) was the first female RFC Life Member. Maureen Hafey (2015), Peggy O'Neal (2015), Di Weeks (2021), Leonie Bawden (2021) have subsequently received the award.

Only two husbands/wives have received the honour - Tom Hafey (1967) + Maureen Hafey (2015), and Roland Weeks (2007) + Di Weeks (2021).

Dan Minogue (2003) was the second RFC Life Member to be honoured posthumously, after Frank Wright. (RFC Life Memberships awarded posthumously are indicated with an asterix).

Brett Deledio (2011) at 24 years and 139 days was the youngest person to receive RFC Life Membership, until the Premiership=Life Membership resolution was passed, which saw Jack Graham awarded Life Membership at age 19.
(Side note: Frank Wright Jnr was listed as a RFC Life Member in his father‘s place (he had died before receiving the award) in Richmond’s annual reports from 1908 to 1911. Frank Wright Jnr was 4 years old.)


RFC physiotherapist Ian Macindoe’s Life Membership was bestowed in May 2013 (rather than at the AGM).

John Perry's Life Membership was bestowed at the 1967 Reunion/Life Membership function in May 2017 (rather than the AGM)

Jack Scott's posthumous life membership was accepted by Bill Scott Jnr on Friday August 4 2017 at the Jack Dyer Foundation Function. Scott's received his father's certificate and medallion again at the July 20 2018 function for posthumous recipients

Daryl Freame, Noel Carter were presented with their Life Membership prior to Richmond training over in Perth on 19 August 2017.

Rob Wiley was presented with his Life Membership at a WA Supporters dinner on 19 August 2017 over in Perth.

Colin Beard, Laurie Fowler , Ian Owen, and Gareth Andrews received their Life Memberships at the premiership reunion dinner on 27 September 2017.

The 2017 premiership players (who were not already life members) received their award on Feb 3 2018 at the Punt Road Oval.
Eric Moore (1969), Craig McKellar (1973), Stephen Rae (1973), David Thorpe (1974), Daryl Cumming (1974), Cameron Clayton (1974) and Stephen Mount (1980) received theirs at the same event. Mike Bowden's (1969) life membership was received by Patrick Bowden, in his absence. As coach as the 2017 premiership side, Damien Hardwick also received his on this date.

On July 20 2018 a gathering of descendants of deceased Richmond 1902,1905,1920,1921,1932,1943, 1980 premiership players were held at the club. In total approximately 40 medallions were presented.

Ian Hull and Jack Cotter's posthumous life memberships were presented at pre-match function on April 24 2019 (Anzac Eve match). It was to recognise that both player's life membership eligibility was impacted by significant war service.

Walter Sykes posthumous life membership was received by his family, including that of his son (Walter fathered him when he was 74), on Aug 16, 2019.

Francis Jackson, recruitment manager was announced at the 2019 AGM as a Life Member. He wasn't present, so he award was presented to him at a later date.

Noah Balta received his on 30 March 2021, at the Richmond Football Club. It was presented by Peggy O'Neal.

The 2021 recipients were announced at the club's virtual AGM on December 20 , 2021 (due to COVID), and were presented with their award on July 14, 2022 at a luncheon at the club.

The Notes column will identify what the role the recipient had UP TO the year of their recognition.

1885 James "Jimmy" Charles b: 1851, Newcastle on Tyne, England. d: 20 Dec 1939, Melb . Aged 88 Regarded as the Founder of the club.
1894 John Howard Egan b: 1865, Richmond d: 3 September 1925, Hawthorn, aged 60 In the AR, the club only placed him as deceased in their 1935 AR.
1895 John James "Jack" Stewart b: 1860/1861 , Melbourned: 2 September 1940 Mont Park Nickname "Bosco". VFA player 1885-1893,95. Assistant Secretary 1895. Secretary 1896-1898. Committee: 1886-1896, 1901-04, 06-11
1896 James Henry Frederick “Jimmy” b: 9 Feb 1861 d: 15 June 1934, aged 73 Committee 1889. Secretary 1890 - 1895
1898 Alfred John "Punch" Elder b: 1868 d: 16 Sept 1935, Richmond, aged 67 VFA player 1888, 1890-99
1900 William "Billy" Malone b: 1851 d: 23 January 1925, Malvern, aged 74 Vice President 1887 - 1909, 1912 - 1914.
1901 William "Billy" Foster Brown B: 1863 D: 26 Nov 1927, West Brunswick, aged 64 VFA player 1888-1889, 1891. Committee 1891, 1898 - 1902.
1902 William "Billy" Isaac Bicknell b: 1854 d: 15 Aug 1931, Ascot Vale, aged 77 Foundation member. Committee 1893 - 1903, 1906 - 1909 . Vice President 1904-05.
1903 Charles Roger Backhouse b:1871, Emerald d: 5 August 1925, East Melb. Aged 54 VFA player 1891-1905
1904 Chris Simon Bahen b: 1872 d: 16 Sept 1912, Richmond , aged 40 VFA player 1893-1902. Committee 1899-1903
1905 Archibald MacIndoe McNair B: 29 August 1880 ,Richmond D: 1960 Kew, aged 79 VFA player 1900-1904, Player rep on Committee. Treasurer 1902 -1911. Oldest living LM at time of death.
1906 George Richard Peckham-Beachcroft B: 1871, Richmond D: 24 June 1941, Richmond, aged 70 Secretary 1900 - 1905, 1912 -1913
1907 Francis "Frank" Campbell Wright b: 1856 d: 9 August 1907, Carlton Nth aged 51 Committee 1900 - 1906.
1908 Alexander "Alec" James Edmond b: 1878 d: 8 Jan 1950, aged 72 1902 and 1905 Premiership player (as captain)
1909 Andrew Arthur Albert Manzie b: 30 Nov 1863 d: 9 Sept 1943, aged 79 Committee 1902 - 1905. Finance Commitee 1903 - 1905 Secretary 1906 - 1911
1911 Charles Norman Whitaker b: 1880, Richmond d: 16 March 1925, Balwyn, aged 45 Committee 1907-1910. Timekeeper 1910-1911.
Hugh John Slattery b: 1870 d: 1919, Richmond, aged 49 One of our oldest members, and many years member of the Committee (1919AR). Committee 1901-1910. Vice President 1906-1907.
1912 John "Jack" Harry Archer b: 1881 d: 11 May 1939, Richmond, aged 58 Committee member (1907 - 1910, 1912 ), chairman, and other capacities. Treasurer 1913-1920. President 1924-1931.
William "Bill" Augustus "Dad" Maybury b: 1859 d: 25 Oct 1932, Richmond, 73 Hon Secretary, Chairman of committee, VFA delegate. 'Connected with club since Frank Hyde, Bob Mitchell, Frank Harcourt, Jim McCoughtry' Committee 1891 - 1894, 1896 - 1898, 1909 - 1916. Secretary 1896, 1917 - 1923. Assistant Secretary 1927. Vice President 1926-1927.
1913 All prev recipients got a Gold Medal.
1914 Alfred Tietgens b:1865, Collingwood d: 6 July 1943, Surrey Hills, aged 78 Committee 1891. Vice President 1896 - 1900, 1912 - 1923
1915 John Hugh "Hughie" James b: 4 May 1890 d: 23 April 1967, aged 77 VFL player 1909–1916, 1919–1923
George McIntosh b: 1866, Woods Point d: 19 November 1929, South Yarra, aged 63 (Annual Report) Committee 1914-1919. Assistant Secretary 1912 - 1919
1916 Richard "Dick" Terrence Kelly b: 1870 d: 27 December 1941 Richmond VFA 1895-1897. Committee 1894, 1896 - 1899, 1912 - 1918
William Henry Lohse b: 1881 Goornong d: May 1955, Werribee, aged 74 Secretary 1913 - 1916. Committee 1913, 1917
1917 Bernard Vincent "Barney" Herbert b: 20 Feb 1889 d: 14 Dec 1949, aged 60 VFL player 1909-1921. President 1932-35, 39
Percy Maybury b: 24 Sept 1891 d: 8 May 1963, aged 71 VFL player 1910-1919. Vice President 1929-1931.
1919 Sydney William Reeves b: 29 Aug 1891, Williamstown d: 22 May 1962, Victoria, aged 70 VFL Player 1910-1919
Vic Thorp b: 25 October 1890 d: 1 Oct 1941, aged 50 VFL Player 1910-1925,
1920 Clarrie Hall b: 18 January 1890 d: 3 September 1976 , aged 86 Richmond VFA 1907, Richmond VFL 1912-22, 24
David Henry Vice President 1915-1923. was he proprietor of Richmond Sports Depot ?
1921 Abe Aarons b: 1880? d: 25 January 1959 ?, aged 79. Committee 1912 - 1913, 1915 - 1920. Treasurer 1921-1924. Was he a Pawnbroker in Nth Richmond ?
Tom Delaney b: 1875, Ireland d: 1951, Richmond Committee 1915 - 1923 , Uniform Steward 1919-1923
1922 Arthur Bettles b: 25 March 1891 d: 10 July 1971, aged 80 9 years as a player
Benjamin James Goodwin b: 1873 , Richmond d: 30 July 1940, Richmond, aged 67 VFA Player 1892 Patron 1919 - 1923
1923 Frank “Checker” Hughes b: 26 February 1894 d: 23 January 1978, aged 83 1914-1923 player
Alfred Wood b: 1864 (d: 1 January 1931, Brighton, 67). Widow info Flags at half mast. Vice President 1916-1918. Finance Committee 1918. President 1919-1923
1924 Frank Harley b: 29 June 1895 d: 14 December 1978 , aged 83 1915-17, 1919-1925 player
Joseph Watson b: 1873 in Dunedin New Zealand d: May 27 1943, East Melbourne aged 70 Richmond VFA 1898-99, Head Trainer 1931. Trainer: 1901 - 1910, 1912 - 1930, 1932 - 1936
1925 Ernest John “Jack” “Chick” Fayle b: 1879 d: 15 June 1929, aged 50 Committeeman, Asst Secretary
Oscar Mitchell b: 1889, Sunbury d: Sept 14 1926, Punt Road - struck by car as he crossed the street on way to a Richmond Football Club meeting. Aged 37 Committee 1922-1923, Vice President 1924 - 1926, Finance 1925, Social Secretary 1924
1926 Donald Don b: 17 August 1900 d: 31 May 1982, aged 81
Jimmy Smith b: 25 January 1899 d: 11 January 1974, aged 74
1927 Harry Dyke b: d: 1967
Ernie Taylor b: 10 June 1898 d: 23 November 1980, aged 82
1928 Doug Hayes b: 16 September 1896 d: 5 June 1985, aged 88
Ray Stanley b: 1890 d: 12 October 1932, Fitzroy, aged 42 He appeared in mid 1932 at game in wheelchair and receive cheers
1929 William Gosch (d: 1961)
Lou Roberts d: 27 July 1945, aged 64 Also made a VFL Life Member in 1934
1930 Bill Higginbotham Committeeman
Jack Smith Assistant Treasurer
1931 Joscelyn David Langdon b: 1886 d: 22 March 1937, aged 51
Percy Page
1932 Wally Baker . Timekeeper for 23 years. Retired in 1940
Bruce Edmond b: 1884 d: 30 June 1952 Committee 1928 - 1936 , Assistant Secretary 1932 - 1933, 1935 , Vice President 1937
1933 Bert Cox b: d: Dec 1959
Lou Cameron
1934 Percy Bentley
Allan Geddes
Basil McCormack
Tom O’Halloran
1935 Jack Titus
Frank O’Brien
1937 Joe Murdoch
1938 Maurie Sheahan
Maurie Hunter
1939 Martin Bolger 10 years as player. Also Players' rep on committee
Kevin O’Neill 10 years as player. Also Players' rep on committee
1940 Jack Dyer
Ray Martin
1941 Charlie Callander 22 years as property steward
Arthur Daws Committeeman of 7 years
1942 Maurie Fleming
Charles Turner
1943 Dick Harris
Jack Symons
1944 Percy Langdon d: 1963. The Age, May 5, 1955, pg 12 published apology for incorrectly reporting he had died.
George Smeaton
1945 Jack Jones
Ernie Saunders d: 20 February 1951, East Brunswick, aged 73
1946 Ray Dunn
Robert Davall (d: 1960) Caricature
1947 Patrick John Kennelly b: 3 June 1900,Northcote d: 12 December 1981, RIchmond Vice-President.
Charlie Priestley 10 year player
1948 Jim Joyce Richmond 2nds secretary, Delegate to senior club
William Quinn Committeeman and selector
1949 Leo Merrett
William Perkins
1950 Les Goring Office bearer for 10 years
Jim Sheehan b: 24 July 1885, Castlemaine d: 10 April 1967 Vice President for 10 years. Senator for Vic.
1951 Fred Burge
Bill Morris
Max Oppy
1952 Dr. Pat L Grogan 15 years as club doctor
Les Sinclair First time a cricket club representative has received Life Membership.
1953 Irvine Booth
William Wilson
1954 Robert Knapp Richmond 2nds president
William Stanbrough 17 years honorary timekeeper
1955 Ray Poulter
Des Rowe
Roy Wright
1956 William Henry "Scotchie" McDonald (d: Sept 14, 1962, aged 67) Head Trainer 25 years
1957 Havel Rowe
Geoff Spring
1958 Allan Cooke
William Pitt
1959 Jim Evans
Mal Wishart
1960 Jack Baggott
Alby Keyhoe
1961 Frank Hegarty
Ray Julier
1962 Ron Branton
Stan Judkins
1963 Tom Simpson
William Tymms
1964 Neville Crowe 8 playing seasons
Roger Dean 8 playing seasons
Ron Garraway 11 years on Richmond Committee
1965 Dave Goodson
Patrick Guinane
Fred Swift
1966 Al Boord
Barry Cameron
Graham Gahan
Michael Patterson
Alan Richardson
1967 Tom Hafey
John Nix
Graeme Richmond
1968 Ben Alexander
Bill Barrot
1969 Jack Chandler
1970 Bill Brown
Peter Cameron
John Northey
1971 Robert Dickinson
Barry Richardson
Ian Stewart
1972 Kevin Bartlett
Les Flintoff
1973 Richard Clay
Dr. Brian Davie
Colin Saddington
1974 Ron Carson 10 years on committee
1975 Ian Wilson 10 years on committee
1976 Francis Bourke
Michael Green
Royce Hart
Kevin Sheedy
1977 Alan Schwab
1978 Graeme Bond
Leo Rush
1979 Neil Balme
Tony Jewell
Eric Leech
David Mandie
1980 Roy Watkins Timekeeper for 29 years
1981 Keith Cleaver
Mervyn Keane
Bryan Wood
1983 Des Martin 43 years of service as player / recruiting / FP and O
1984 Lyall Johnson 27 years as trainer
1985 Jim Jess Played from 1976 onwards
Robert Loughnan 25 years on social committee/room steward
Max Watson Trainer since 1961
Roy Webb Door steward since 1959
1986 Mark Lee 10 year player
Doug McKenzie 30 years+ fund raising, marketing, Board of Director.
Michael Roach 10 year player
Ron Ward Trainer since 1966
1987 Tom Allen Former player, Coached Richmond Fourths to 5 premierships, RFP&O secretary
Dr. Alex Ivanyi 22 years club dentist
Greg Strachan 10 year player
Dale Weightman 10 year player
1988 Alice Wills 35 years with cheer squad / supporters group
Keith Miles 26 years on social committee
Barry Rowlings 10 year player
1989 Emmett Dunne
Kevin McEvey
Roy Weston
1990 David Cloke 10 year player
John O’Brien 30 years behind the scenes involvement. Little League coach/ Assistant time keeper
Leo “Dusty” O’Brien 25 years property steward
1991 Ted Soderblom
1992 Geoff Brown
Bill Meaklim
1993 Graham Burgin
Mike Michelson
Lindsay Thompson
1994 Lloyd Brown
Ray Jordon
Wayne Walsh
Keith Williams
Len Williams
1995 Colin Austen
Bill Higgins
Matthew Knights
Trevor McGinley
1996 David Farley
Tony Free
Garry Krauss
1997 Jim Ducrow
Brendon Gale
Michael Humphris
1998 Wayne Campbell
Keith Miller
1999 Ron Reiffel
John Robertson
Ilmar Tiltens

2000 Nick Daffy
Leon Daphne
Scott Turner
Ian Williams
2001 Paul Broderick
Terry Grigg
Duncan Kellaway
Jack Malcomson
Matthew Rogers
2002 Dr. Chris Bradshaw
Matthew Richardson
Kevin Rowe
Peter Welsh
2003 Darren Gaspar
Dan Minogue *
Michael Perry
2004 Joel Bowden
Ian Dixon
2005 Mark Chaffey
Andrew Kellaway
2006 Greg Tivendale
Laurie Pearson
Brian Roberts
2007 Roland Weeks
2008 Ian Robinson
2009 Chris Newman
Chris Naish
Gary Cameron
2010 Bruce Tempany
Paul Cameron
2011 Brett Deledio
Don Lord
John Stanley
2012 Shane Tuck
Gary March
John Kelly
2013 Ian Macindoe
John Matthies
A. “Max” Hislop*, Robert Weatherill*, Robert Carew*, Bert Foster*, Fred “Fritz” Heifner*, Eric Zschech*, Gordon Strang* , Bert Edwards*, Robert Bawden* ,Geoff Strang* Posthumously, two-time VFL Premiership player
John Ronaldson, Rex Hunt , Robert McGhie, Kevin Morris, Paul Sproule, Two-time Premiership player
Mick Malthouse, Bruce Monteath, Geoff Raines Single premiership and a minimum of 100 senior games.
2014 Nathan Foley

Shane Edwards

Jack Riewoldt

Daniel Jackson

Kelvin Moore
George Bownas, *
William Carkeek, *
Ernest McDonald, *Charlie Williams Posthumously, 1902 and 1905 Premiership players
Maurice O’Shannassy

Rob Dalton

Michael Stahl

Geoff Blackbourn
Gerard Egan
2015 Jeff Hogg 144 games, 360 goals
Maureen Hafey Lifetime supporter to familes, coaches,players.
Bob Phillips 7 years as board member. 30 years volunteer service
Trent Cotchin 150 games.
Peggy O'Neal 10 years on Richmond board.
2016 Dustin Martin 150 games
Alex Rance 150 games
Trevor Poole 99 games + Football Ops Manager + RFP&O committee
2017 Reg Hede*, Bill James*, Dave Moffatt*, Stan Morris*, George Parkinson*, George Bayliss*, Norm McIntosh*, Mel Morris*, Norm Turnbull*, George Weatherill*, Jack Anderson*, Doug Strang* Jack Twyford*, Dave Baxter*, Horace Edmonds*, Len Ablett*, Arthur Barr-Kemp*, Jack Broadstock*, Laurie Cahill*, Roy Quinn*, Brian Randall*, Ron Durham*, Ray Hunt*, Leo Maguire*, Jack Scott*, Ray Steele*, Bernie Waldron*, Terry Smith* Deceased VFL premiership players who were not Life Members
Jack Cathie, Arthur Cleghorn, Alfred Davidson, James Douglas, Roland Duncan, Tom Gault, Percy Gibb, Patrick Gibney, Tim Hardiman, K Hardy, Jack Hutchinson, George Johnson, Ernie Justins, Joe Justins, Dick Knell, Bill Lang, Edward Leach, Bert Lithgow, Ernest Main, Jack Main, Manning, Jack Megson, William McCance, Richard Pirrie, Archie Richardson, Charlie Ricketts, Harry Rigby, Ernest Rudd, Ernie Rudduck, Jack Smith, Walter Sykes, Charlie Taylor , Dave Watson, Tom Williams, Wilson Deceased VFA premiership players who were not Life Members
Craig McKellar, Robert Wiley, Daryl Cumming, Eric Moore, Michael Bowden, Cameron Clayton, Noel Carter, Laurie Fowler, Colin Beard, Ian Owen, Gareth Andrews, Stephen Mount, David Thorpe, John Perry, Daryl Freame, Stephen Rae Living VFL premiership players who were not Life Members
David Astbury, Nathan Broad, Dan Butler, Josh Caddy, Jason Castagna, Brandon Ellis, Jack Graham, Shaun Grigg, Dylan Grimes, Bachar Houli, Kane Lambert, Kamdyn McIntosh, Toby Nankervis, Dion Prestia, Daniel Rioli, Jacob Townsend, Nick Vlastuin AFL Premiership players
Damien Hardwick AFL Premiership coach
Tom O'Donnell Trainer from 1965-1990
Peter Williams 25 years of service (player, committee, vice president, President of RFP&0)
Tony Greenberg 32 years of service (Contributor/editor Fighting Tiger magazine, website)
2018 Maurice Rioli* 118 games, 2 B+F, Maurice Rioli Room named in honour
Jimmy Parker* VFA 1891-1900, 170+games. 10 years service
Bill Mahoney* VFA and VFL 1906-1911, 1913-1915, 1920. 10 years service.
George Bennett* 1887-1908 President
2019 Jack Cotter* 1935-1941 player. Career interrupted by war service
Ian Hull* 1935-1945 player. Career interrupted by war service
Jayden Short, Shai Bolton, Tom Lynch, Liam Baker, Ivan Soldo, Marlion Pickett Premiership players
Francis Jackson Recruiting manager
2020 Noah Balta AFL Premiership player
Alan McDonald* 4 years as player, and 3 years war service interruption, 4 years as coach.
2021 Don Davenport 6 years as a player + 3 years U19 coach (incl 2 flags) + 2 years specialist coach
Di Weeks 37+ years of volunteering
Mark Opie 22+ years as boardman, senior team manager, match day support, social organiser
Tony Singeralla Fundraising, Match day support
Leonie Bawden 24+ years volunteering, Administration Manager, Match day support, Former Players treasurer
Rhett Bartlett 22+ years researching history, History Committee member, club historian
2022 Dr. Greg Hickey Assistant of Head Doctor for 20 years
2023 Malcolm Speed Board Member
Kerry Ryan Board Member